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The Lessington Season (OOC Thread | Interest and Signup)

Brittanican Adenia
30-01-2009, 21:54
IC Thread (

So, this is a muchly open thread. Please post character/family bio's here. As ever, I reserve the right to reject anyone I feel will not live up to the standard I wish to maintain.

This thread will also act as an opportunity to be romanced (there needs to be several batchelors, so feel free to send 5/6 characters to keep post lengths and conversations to the maximum), conduct diplomacy on the fly (and rooms will be made available for various summits-on-the-fly - it is planned that ODECON and the Delian League will hopefully have a small summit one or two days in), or simply get drunk and make fools of yourselves by groping international figures (I'm entrusting this to Bévue-Ville and his cohorts of horny frenchmen).

Unfortunately, attempts to sabotage the event are NOT permitted.

Characters, once approved, should arrive at RAS Harringdon - a military aerodrome, where they will be transferred to one of several exclusive Royal Transport Corps' Diplomatic Vehicles - one of Adenia's most redeeming and fastest steam trains with it's 9-carriage rake, in the classic Victorian styles of the finest quality.

So, I look forward to seeing many nations, hopefully including many ODECON and Delian League, and many other alliance nations, in what will ideally be an interesting and amiable RP with many repercussions (both good and bad) for the international community.
30-01-2009, 22:34
Name Secretary for Foreign Affairs Edward Scissenfeld

Age 32 years

Occupation Secretary for Foreign Affairs

Appearance A slightly large man he weighs in at sixteen stone, tall and with a slight belly he is not an athletic man. However he has piercing blue eyes and dirty blonde hair gets him plenty of looks from the female members of a diplomatic party.

Personality A truly charismatic man he forced his way up through the Foreign Office by charming and using other less than legal methods of acquiring his position. That said he is a staunchly loyal member of the cabinet and is known among the ladies of Bowmore as a man of quite some repute. A drinker and a fighter, he is truly Whiskeasian in the fact that where there is a party he is sure to be there. He drinks the strong Whiskeasian whiskey that the nation is so famous for, he will drink anything some would consider him an alcoholic but no noticeable signs have appeared.

Entering the Foreign Office at twenty three with a degree in Economics from Bell University he quickly moved his way up from aide work to ambassadorial status by charming, blackmailing and even sleeping with his female superiors. Aged twenty five he was the youngest ambassador in the country, quickly moving his way up to the top of the chain he bribed, blackmailed or gulled the other senior ambassadors until he was considered the single most powerful and influential member of the Foreign Office, he quickly signed on with Prime Minister candidate Jack Daniels and became part of his cabinet from the very beginning of his term of office. Still in that position today Edward is one of the most powerful men in Whiskeasy. And he knows it.
Einz Terrorist Gruppe
30-01-2009, 22:51
Name:Victor Nomani


Occupation:Founding Member of Nomani Corporation-Manufacturers of Weaponry.

Appearance:Slightly overweight male with grey-black hair.Short, with a distinctive tribal tattoo covering the left side of his neck.

Personality:Bubbly,Charismatic and Humourous to his friends.Cold,Vindictive and malicious to his enemies and rivals alike.Was a fighter in his youth,but now mostly lets his bodyguards do the fighting.

History:As a young boy born into poverty, Victor chose the only path he could, The Military.He still won't state which country he fought for, and the only remaining legacy of his time served is the customary regiment tattoo which remains on his right hand wrist depicting an Atom Cloud and some letters in the Cyrillic Alphabet.
After leaving the Army,Victor joined together with a childhood friend of his and formed a small Telecommunications business.After profits increased and war loomed,The Company diverged into Arms Manufactoring, and within a few years, The companys sole products were weapons.Following the suspicious poisoning of his childhood friend (Which Victor was questioned,but never charged on)He took control of the Corporation and increased production tenfold.
He is suspected to have connections to the Radical Terrorist group:"Einz Terrorist Gruppe" But this has mostly been dismissed as slander by Anti-Gun lobbyists.
He has a Wife,Irena (52) and A Son,Nicholas (35)

OOC:Just to make clear,No Terrorist troops will be present or will any unprovoked shots be fired from Victors Guards.
Brittanican Adenia
30-01-2009, 23:05
Whisk is an auto-accepted, with all of ODECON.

