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Resa Nights II (Sign Up/OOC)

03-02-2009, 15:28
As there has been interest in redoing the Resa Nights RP this thread is for sign ups/ OOC. All those who did participate before are welcome to do so again as long as you stay dedicated. The last thread died because people stopped RPing.

Sign Up Form:

Character Type: (Officer/Criminal/Informant)

I will be resurrecting Detective Nathan James for this RP, 30, who has a history in Narcotics Division and was once accused of corruption.
03-02-2009, 23:45
Name: Detective Chris Burrow
Character Type: Detective
What kind: Homicide
Age: 23
Background: Born in Angaor he excelled at martial arts and academics he graduated early from high school and attended college. he joined the Angaorian Military served in special opreations for 4 years and then 2 years in the Angaorian Army Criminal Investgations Division. He left Angaor for Resa City six months ago he worked in a private security firm and quit after he deicded. He didn't want to work for the Resa City rich anymore and. He deicded to apply for a job at the Resa City Police Department.
Ark Ivira
04-02-2009, 00:43
A copy of the last one, but a few minor tweaks...

Name: Emma Renaguarde
Character Type: Detective
What Kind: Homicide
Age: 24
Background: Emma Renaguarde enjoyed a privileged upbringing with an Upper-Class family in Ark Ivira. She soon became tired of the monotony a high ranking lifestyle entailed, deciding to take on her own dreams of seeing the world and helping people rather than relying on the spotlight at social events her entire life.

Emma had to fight for her dreams though, her true ambition to work in a Police Force not being recieved well in her family. After running away to attend a Law Enforcement Academy (Getting top marks in the process), She eventually lost all contact with her family after being shunned by her mother and father.

Now, after emigrating from Ark Ivira to live in Londim, Emma is trying to put her past behind her and recently applied for a position in the Homicide Unit of the Resa City Police Force.
04-02-2009, 03:03
Too many goody-goods here. *sigh* My guy is completely revamped, by the way. And I don't think he'll be psycho like Will this time... now he's got... gee... nothing.

Name: Andrew Kennedy (If that's one of the Kennedy clan, I couldn't really care less or know)
Age: 26
Character Type: Criminal
Background: After being born to nice, benevolent parents on the outskirts of Resa, he went to a prestigious university out of town with excellent grades, getting a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and a master's of business administration. Arriving back at his homeland, he quickly found that the goody-good life wasn't really what he wanted - which was adventure, money, and girls. So he helped out over a couple of break-ins and is quickly rising up a criminal organization called the Crim. (If anyone wants to be 'the Godfather' of the Crim, go ahead, have fun, knock yourself out.)
Alcona and Hubris
04-02-2009, 04:03
Name: Mackenzie "Mac" Howerwitz
Age: 29

Character Type: Criminal (Drugs)

Bio: Mackenzie "Mac" Howerwitz is if anything the 'Bad Girl' gone even worse. She grew up as the youngest daughter of "Tank" Howerwitz a widower (supposedly by his own hand, though it was never proven) who owned "The Black Eye" one of the more notorious bar's in Resa. Actually it was neutral ground because most of the home grown gangs didn't want to mess with the Kary Clan, the broad criminal family that specialized in various forms of low and high level crime. The Black Eye was the center of the Kary Clan during Mac's formative years.

Mac began life in petty crime, primarly pick pocketing, simple con scams of tourists and the nieve, some Nigerian Bank scams.

When the Crim decided to make an example of Tank gunning him down in the ally behind the Bar. It was Mac who took revenge by killing three top lieutenants of the Crim. The Crim hired some 'outside' heavy hitters and Mac vanished for awhile.

Mac apparently found work with Vadmir Polvenski and international arms merchant referred to by some as 'Mr War.' If he couldn't find a war to sell arms to, he would start one.

Today Mac has returned and become something of a serious independent supplier in the drug and gun trades. Primarily in illegal/outlawed medical drugs and high powered ammo and foreign weapons. She has reopened the Black Eye.

Apparently there is a fragile truce between the Crim and the Kary Clan which includes Mac.