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Land of the Center: Economic Opportunity [MT/Open]

El Centro de tierras
30-01-2009, 06:56
El representante de la democracia el centro de tierras para el mundo
(The Representative Democracy of the Middle Land)

Our nation, while economically sound and a major producer in our region had fallen short in the metal works area, along with our education becoming lacking in a world comparison. Our people have long had the hopes to become business men and women, this is a realization that we understand to be impossible. While we hide this reality from our people to give them a reason for continuation of life and excessive work we continue to need more college graduates, and simply our resources are geared too much towards cash crops such as coco plants, hemp plants, beans, bananas and rice, to divert public funds towards new community colleges, and like-wise the companies in our nation are aimed in our direction. So we come to you, the world, with a list of requests: Investment into gold mines, new off-shore drilling platforms, importation of finished good, iron and low-to-middle grade steel, along with the foundation of several community colleges and foreign teachers to fill the schools. In return we are willing to hear your offers.
La Habana Cuba
30-01-2009, 10:24
To the : El representante de la democracia el centro de tierras para el mundo
(The Representative Democracy of the Middle Land)

Vote and Post on our site link provided. We welcome full economic, political and social relations with all nations, capitalists, socialists, Monarchys, Fascist, anarchist, Dictatorships, Corporations with thier nations, as we respect all nations different economic, political and social systems. Except for a few for obvious reasons.

See Post 18 for list of Embassy Nations and Ambassadors on our site.

Internal & External Contracts:

In External Investments we will provide you with doctors, nurses, educators, our best agricultural Guajiro farmers and or ranchers, miners, construction workers, general workers, all types of workers. You May advertise RP with them as long as you state LHC Cuban contracted workers. They could be helping in your nation in many ways as agreed.

Internal Investment Contracts:

Come and invest in our agricultural cooperatives staffed by our best Guajiro farmers and ranchers, gambling casinos, fishing, mining and manufacturing sectors. Tourism Sector one or two nation partners needed, may consider your nation on request plese vote.

In External and Internal Investment Contracts:

We offer from 10,000 to 35,000 workers per nation or less. Divided among our best Guajiro farmers & or ranchers, doctors, educators, miners, manufacturing workers, construction workers, general workers of all kinds, social workers, gambling casino workers. You may update your requests at any time during the year, not to excede 35,000 workers .

In internal contracts we will export most of the production for our mutual profit $ benefit keeping a certain amount for internal consumption.

By exchange of ambassadors we offer you a partnership of 45 % percent iof the profits in our economic sectors in our internal investment contracts. No taxes just divide the profits $ as agreed or negotiated.

In Internal & Eternal Investment Contracts:

As we consider your per capital wage as your average or lower wage, our investment partners your government or corporations may pay our government employment agency LHC Gea half your nations yearly per capital wage per worker or as negotiated on a monthly or weekly wages as needed by the workers. In external contracts you provide the workers food and shelter vouchers.

Our government agency LHC Gea will hire the best qualified workers for your investments. Staffed by your corporations management personnel.

No LH Cuban native workers will be promoted to supervisor or manager positions. Should your supervisor or manager wish to fire a worker for any reasons, the worker shall be replaced. All we ask is a report of the incidents to LHC Gea for our records.

Gambling Casino profits $ are shared 50 % to 50 % respectively, are classified information which may be posted by mutual agreement between the partners.

Our Tourism management partners, are Neo-Ixania, Cazelia, UK2 and LHC. One or two nation partners management corporations are needed to replace LHC Tourist Corp. Your accounts will be credited for the entire year at this time. Vote and post for your nation to be considered. We are looking for rich capitalist nations to consider.

You may be invited to participate on an economic site to be posted, participation is expected of all invited nations as it is to our mutual economic benefit $.

Foreign Affairs Minister Felipe Perez Roque.

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