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The maiden voyage (open FT)

The Fedral Union
04-02-2009, 21:22
Hyperion shipyards just outside of the Dragonis cluster... A massive sleek behemoth of a ship floated in the center of a massive circular shaped ship yard. Service tendrils extended towards it in a fluid like motion, blue energy sparking at the end of them as they moved over parts of the ship. A force catwalk surrounded in a field of energy extended towards the airlock of the ship crew poured out of waiting areas through this walk. They could see the metal structure silhouetted against the utter darkness of space the light of the nebula behind them glimmering gently. The ship was casting its well formed shadow against the ring on the other side. The ships interior was smooth, well spaced corridors sleek metal like white plating along the walls, carpeted floors holo panels lining the winding well lit hallways. It felt almost like the ship had been design for its crew to live in semi luxury.

A middle aged man spoke out with a soft deep voice.

“Captain Ronald C elbertson ‘s personal log file, dated February 21st 2811, My ship is receiving the last of her crew, I expect us to be getting under way with in a few hours if not sooner. I have been informed by naval command that I will be assigned with two other experimental ships the Kingston and the Tyrian.. I expect our shake down patrol to go well”

The captain was tall had board shoulders and was well formed, his hair was black and eyes where brown, he had tanned skinned, his eyes peered in to the flowing holo console that had recorded both a text and a Three Dimensional copy of his log.

He stood up from his hovering leather chair a smiling coming across his smooth well shaven face. Adjusting his blue well pressed uniform he mad his way towards his quarters door way, it disintegrated in-front of of him as if it was never there. He stepped out in to one of the ships winding well lit corridors, the door behind him returning to its normal state, turning left as he began to walk. He passed by multiple crewmen who snapped their hands up in salute, he did so in response as he made his way towards two larger doors, with several holo panels on the walls leading up to it. The disappeared just as his quarters door did. He looked in to the bridge, it was massive, officers avatars and AI’s all worked at various stations it was crowded the noises of ship operations reverberating through the well lit bridge, panels showing tactical systems, sensors, fighter bays engines operations and other things where dotted about the various stations of the bridge. The first officer who happened to be a woman stood up, she called out.

“Captain on the bridge”

Ronald smiled a bit and saluted to her as she saluted first. He then said promptly and stiffly.

“As you where, commander jaworski I take it operations are going as planned, have we gotten all our crew yet?”

The thin blonde haired green eyed female responded just as stiffly to her commanding officer , saying.

“Negative captain, the last of them should be boarding shortly. Operations are going as planned the last of our fighters should be assembled with in the hour ”

The captain responded with a nod as he sat down on his hovering chair over looking the rest of the bridge.

“Good,... what a bute she is, eh?”

The female nodded “Indeed she is sir, I’ll be honored to serve under her name”

The captain laughed a bit with a nod

“Yeah, The Essex has a nice ring to it, first of her class. They say its going to replace the warlord class of ships”


Several hours had passed, the avatar flickered on, her form bathed in light, she looked at commander jaworski and Ronald saying.

“Ma’m , Sir the last of the crew has reported at stations, our fighter complement is full and space dock has cleared us for departure.”

The captain nodded walking over to his chair and sitting down on it, he folded his hands over his lap and said.

“All hands prepare to leave dry dock, engines to power...”

The angelic crackling hum of engines reverberated through the ship slightly, stations began to blip and blink a bit more as the tendrils and force catwalk disengaged from the ship, docking clamps floated away. The engines began to glow a white hot as streams of blue and white particles flew out from behind them, the ship starting to ominously float out of the dock. Its body glimmered in the red light of the dragonis nebula, its brilliant smooth features casting a shadow on the yard bellow.

As it moved in to the darkness of space it slowed to a crawl its body pricing the blackness of space. The captain shifted around swivelling his hover chair looking out of the large holo viewer. He said with a smile across his face.

“Engage slip point drive, lets see what on our border..”

A crackling vortex of energy split open the mundane darkness of space, the smooth large ship rushed in to it, the vortex closing as it reached the event horizon of the portal. Several moments later the ship dropped out of slip drive, a portal opening again, two smaller ships where already there, the Essex slowed to crawl again as the portal flared out behind it.

The captain said with a sigh as his ship loomed over the other two..

“Well send them their orders, and start scans across the brder I want to know what’s out there...”

“Aye sir” Said the commander with a slight not...

