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Kingdom of Azure Established! (open FT)

Azure People
01-02-2009, 21:33
Following a brutal uprising in which the mother nation, Zeltania, was obiliterated by nuclear weapons, several of the prominent leaders of the rebellion signed the Treaty of Woglinde.

This treaty, which came into effect on Jan. 29, 2476 AY, established the Godfried family as the monarchs of the Azure nation.

Furthermore, it also established a Senate and House of Lords, which will be the new nation's legislative branch, while a seperate sect, the Azure Courts, will oversee the judicial branch of government. It also established the Space Fleet, now lead by Grand Admiral Alexander Melith, and the Interstellar Army, led by General Sir Naxos Cadian, as the military branches of the Kingdom of Azure.

Following the signing of the treaty, Princess Ava Godfried (age 19), marked went on to address the nation as the people's first monarch and ruling Princess, which may soon be Queen if rumors of her engagement to Naxos Cadian (age 21) prove to be true.

"My fellow people, it is with strength and humility that I accept the honor of presiding over our fledging nation in this time of peace. I entrust my life in the hands of you all, and the lives of our children yet unborn, to lead this nation into a golden age of prosperity and peace."

Sometime later Princess Godfried sent a message to numerous nations, inviting them to attend the opening ceromony of the nation's twenty-sixth city-ship, which now has a population of 800,000, with another 250,000 expected to fill up the vacant spots.


Ava paced back in fourth across her bedroom, waiting for the Maids to bring word of the delegation's arrival to the Atrix, Azure's newest and most populous city-ship. Unable to sit down, she headed to the window that overlooked the city's residential zone.

She observed the couples walking along the pathways and the children playing in the synthetic grass of the parks, and many internal tranports flying overhead in perfect tranquility.

She longed to be able to go out to parties with many of her old friends, but her being upped the social ladder meant that she could not even talk to them, as many in the galactic community wanted her dead for her father's actions.....

It was then that a maid came in, bringing news of the first delegation's arrival.



Anyway, this is my first time, so sorry about if I'm a bit too bland. I'm hopeing to get some friends, or NAPs as a result of I suppose, but anyway, everyone is free to join and the RP is FT.

City-Ship= a ship that is really freaking huge that has an internal city inside it.

My nation is comprised of many of these cityships, as we don't posess any planets, although we do have shipyards spread out across space in secret locations :O
The Battlehawk
01-02-2009, 21:36
Twin Flashs of Light hearled the arrival of the UHS Valiant and UHS Defiant. They had simply been warping through the sector when they picked up the massive city ship. After converstaion they had decided to investigate.

The two ships flew to within a few kilometres of the ship and matched course and speed. They decided to wait there until hailed themselves.
01-02-2009, 21:45
It pained, X-012 to be away from the sphere, but the sphere's Master wished to try a new tacit. Something called diplomacy, as such X-012 or "George" had been taken, his connection to the overmind mostly served. To aid in his "camouflage" and "mission" all these words had confused the drone but Master had outlined it to him before completing serving his connection. George was to go to a place called the Kingdom of Azure and learn. Learn the defenses, learn the races, learn the kingdom's allies, learn the kingdom's enemies all in preparation of its eventual invasion and assimilation into the collective. As such the sphere's master had arranged for George to be taken in as a refugee from one of the planet's that the Technonauts had destroyed. Putting George in a heavily damaged captured ship, its life support and ftl drives failing and dumping it in the area that the city ship would soon passby, it had worked nearly faultlessly. The city ship had taken X-012 in and "George" had quickly recovered eventually seeking employment as a janitor.

George had indeed learned much about the Azures, maybe to much. But those thoughts were behind it as it advanced towards the cities center and the festivals going on there.

*note "George" is basically a very pale normal human that just so happens to use: it, we, us and other 3rd person words abit to much.
Azure People
01-02-2009, 21:56
The maid informed Ava of the two unknown ships, both of which were flying alongside the Atrix, but had not yet hailed the ship.

"Say no more, I shall go to the bridge and speak with them my self."

After grabbing her coat and putting her shoes on, she made her way to the docking area on her building were she boarded a small military transport. She was then taken to the bridge, were a wall of noise greeted her.

She was able to make out several of the reports coming into and out of the Bridge. She hadn't noticed that she had froze halfway through the door when the Commodore, Mathew Brasil pulled her arm inside greetingly.

"Welcome to the Bridge your magesty, its an honor to see you again."
"Ahh, Commodore Brasil, how goes the ship's workings?"
"Quite good, now if you'll follow me, I'll show were these ships are." He said, pointing to a screen that, sensing where he was pointing, came out of the revolving screens around the main pillar inside the room to float just in front of the Princess.

After studying the ships, she walked over to the comm station to address the newcomers.
Communication from Atrix, Kingdom of Azure
Msg as follows:
Hello there, I am Princess Ava Godfried of the Kingdom of Azure. We mean no harm to you, and hope that we can soon talk face to face in friendship.
Msg Ends
The Battlehawk
01-02-2009, 22:03
This is Captain Elizabeth Langley of the United Hawk Ship Valiant, we picked up your ship on LRS and altered course to investigate. We haven't encountered a ship this large before.

