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Death Gods RP [sign-up/OOC]

Free United States
02-02-2009, 17:34
I've had this idea for a while now. I'm a fan of the old show 'Dead Like Me' as well as the Japanese show 'Shinigami no Ballad.'

Basically, the idea is for a group of death gods who go about their business shuffling people loose of their mortal coil. To keep this NS-approved, I suggest we have it where we have different events in the respective country's of the participants. So, for example, the RP would start off in my country, and once that arch is complete, would move on to Country Y.

So, any takers? For those interested in 'hosting' you'll need to have both a Shinigami and at least one 'target.'

Shinigami (Death-god) sheet
Physical description: Hair and eye color, build, etc. Either a picture or 2-3 sentence description is fine.
Instrument of Death: [ie. How do they take the soul? Scythes are the norm, but let's be creative, shall we?]
Familiar: Animal/person that assists the Death God.

Victim Sheet
Physical description:
Mode of Death: [Don't list this, just have it ready for your RP]

My Char
Name: Azrael
Age: 17 [appearance] 800 [actual]
Physical Description:
Instrument of Death: Scythe, blade-whip
Familiar: Momo, a black cat [leapord, not like a housecat]
Bio: Azrael was once a Templar Knight, who died in 1312 when the order was disbanded and accused of heresy (among other crimes).
The Free Priesthood
02-02-2009, 18:32
Thanks for the invite, and now I sort of get what you mean. But I suggest your victim is reaped first, so I can be really sure what to do. I've only seen a few episodes of dead like me...

grim reaper
Name: June
Age: appearance: 6, actual: 55
Physical description: girl, long black hair with a pink ribbon, almost black brown eyes, white dress
Instrument of Death: old-fashioned vacuum cleaner
Familiar: August, a crow
Bio: June got killed by her own father when he had a psychosis. She was a happy normal child before that.

Name: Charles Bunsen
Age: 47
Physical description: Blond, beginning to bald, blue eyes, strong, innocent/friendly appearance.
Mode of Death: ---
Bio: Charles is a member of the Free Priesthood (a secret organization of odd religions). He owns a farm, the huge cellar of his house is used for Free Priesthood rituals.
Free United States
02-02-2009, 18:38
Thanks. I hope to get one or more before I set up an IC thread.

My Victim

name: David Caruthers
age: 19
Physical description: Green eyes, dark hair with a streak of blue.
Mode of Death: --
Bio: A sophmore at Osius University, David is a well-rounded student; a math major, he is part of the local chapter of the KKA Fraternity (a maths frat).

As for not knowing the shows I got inspiration from...just wiki them and you should be fine w/ the descriptions for reference.
Void Templar
02-02-2009, 21:53
Dead like Me is awesome. I can never seem to find it on telly, though.
Name: Sheo Parkison
Age: 20 (40 including Shinigami years)
Physical description: Sheo is 6'3 tall, with a slightly tanned complexion and a permantly smiling face. He looks very friendly and trustworthy, but chances are he's smiling because he's just found his next mark. He always wears a smart, pinstriped teal suit and a white waistcoat and tie. He is quite thin but athletic. His hair is black, and is permanently slicked back, making him look like a typical snake-oil salesman. (This, but with the white waistcoat too. (
Instrument of Death: Party blower
Familiar: A rat named Roland.
Bio: Sheo Parkinson comes - or rather, came - from a poor family. He found at a young age that he was very good at lying, making friends and then robbing those friends. One of his attempted muggings went wrong and turned on him, getting the wrong end of the pointy stick, so to speak. His last living memory is of a rat sniffing him.

(victim WIP)
Name: Jordan Johnny Decker
Age: 34
Physical description: 5'9, well built, brown hair, blue eyes, 5 o'clock shadow.
Mode of Death: >_> <_< Iz a sekrit.
Bio: Jordan Decker is a healthy citizen, who works in construction and plays in a local rugby team in his spare time.