ETG: As it's your first post and I've seen far worse, you're accepted with benefit of the doubt. Feel free to make an IC post whenever suits.
30-01-2009, 23:14
Name Sir Jackson Miller

Age 59 years

Occupation ODECON Foreign Affairs Secretary

Wiki Here (

Appearance A tall, slightly overweight man (as can be expected at his age) with greying black hair and a dignified air about him. (Don't worry, there's a picture on his wiki page).

Personality Sir Miller is charming and light-hearted in private but brutally calculating and political when it comes to official business. His private, off-the-record comments are occasionally known to get him in trouble.


Name Lady Valérie Bardet

Age 44 years

Occupation Zinairian Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Wiki Here (érie_Bardet)

Appearance A taller-than-average, curvy woman with dark features and short, black hair.

Personality Lady Bardet is a cold and largely emotionless woman both in public and, to a slightly lesser extent, in private. When her emotions do get the better of her, she is known to have an extraordinary temper.

History Prior to her appointment as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Lady Bardet was a member of the National Assembly. She has not extraordinary experience in foreign policy and, frankly, the reason for her appointment is a mystery. She divorced her husband, Yves, in 2007 amid rumors of an affair and other personal issues.
30-01-2009, 23:46
Name Jean-Auguste II

Age 5 years

Occupation Heir apparent

Wiki Here (

Appearance Obviously, quite short and not exactly the picture of childhood fitness. Jean-Auguste has carrotish red hair, a piggy nose and mean, squinty little eyes.

Personality He is five. In case that doesn't make things clear, he's bratty, entitled, prone to fits and a royal pain in the behind.


Name Marquis Philippe V

Age 32 years

Occupation Head of the House of Nigaud

Wiki Here (

Appearance Like most Nigaudesques, the marquis is rather good-looking. Unfortunately, his natural good looks are largely destroyed by the questionable stylistic choice to look like a 1920s villain. Philippe has liberally pomaded black hair, a thin, extremely curly mustache and a look in his eyes that says "come to my casino or I'll tie you to the train tracks".

Personality The marquis is Bévuesque, therefore, he is an idiot. However, being Nigaudesque, he's slightly less idiotic than some. Phillipe is known across all 6 sq. kilometers of Bévue for his greed, womanizing and love of alcohol.


Name Comtesse Marie

Age 23 years

Occupation Noblewoman

Wiki Here (évue_%28House_of_Salaud%29)

Appearance As a Salaudois, Marie bears a striking resemblance to a pig. She has rudy skin, a stubby, snout-like nose, large jowls and more facial hair than the average thirteen year-old boy. She's a good 20 kilos overweight and her fingers have often been likened to hotdog buns.

Personality Marie is just as much a pig on the inside as she is a pig on the outside. She has been known to decimate wholes buffets, drink whole casks of wine, belch in the face of the host and still expect every man in the room to be fawning over her. Like most Bévuesques, her actual desirability is inversely proportional to her vanity.
Brittanican Adenia
31-01-2009, 13:40
Both accepted as a matter of course.
New Greston
01-02-2009, 19:28
Name Sir Jerry Striker

Age 50 years

Occupation President of the Imperial Republic of Greston

Wiki Here (

Appearance Tall, average weight man with graying hair and and a knowledgable air about him.

Personality Striker is charming and approachable in public but disgustingly brutal and on the target when it comes to busines. He is know for his great speech making and is a great public speaker


Name Sarah King Striker

Age 49 years

Occupation First Lady

Appearance A medium height woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and facial expression much like her husband's.

Personality Extremely quiet and controlling, Sarah has participated in little less than public appearences outside of Greston but has a an open, loving demeanor


Name Sir James Oglethorpe

Age 47 years

Occupation Grestonian Ambassador to AIMN Pact


Appearance A tall, slightly overweight man with a receding hair line and withered black hair.

Personality A close kept, perssuasive man with a charming feel and quiet demeanor.


Name Sir John Gutted

Age 41 years

Occupation Head Premier

Wiki Here (

Appearance A short, thin man with little black hair on the back and side of his head. (Picture on his Wiki)

Personality With a quiet, stern personality from hardened years in service he is very persuasive.


Name Alison Krippin

Age 41 years

Occupation Minister of State

Wiki Here (

Appearance A tall brown haired woman with a giant smile that goes frm ear to ear. However she also boasts a grim smirk in certain moments.

Personality Controlling and embassive, Krippin can get what she wants with her words alone. Even though she is not the most beautiful she is a great diplomat and a good lawyer.