Elizabeth siad from the Valiants bridge as she watched on the veiwscreen
A Utopian Soviet Union
01-02-2009, 22:52
The Phale A'Theins were aiming to expand both their dossier of interstellar contacts and the economic oppertunities that it afforded to many parties. As such, the oppertunity to attend a diplomatic/social function simply could not be passed up; with that a diplomat was dispatched in one of their more aesthetic minded vessels.


Ooo' Aaa Zetz prepared himself in his room. Examining his appearence in the mirror he pulled gold sheaths up his tendrils like wrist bands, he brought a decorative belt around the trailing multi-coloured tentacles which dangled from his dome translucent head to straigten them; adding two more belts at lower intervals he straigtened his tendrils into a long continuous trail. From the belts he hung pendulums and other decorative items, adding his time piece and having doused himself with concentrated ammonia he was alternatly trying on spectacles or monacles when his travelling companion Etz Ze' Ai' burst into the room.

One was always obsessed with opinion wasn't he? Etz swam across the room to asses Ooo', And the cologne? Is it really nessacery? One will be in a life support tank after all.

Ooo ignored him with a flick of his tentacles, This is a state function, one must be presentable must he not? Now tell me, monocle or spectacles?

As a race of sentient jellyfish like beings with a society devoted to polite considerate yet unreserved self appreciation they tended to take care of themselves.


The diplomatic vessel Horizons Intent dropped out of slipspace and approached the immense city ship Atrix. It was small, being about the same size as a large personal yacht, and roughly a similar shape. It's curved hull had a few small portholes running along it's side, and a section which went from the vessels rear to two thirds towards the front had wide windows affording great views; even more appealing though was how where the vessels keel raised up to a point it was topped by a transparent dome which covered the remaining forward third of the ship's deck for leisure viewing. To the Phale A'Theins it was a luxery vessels since it had been constructed completely in space unlike most of their vessels which were modular;it was also clear that it was filled with water. The crew hailed the Atrix;

Greetings from the M.R.A diplomatic vessel Horizons Intent of the Phale A'Theins, we have received your offering of attending a state function of your nation and wish to attend in the interests of extending peace to both of our kind.
02-02-2009, 00:41
Space folded a few thousand kilometres from the City-Ship, revealing the ominous shape of His Majesty’s Laudation-Class Destroyer Acclaim. At five hundred metres long it was certainly not the kind of ship that could stand up to the oversized ships of certain other nations. It was, however, significantly cheaper, much more efficient and part of a significantly more flexible navy that had seen small squadrons of smaller ships take down much larger constructions.

The main body of the ship was five hundred metres long and one hundred and forty metres tall with several vertical fins held a short distance from the main body of the ship itself upon which are mounted the ship’s primary light weapons in the form of turret-mounted railguns and numerous larger, hull-based, weapons of the same type. Secreted within the heavy supports of the fins is the ship’s missile system, its secondary combat function. Hidden and protected by the fins are the Acclaim’s hangar bays which constitute a major part of the destroyer’s combat function. The ship vaguely resembles the larger Irrepressible ( Man o’ War, but smaller and with (proportionately) more emphasis upon light craft rather than the incredible missile payloads preferred by the larger ship class.

‘Mister Harvey, fire salute as you will’

‘Aye-aye Sir!’ The Master of Arms flicked a switch on his console and spoke into his microphone. ‘Main guns four-three to four-twenty-four on my command in ascending order. Fire salute!’

The warship announced its presence in the system with a formal, if somewhat archaic, twenty-one gun salute from the heavy railguns running along the fourth gundeck. Specifically designed rounds firing away from the ship and in a direction free from space traffic, exploding ten kilometres from the ship in a ball of orange flame. Each gun had fired a precise half-second after the one before it in a perfect demonstration of discipline and spacemanship.

‘Sir Alfred, you may announce us.’

...Greetings and salutations. This is the Ventish starship Acclaim of His Majesty’s fleet. Command of the ship is granted to the honourable Captain George Pinder and carries the emissary of Victor IV, king, in the person of Sir Alfred Forham, who offers you greetings, also carried is the emissary of the honourable Far Spinward Company in the person of Jonathon Lakely...
02-02-2009, 01:13
The small diplomatic ship entered normal space right as the Acclaim started it's twenty one gun salute. Star General Isac Norman gaped at the raw military power and turned one eye to his companion sitting next to him

"That is what the Federation should have brought not this toy."

His companion one Secratary of Relations Flora Relase gave him a look that could kill most zanodusion men. She shook her reptillian head and frowned slightly.

"General we are here on the behalf of the Exalted President. We are not here to cause an incident."

Isac harumped and stared out the small viewing window still in awe of the great ship. He guided the small vessel within a few kilometers of the city-ship and reached for the comm set.

To the city ship Atrix this is the Zanoduse Federation Diplomatic Vessel Hope we extend greetings from the Federation and are awaiting docking instruction.

Tidying his Red and Gold uniform General Isac leaned back and awaited to see what happens next. While Secratary Relase straighened her charcoal grey formal dress and for the first time stared at the giant City-Ship.
Imperial isa
02-02-2009, 02:23
a Black ( ship with the Length of 9654 meters long ,a Beam of 684 meters and a Height of 954 meters enter the space near the city ship with no lights showing, the ship was all so bigger then the Heavy Capital Battleship of the Panzer class that Captain Elizabeth once saw when it's crew help repair her ship

This is INS Sovereign Flagship of the Emperor to Princess Ava Godfried
we would like to know if you would like to meet the imperial family face to face after the ceromony and have a talk