04-02-2009, 21:44
OOC: Crew members ok?
The Fedral Union
04-02-2009, 22:02
(ooc: you know I've never done some thing like that, but I'm up for it sure why the hell not we can turn it in to a more character centric rp)
The Fedral Union
05-02-2009, 08:39
(OOC:Why not? but errrmmm we need to set up a plot)
05-02-2009, 09:11
OOC: What about running into other races? I could have a battle group intercept you while on a hunt.
The Fedral Union
05-02-2009, 15:07
(OOC: that would be a godsend! go for it!)
07-02-2009, 14:30
Space was quiet until the sudden ending of a hyper jump of a squadron of burning cruisers came out of nowhere. The intercom channels were chatting away with commanders giving out orders. If anybody tapped into the intercom, they wouldn't understand the words since the language was never heard of before. However one word was repeated...

"Lynion.............Lynion......." were the only English words that could be understood.

No sooner had the 8 burning cruisers slipped through space, four assault cruisers jumped out of hyper-space. The burning cruisers were in chaos, the newly arrived cruisers started pounding the burning cruisers and a space battle eruppted between the two squadrons. The battle was short lived as the assault cruisers pounded the last remaining burning cruisers into space dust. The assault cruisers started to scan the empty space until they noticed another warship nearby. For now, they were going to wait and find out who the unidentified were.
The Fedral Union
09-02-2009, 14:51
Ronald stood up from his command chair, his eyes focused on the various ships that had jumped in to federation space. He growled a bit and looked at his XO motioning his hand to her. He said in a commanding voice.

“Go to condition yellow, raise shields and open a channel to those ships”

“Aye sir!”

she said nodding up to the avatar who did it instantly, a blip was heard and the captain started to speak his eyes focused on the intruders.

“This is Captain Ronald Elbertson, of the Terran Federation ship Essex, You have entered federation territory, and violated our space, identify yourselves immediately.”

The Essex closed the space towards the group of new contacts, the two escorts flanking each side of the larger heavy cruiser, its hull was sleek, and smooth the light from the local star system was beading on its hull.
The Fedral Union
09-02-2009, 14:52
(ooc: I would have had more to respond to had the last message not been deated :P)
Ustio North
09-02-2009, 14:54
OOC: Yeah, sorry about that. I had realised that perhaps the ship of a time-travelling military division, armed with a black hole cannon was probably not the best ship for a first contact. I'll make another post with something a little less offensive.
09-02-2009, 15:16
"Status update," ordered Kennedy as the four heavy assault cruisers scanned through the weckages.

"We got three unidentified units bearing off our portside," replied the operator as the bridge commander joined Admiral Kennedy. "One looks like a heavy battle cruiser,"

“This is Captain Ronald Elbertson, of the Terran Federation ship Essex, You have entered federation territory, and violated our space, identify yourselves immediately.” stated a voice over the intercom.

"This is Admiral Kennedy of the Vamperial Kingdom Assault Cruiser Hellbringer and speaking for the 1st Hunter Squadron," started Kennedy. "As far I was aware of, we were in space not in someone else's space," contiuned Kennedy as the thought came to his mind. "Tell me captain, have you ever faced a Fungi before?"
The Fedral Union
11-02-2009, 01:59

Ronald exclaimed and then sank back in to his chair, His eyes peering out of the holo console towards the group of ships that had just entered Federation space. He waved his toned hand nonchalantly to jaworski, she came over with the avatar floating over her and behind them both. Speaking in a soft muted voice to her he said.

“This is what we’re going to do, we’re going to put weapons on standby, I want you to personally over see hanger operations.”

The female nodded she quickly moved towards one of the consoles behind the captains chair, she sat down and a grav field shimmered over her, that was to keep officers still when the ship shook from strikes. Ronald quickly stood up responding to the hail he had just received in a diplomatic and professional voice.

“We know not of these fungi you seek, how ever you still have violated federation space with a small fleet of armed ships, we suggest strongly you with draw all but one ship across the border.”

The Essex weapons went hot, disruptor arrays crackled to life holding energy, conversion arrays and pulse emitters also came to life, the tactical console lit up with many weapons emplacements across the ships from missiles to beam and pulse weapons to SKV weapons. The energy build up could be detected by the ships in the area, every thing but ECM, was online. The Essex floated in -formation with its two smaller escorts. It loomed over the other ships like a harbinger of death its hull form glimmered with the local light.

The hangers where hectic , flight control was being managed by jaworski and she proved she was command material. She barked out orders through the holo comn.Avatars and personal rushed around supplies and equipment, pilots rushed to their craft, the massive hangers where abuzz with activity, echos of fusion welding could be heard through out the flight deck, screaming chiefs and pilots exchanged words, some times not so friendly words. SA22 Stalkers and SA40F Dragon furys lined up each side was lined with what seemed to be tens of craft.