One question. You say shinigami, do you mean Grim Reaper style, Dead like Me style, Death Note style or Bleach style?
Free United States
02-02-2009, 23:02
More like Dead Like Me meets Shinigami no Ballad ( Definitely not Death Note or Bleach-style. The Shinigami do it because it's their job, although there are certain...latitudes they can have.
02-02-2009, 23:38
ohh! this looks fun. we go:

Name: Markus Templar
Age: 22 as a human, 120 as a Reaper
Physical Description: 5'11'. Has pure white hair and red eyes(couldn't remember what causes it). Wears a black tench coat and jeans.
Instrument of Death: A guitar that turns into a scythe. which form he uses depends on his mood.
Familiar: Eddie, A Pure black small house cat.
Bio: Markus was a travelling musician during the 1880's when he came to a small hotel. he stayed for the night but woke up with the hotel owner stabbing him repeatedly in his chest(Psycho reference). Naturally he was kinda pissed about his rather bloody demise and now likes taking out his anger on whoever happens to be on his death list at the time.

Reapee(aka VICTIM!!)

Name: Kara Tellera
Age: 30
Physical description: 5'9'. short blond hair. blue eyes
Mode of Death:---
Bio: Kara works as a bar maid in a high end bar. She's happy with her job, but has troubles at home with her increasingly aggressive boyfriend, Danny.
Free United States
02-02-2009, 23:43
okay, this sounds like a pretty well-rounded cast. I'll set up the IC tonight and we'll begin. Any future participants will need to sign up here first.

The first 'mission' will begin in my country. After my post, which sets up the thread, feel free to jump in any which way, okay?
02-02-2009, 23:48
Name: Reaver Getag
Age: Ageless
Physical description: Reavers (damn, can't hyperlink edits... here it is: )
Instrument of Death: General phisical contact
Familiar: werewolf (again, no hyperlinks so: )
Bio: Deces is one of the 6 ancesters of the Dragona. They were similar to the gods of many species but they eventualy assended to a higher plane of existance and seeded the universe. Y'noh gave life to the animals and people of the world but Deces was jealous of his new power Deces slew many of Y'nohs creations.

There followed a war of many millenia when the ancester of war (Sha'ur) intervened. She condemed Deces to Kashir and cursed him to fight a war for all eternity. He created the deamons of Kashir who fight the dead of the universe in an endless war.

The Reavers employ servants in the form of werewolves because of the lycanpires. Lycanpires, in Dragona mythology, were a plauge unlashed by Deces to fight in the mortal relm for him. His Reavers take on the form of wingless lycanpires as hommage to this, not to mention it's terifying for non-spiritualists.

The reaver themselves are impressive, both in looks, speed and strength. They are near unkillable (the follwoers of Y'noh are the only ones able to kill them) They will not stop untill thier target is dead.
03-02-2009, 00:54
Shinigami (Death-god) sheet
Name: Ziyoshiyua Ashida
Age: About 800, Appears 18
Physical description:
Instrument of Death: Katana
Bio: Almost 800 years ago, a Kagetorian Lord was in line to inherit his father's kingdom, but his younger brother was jealous, and killed him with poison. After he died, he came back and brought destruction to his brother and his descendants

Victim Sheet
Name: Ichiwa Ashida
Age: 19
Physical description: black hair, brown eyes, light build
Mode of Death: ---
Bio: One of the descendants of Ziyoshiyua Ashida's younger brother. Need I explain more?
Alcona and Hubris
03-02-2009, 00:56
Sorry I saw this thread and had to pull a character out, not really Death per say but a mid level manager of Death...

Name: Charon
Age: (Unknown, existed before this Universe)
Physical Description: Usually appears as a tall, lanky gentleman who seems more bone and skin than anything else. Has a long white beard and a gaze that are keen and hold a cold, empty glow about them. Typically he dresses in a Captain's uniform with high boots and things tend to get foggy when he is about.

Note: Charon can 'Scythe' if needed in a pinch, but it is usually messy and involves blunt trauma.

