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Laws Protecting the Family (Open, Character RP)

Hobson City
29-01-2009, 10:48
Hobson City Mayor Kenny Grey and his ruling Conservative party have proposed a number of laws under a main title of "Laws Protecting the Family"

#1 Homosexual's shall be condemned and homosexualities illegal status is to be re-affirmed

#2 Homosexual's are to lose all job security and employers have the right to sack a worker on the grounds that he is a Homosexual

#3 Homosexual's are banned from ever becoming a parent

#4 Homosexual's are banned from ever becoming married

#5 Bar's that allow homosexual activity is to cease immediatly or face being closed down

#6 Homosexual material e.g Magazines, toys, flags and cloths are to be banned from Hobson City

#7 All homosexual's do not have the right to participate in government e.g referendums and elections

#8 All sex shops are to be closed down


All the laws will be on one slip of paper with a box that will be ticked by the voters if they support it or they tick the NO box if they are against it.
Hobson city has an estimated 1,100,000 gay citizens.
The New laws have enraged the gay community but little unrest has broken out which has been attributed to the disorganization of the Gay movement in Hobson city with no clear leadership and largly dormant in the political arena

It has not only enraged the gay community but a number of heterosexual citizens have taken to the streets mostly protesting against #8 the closing down of sex shops.

The Government is completly split on the issue with the ruling conservative party using all resources possable to get the laws passed which they say is designed to protect decency and morality in Hobson city and most of all to protect our families.

The Liberal party can only protest and debate and no civil rights movement are very organized in Hobson city to mobalize and rally against the rules.

In an early poll it looks like a majority of the laws will pass

Raids on Gay bars have been common in the 80's and 90's and homosexuality is still punishable by a $100 fine and 48 hours in prison.

.................................................................................................... .

Egnacio Gonzales was the Borough President of Inlington which was the most poverty filled district and filled with crime and a disgusting environment. However in recent months Egnacio had managed to improve conditions and the Inlington economy was raising slightly but these new propositions totally shocked him. He was of a hispanic background, single and 46.

He told his collegues that he himself was a homosexual and that they must not vote on these laws however he recieved an unexpected reaction from his own administration. They pressured him to resign.

He was quite popular in Inlington and so when he called for his supporters to appear before the Inlinton town hall people listened and showed up

"I have worked hard all my life, I have done my best for you, the people of Inlington. I have brought Inlington a steady growth and things could improve. I stand here to day to announce my resignation"

Everyone gasped and chatted and Egnacio calmed them down

"The current propositions that are to be voted on next month are disgusting. It is an extreme breach of civil liberties and its basically asking people to vote for discriminatory laws. I can not work with such people. I myself am a Homosexual...." he was interupted by more gasping and chatting from the crowd

"I have been forced to resign and so.. I quite from all my positions and that I only hope people have the sense to vote against the laws put before you. Thankyou" Egnacio left the podium everyone was in extreme shock

(OOC: Feel free to RP government responses to these laws or create a character that lives in Hobson city that can get involved in the civil rights movement. They can be an immigrant from your nation living in Hobson city or just a native of Hobson City. Here is the factbook that might help
29-01-2009, 11:58

This spate of sexually repressive and discriminatory laws in Hobson City is clearly a sign of Catholic influence. We urge the people of that state to vote down these laws and state that such arrogant moralising will not be tolerated. We also urge that the drafters of these laws be tarred and feathered, then driven out of Hobson City.

If such measures are not taken, first you will call for discrimination. Then you will call for removing citizenship. Within a few years calls for death camps for gays will be common and eventually homosexuality will be punished with death like it is in Jew-hating, freedom-hating Nazi Doomanum and other Catholic shitholes.

Senator Melissa K. Romero,
Chair, Anti-Catholic Party of Kahanistan
29-01-2009, 14:13
Official Statement
Department of State
The United States of Philimbesi

As a free and peace loving people The United States of Philimbesi is deeply troubled by the recent proposed laws in Hobson City. We remind them that try as you may you can't legislate against love and intolerance is intolerance no mater how pretty of a moniker you slap on it.

We urge the people of Hobson City to vote in the name of tolerance and love.
29-01-2009, 15:28
The Siloinese government applauds Hobsons Cities efforts to curtail the dangerous trend of homesexuality. Siloin has long had a stance against gay people.


Rothama the Second
29-01-2009, 15:34
OOC: Charecter now!


Benito Axelrod had lived in Hobson City for five years now. He owned a small bakery, and had never troubled anyone. EVER.

But now Hobson City had outlawed homosexuality. This was something that he supported whole heartedly. He had, like all Siloinese people, been taught in the Schools that the Siloinese way of life was the best. And being anti-gay was part of that way of life.
30-01-2009, 00:40
TO: Kenny Grey, Mayor of Hobson City
FROM: The Office of the Holey Dragonian Inquisition

The high priests of our order are pleased with the reports out sleeper agents have given us of your new anti-homosexuality act. It is an affront to Y'noh that his gift of life-in-the-making should be wasted in ways such as this.

We are also pleased with you decision to out law explicit shops as places can only lead to Brisinger burning out ones very soul.

