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Spiraling Towards Anarchy

10-02-2009, 19:45
Election Controversy Sparks Mass Rioting, Sporadic Firefights Break Out in Minnawian Capital

NAMBITOWN, MINNAWIA (Reuters) – Widespread rioting and occasional, short-lived gunfights have broken out across Nambitown, the Minnawian capital city, in response to allegations of election fraud by the controlling party.
Due to the recent economic depression, which has brought high unemployment as well as hyperinflation, pundits expected the United Democratic Freedom Congress (UDFC) to lose control of the Parliament and, in turn, lose control of the President’s office to their main rivals, the so-called the New Minnawia Alliance. The NMA is a coalition of the three most influential opposition parties, the Party of Liberty (PL), the Progressive Workers and Farmers Party (PWFP) and the Young Minnawians for Change (YMC), who agreed to run on single, national platform of change and renewed prosperity. According to the election results, their efforts did not yield the expected results, as the National Election Commission reports that the UDFC earned a stunning 78% of the vote, a result that increases their number in the National Assembly from one hundred and twelve to one hundred and fifty six seats, a gain of forty-four.
The NMA almost immediately rejected the results of the election, and the director of the coalition called upon the party chairs to meet in order to discuss an orchestrated response to the election results and controversy.
Though the leaders of the NMA have yet to issue any response to the election, the partnership’s supporters have already begun to exhibit their responses to the election, many of them taking to the streets to protest the results. The protests soon turned violent as the UDFC supporters engaged the NMA members in the streets, by throwing rocks at them and engaging in fistfights. There have also been unconfirmed reports of gunfire throughout the city in response to the election, though it is unknown at this time whether the sounds are celebratory or hostile. All that is known is that the capital rapidly spinning out of control.