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02-02-2009, 01:14
Economy: (please check hittoria's home page)
Currency: Httorian pound = 5 U.S dollars
National animal: Black Tiger
Climate: Usually hot or warm during Spring-Fall, rainforest-like weather. Nearly freezing during winter, sub polar like weather.
Largest retail type: Furniture reatail
Highest point: Mt. Gojira, 2 miles high.
Lowest point: Jame's canyon, 800 ft deep.
Crime rate: 2/10
Political Freedom: 6/10
Civil rights: 4/10
Biggest threat: Cuborg, he has an endless grudge against me.
Lowest threat: Crime
Nuclear power: Minimum
Army strength: 8/10
Army size: 5/10
Navy strength: 4/10
Navy size: 2/10
Air Force strength: 5/10
Air Force size: 10/10
Civillians in army: 2 out of 15
Favorite fruit: Peach
Favorite meat: Cattle
Favorite vegetable: Carrots
Favorite dairy product: Provolone Cheese (creamy)
Alliances: Leapus, Isira.
Enemies: Cuborg
Threatening: 5/10
Calmness: 5/10
Population: (please check hittoria's homepage)
Favorite movie: Godzilla 2000
Most visited website:
Most visited restaurant: Panda Express
Least visited website:
Least visited restaraunt: McDonalds
Largest weapon: Nuke
Smallest weapon: Kung Fu
Biggest city: Capitol
Smallest city: Unknown, other villages too small
Smallest retail type: Ciggerett sales
Biggest crime type: Drug selling
Smallest crime type: Murder
Biggest building: 315 feet
Smallest building: Bomb shelter (-20 feet)
Imperial isa
02-02-2009, 01:21
Smallest weapon: Kung Fu

ooc it a Martial Art Not a weapon
02-02-2009, 14:28
True so true
03-02-2009, 00:22
It's good up to "lowest point," which I assume is referring to elevation.

From there, it just gets a big strange. Crime rate is not something you can measure to be out of "10" or whatever number; it's the average number of crimes committed, and I do believe in comparison to the number of arrests. You can't measure "political freedom," "civil freedom," or "nuclear power" as factors out of ten or as a "minimum" or "maximum." You could have said, for example, "Crime Rate: avg 29.3 recorded per 24.5 arrests" or what have you; "2/10" makes no sense.

Same goes for military strength. You can't have a "favourite food" since the tastes of the people vary. You could, though, have a "national food" or "national animal," since those are things that the state wants recognition for. Same for "favourite 'movie'."

The "largest weapon," if measured by size, is definitely not the "nuke" unless you have no heavy weapons or navy. Like isa said, kung fu is not a "weapon" in your definition; you can't hold a kung fu.

Smallest city; city by what definition? Drug selling is a crime worse than murder? Biggest building, as in by height, is only 315 feet tall? Smallest building bomb shelter (-20 feet)?

Are you Hat?