It should have been obvious to the crafts that had jumped in to federation space that this was not the ship nor the captain to test in such a manner. Territorial integrity was at stake, and any diplomatic race would withdraw and send a single ship when faced with a territorial claim. Of course the Terran Federation would allow a warning and some time to pass before they would initiate combat with the intruding force. And it was not uncustomary for nations to force enemy or uncooperative ships from with in their borders if they had appeared there.
11-02-2009, 05:46
“We know not of these fungi you seek, how ever you still have violated federation space with a small fleet of armed ships, we suggest strongly you with draw all but one ship across the border.” came the voice over the intercom.

"Does anybody know how this will end up?" Kennedy asked his officers. "The lone ship will be use as a hostage or to bargin with the Grand Fleet. What's the current status on any incoming hyper-jumps?"

"We got an armada inbound on our position," replied the operator. "ETA is 10 minutes and counting,"

"All hands to battle stations!" ordered Kennedy. "Warm up the Hyper-Drive and prepare to make a jump. We might need to go and we are running silent,"

“We know not of these fungi you seek, how ever you still have violated federation space with a small fleet of armed ships, we suggest strongly you with draw all but one ship across the border.” came the voice over the intercom.

The hunting party was taking a big risk running from the Terranian's. However, since the Hundred Year War between the Lynion and Fungi, all direct jumps back to the Grand Fleet wasn't recommended. The hunting squadrons had to make random blind jumps and avoid heading back to the Grand Fleet. Kennedy had seen plenty of combat over the 100 Years between the two species. The assault cruisers weren't worried about the Terran Federation cruisers as they were the least of their worry as a transmission came over all channels in a deathly, chilling, cold voice.

"Welcome to your doom!" started the voice as the Lynion's were making a run for it. "This System will be plagued and consumed by the glorious Fungi Empire. You have no where to run scum and your losing the war. We will consume you whole and soon, Human and Lynion's will bow to us!" concluded the chilling voice.

"Com'n you wankers!" shouted back Kennedy's voice. "The four of us will take your damn armada on with our eyes close!"

"We have destroyed your system and it's only a matter of time before your species is extinct!" replied the icy cold voice.

"Then come and get us you ugly S.O.B.'s!" taunted Kennedy as the channels closed.

The Lynion Cruisers were about to head out into Inter-Galatic Space when the sound of the ending of a hyper-jump could be seen. The Lynion Cruisers spread out amongest themselves while the newly arrived Fungi Armada started to chase down the Lynion's before the arrival of an oversize heavy battleship came out of hyper-speed. It was a Nest Cruiser for the Fungi design to land Fungi Minator's and Demon's along with its armour which was strange. Usually the Lynion's are hunted by the Fungi in packs of 20 warships but an armada meant something was going to happen.

The Lynion Assault Cruisers attempted to fight a rear guard action while attempting to make a Hyper-Jump. Kennedy looked back as the Nest Cruiser along with its heavy escort. This was going to be hetic as the Lynion's didn't have any controlled moons in this system. The only neaby system was the one controlled by the Terran Federation but the Fungi had no reason to attack them. Then again, they attacked Lynion without any reason. The only other reason was...

"All ships, make a blind jump and through them off course. Everyone is to split up and... good luck boys," ordered Kennedy as the channels were jammed by the Fungi.

The Fungi Armada started their attack run on the Lynion's. The battle started as shots were exchanged between the two factions. The Fungi easily swamped the Lynion cruisers and eventually destroyed the cruiser's engines. Kennedy's ship was still intact and prepared to make a hyper-jump. He looked at the holo-radar and watched helplessly as one of their cruisers was destroyed by the combined Fungi Armada. Another one self-distructed itself while taking a couple of Fungi Cruisers with it. Kennedy sent his position and an SOS randomly to any channel. If his theory served him well, then the Grand Fleet would pick it up. Then again, the Nest Cruiser pounded the last assault cruiser to scrap metal as Kennedy's ship engines were offline.

"Captain, how far are we from Terran Federation Space?" Kennedy asked the captain.

"We've being pulled back into the TF Space Zone by the Fungi. The Fungi entered TF Space Zone when they jumped out of a hyper-jump," replied the captain.

"How soon until help arrives?"

"About 2 hours time," replied the captain.

"Fix the engines. If my theory serves me well, the Terran Federation will call for help and the Fungi will turn on them in a moment," ordered Kennedy. The Fungi Nest Cruiser draw the Lynion Assault Cruiser closer to it's side as it prepared to board. Meanwhile, Fungi Cruisers and battleships started to partol around the Nest but avoiding any attempts on the Terran Federation. The last thing they wanted was enemy reinforcements arriving while the Nest was busy. However, the Fungi had to act quickly with the Lynion's as Vamperial Reinforcements was inbound by a hyper-jump and they didn't have the means to fend them off.