Bio: Charon is effectively senior 'life force processor' or the man who ensures all those souls heading to an afterlife GO to an afterlife, and the right one. Only called in when you have a very nasty case of undead or such.
03-02-2009, 01:26
Name: Cain
Age: 23 (Appearence) 13,000 years (Actual)
Physical description: Cain has reddish-brown hair and a light beard. He is six feet tall, and his eye color is mottled grey. He is very muscular, and has a mark on his head.
Instrument of Death: A well worn, polished black oak club
Familiar: Abel, a white house cat with blue eyes
Bio: After a long history of peace, Cain was killed through treachery by his wife. He came back and killed her with his club, and now wanders the earth.

Victim Sheet
Name: Samuel Carter
Age: 34
Physical description: Black hair turning prematurly grey, a nervous expression constantly, wears glasses and usually a buisness suit.
Mode of Death: He, he, heee.
Bio: After watching his wife burn to death in a gang related attack, Carter has always been afraid of dying. He lives in a veritable stronghold of a home, with gaurds and traps all around him.
Free United States
03-02-2009, 06:55
Ok, Ih8u, the term is 'Death-God' but in the translated sense from the Japanese term 'Shinigami.' Basically, it's a Reaper, but in Japanese, the 'kami' are least, that's how I remember it. But, yeah, more Reaper than 'god.'
03-02-2009, 07:03
heheh...i'm going to like RPing this...
my character is going to be fun..
Free United States
03-02-2009, 07:30
heheh...i'm going to like RPing this...
my character is going to be fun..
I keep seeing your char as a male version of Haruko...

Here's the IC thread:
03-02-2009, 07:38
Who the hell is Haruko?
and should we have it so that there is something that lets Reapers know when they see another Reaper? Like a shadow of wings or something?
03-02-2009, 07:48
Shinigami (Death-god) sheet:
Name: Fantomas
Age: Very old.
Physical description: Has features commonly attributed to the Nordic peoples of Scandinavia.
Instrument of Death: Fantomas takes a person's soul in whatever way he feels like taking them.
Familiar: A grey colored cat named Sherlock.
Bio: Fantomas is the cynical god of death who suffers from periods of depression which vary from time to time in how much pain it causes. He took his name from a series of French novels and is seen to be quite spiteful towards humanity for its seemingly blatant desire to reject ethics. He usually takes the form of a gentleman with a black suit and top hat but he may sometimes take other forms depending on how he feels. The truth about him is that he passed away in a drunk driving accident and that he feels depressed because he left his wife and daughter behind.

Victim Sheet:
Name: Albert Harvey
Age: 36
Physical description: Clean and free of blemishes and wounds.
Bio: Harvey is a serial killer whose preference is adolescent girls. He is constantly on the move and always seems to be able to hide his true identity from others. Harvey presents himself in various ways, is a certified master of deception, and is generally brutal when it comes to murdering his victims although, recently, he hadn't done much other than bash their heads against a nearby wall. His pet peeve is apparently not looking clean but one may attribute this to a possible belief that cleanliness helps him get access to a prospective victim.
03-02-2009, 10:34
oh I see, it's Shinto. EDITED APLICATION
03-02-2009, 11:26
Victim Sheet
Name: Galdius
Age: 6
Physical description: Violent Gerbil seeking destiny, to rule the world of the Lycans.
Mode of Death: Stab in eye with lucky pencil
Bio: after watching his best friend be fryed in a microwave from the evil God (Studacus) he has been pissed of and formed his own empire of other desiples making other gerbils surrender to the voilent emotions and fight back against the evil holocaust
03-02-2009, 11:50
i will add a sidekick to my violent gerbil, his name is flower and he likes to pony poo from the isle of rainbow cove, also he has a twitch and if is rattled to the extent of his temper he will find his magical spoon from the unknown whereabouts of SCOTLAND and he will take that spoon and shove it.................. in to his chocolate mousse which he really likes. oh yeah one more thing he will take that chocolate covered spoon and mke you eat your own eyeball.
The Free Priesthood
03-02-2009, 11:53
Ooc wtf?
03-02-2009, 11:58
Name: Thomas Atkins
Age: (at death)22
Physicals: Five feet, four inches, light build, tends to wear casual-but-adventurous clothing such as a leather jacket and cargo pants over hiking boots with either a flannel shirt, or tee-shirt.
Instrument of Death: Thomas is more of a "dead like me" reaper-that is, his duty in his afterlife is more about shepherding the deceased to their appointed afterlife. When someone 'runs for it', however, he uses a simple short-staff with a retractable blade (for cutting the "line" connecting the soul to the body).
Bio: Thomas was a pilot before his death, and a soldier. His aircraft was destroyed by an enemy soldier firing a shoulder-launched missile. In spite of this rather ignominous death, Thomas is an affable, friendly, and forgiving sort who takes his job seriously.

Name: Lizbet Croatos
Physical: Six foot one, 177 lbs, athletic, Black hair, pale skin
Mode of Death:Thomas hasn't been told yet.
Bio: Lizbet Croatos is the Captain of the SMS Global Traveller, a Sudovan Cargo ship owned by the Hermod Cargo and Freight line (which is, in turn, owned by her Clan), she was recently involved in securing a resupply contract to the Lynion Armed forces during the war in Northam-York. She is widowed, and lost two children during the same air-raid that led to her promotion to Captain of the vessel (which,in turn, led to the contract with the Lynions...) She is a contender for Chieftain of the Croatos Clan, which would place her in a position of considerable political power. Thomas believes that this is what will probably result in her upcoming demise.
03-02-2009, 14:50
lol, pardon Violent. He is, as you see, very new to RPing in general...I've not had chance to school him in even the baisics yet (and I aint no pro) cause of our IT teacher, so expect some changes *smiles evily*
The Free Priesthood
03-02-2009, 14:59
Ah, Violent is an IT teacher. That explains a lot. *nod*
Free United States
03-02-2009, 15:14
Ah, Violent is an IT teacher. That explains a lot. *nod*
I think, Ih8u means that Violent is the way he is because of their IT teacher...
03-02-2009, 15:19
actualy I meant that we couldnt talk cause our IT teacher was prowling the classroom for 2 hours
Free United States
03-02-2009, 15:22
actualy I meant that we couldnt talk cause our IT teacher was prowling the classroom for 2 hours
ah, well, close enough, lol. should be studying (said from uni lecture hall)
Free United States
03-02-2009, 15:26
Ah, forgot to mention this, many because I didn't notice all the sign-ups...

For those of you with 'otherworldly' figures, if you've already signed up, then your chars are accepted. Future sign-ups, however, please note that this is more like Dead Like Me, where Reapers/Shinigami are former mortals.
03-02-2009, 16:14
aw lol, well atleast I've already sighned up then XP.
As for studying, so we should, but its more liek a business and economics lesson than an IT lesson.
04-02-2009, 14:34
ok sorry about that new to this type of thing my friend ih8u has shown me the way and i will make a i.c character now
The Philippiniada
06-02-2009, 20:08
Shinigami (Death-god) sheet
Name: Yukii
Age: (At death) 34 (Shinigami Years) Unknown
Physical description: Long spiked hair, Asian-looking, Most likely a Filipino.
Instrument of Death: His hands (One touch, One Kill)
Familiar: His bat named Lexandar
Bio: Born to a rich and influential political family, He became a Congressman at his state. Made unmoral decisions. He's corrupt and very ruthless. An assassination attempt on his SUV killed him.

Victim Sheet
Name: Angela Junico
Age: 23
Physical description: A 23-year old Woman, She is 5'9 in height and has a pleasing personality.
Bio: A secretary to Yukii's successor in Congress which is the head suspect on his assassination. Angela is very kind and is down to earth.
06-02-2009, 20:27
You miss spelt Philipino
Also, you stole my idea *throws a tantrum*