Lastly let us offer our apologies for having sleeper agents in your city in the first place. Rest assured your city is are no special case in the eyes of our inquisition. At least in this regard

At the back of the crowd Egnacio had been addressing a single Dragona shifted as he steped off the podium. She wore the usual dragona armor that all of her kind wear where ever they are, but from her gauntlet a knife had sprung into her hand. This was perhapse the only unuseual thing about her (Dragona are not usualy so outwardly violent).

As Egnacio steped off the podium and the Dragona shifted the knife left her hand and began to slice thrugh the air. Without even waiting to see if it hit or not, the Dragona fled discreatly. She hadn't missed before, why would she now?
30-01-2009, 01:09
Official Communique from the Volzgradien Government

To: Kenny Grey, Mayor of Hobson City
From: Stanislaw Garionowski, Patriot-Colonel of the Royal Patriotic Guards

Under the behalf of our Grand Duke, Kavinkov II, the Volzgradien Government would like to congratulate Mayor Kenny Gray and all members of his administration for passing this most righteous of bills. We in Volzgrad believe that homosexuality is one of the most foul sins, deserving only of contempt and hatred. For this reason, we would like to donate $50 million USD to the Government of Hobson City as a sign of our nation's good will and wholehearted support for your cause. We would also like to propose opening diplomatic and trade relations between our two nations if you are interested.

Encrypted Communique from the RPG

From: Anonymous

If you are interested, we can arrange for approximately 3 squads of "Wervilk" Patriot Guards to put down any social unrest or demonstrations. Volzgrad is legendary for the "efficiency" of its death squads, and we are more then willing to share our expertise with your police force.
Hobson City
30-01-2009, 08:49
(OOC: Ih8uwannakillu you didnt really consult me of your post and I dont really get why any country would go to the trouble to assasinate a gay politician that resigned anyway???)

Message to the Outside world

We would like to thank the supportive countries for thier support in the poposition but are extremly concerned at some countries that hint at suppressing demonstrations. We are a democracy and these laws are not even in place yet. They are just propositions that the people will vote on by the end of next month.

(OOC: this is still open to create any character you want to take part in the civil rights movement in Hobson City)
Hobson City
30-01-2009, 10:36
Frank Oswald was 28 years old, had lived in Hobson City his entire life and worked as an accountant.

He lived in the Carter Island Borough. It was an island east of the city with a population of over 1.6 million.

Tracy was the name of the neighborhood he lived in. The Projects were nearing completion but it was a very flamboyant part of town. 44% of the population were gay according to the last census and posters stuck up around the buildings and small flags on lamp posts clearly showed the orientation of its inhabitants. The Government called it a Homosexual Ghetto while most of the population of Carter Island enjoyed visiting it. it has a nice beach and the people were so liberal, open and friendly.

Frank had dark brown hair quite short, clean shaven except for an emerging moustache which he liked to keep trimmed and quite short.


He was watching TV the events of the Proposition's progress at gaining support and the support of certain foriegn powers. And of the Borough President of Inlington's resignation. When there was a knock at the door

"Frank its Pete, Were all gonna meet at Liams to talk about whats happening and organize action" Frank was just went with Pete who was only 25 and was quite shorter. They went down the elivator of the Apartment block to floor 12 and to Liam's apartment.

"A number of these meetings are going all over Tracy, maybe all over Carter Island or even the city" they went into Liams Apartment.

The Lounge had been cleared and seats were arranged that seated about 20 people. Frank and Pete made there way to the back where there was space. Mrs Presly was an old fat women in her late 60's who's husband had been deceased for 5 years. Her daughter who was 31 and was sitting with her husband and holding her one yearold daughter.

"Straight people here too?" said Frank in suprise

Mrs Presly turned around

"Hey we are totally against these hateful laws. I've lived with you boys and seem many of you grow up from children to brilliant young men" she said. Then her daughter turned around

"I just have to think about my daughter. I want her to have the happiest life ever possable and If she ever turned out gay I wouldnt want some hateful government to make her life a misery. As a mother its my duty to make my daughter happy and also raise her as not a hateful person. I want her to be open minded and accepting"

There were a number of people in the room. Some were foriegn. Homosexual's who left thier native countries for whatever reason and some more local and familiar faces.
30-01-2009, 11:52
(OOC: Ih8uwannakillu you didnt really consult me of your post and I dont really get why any country would go to the trouble to assasinate a gay politician that resigned anyway???)
OOC: I can see where you're coming from here, let me clarify.
The inquisition is just that, an inquisition. It bypasses every power in Ih8uwannakillu exept the emporer. They hate anything that they see as tarnishing the "Ansestak Regipre" and this includes things such as homosexuality.

Sleeper agents are trying to find people in other countrys who are trying to stir up dissent for Ih8uwannakillu and almost always work for the inquisition. They are now trying to stop oposition to the new law you've just passed.

That brings us onto the polatition. Its not the fact he's a polatitian and not nesecerily that he's gay. Its the fact he's oposing what, in the inquisitons eyes, is the correct action.

I don't see how I need to clarify my last post with you. You DID say OOC: Feel free to RP government responses to these laws or create a character that lives in Hobson city that can get involved in the civil rights movement. They can be an immigrant from your nation living in Hobson city or just a native of Hobson City.
And I DIDN'T say that the knife hit the polatitian.
Hobson City
30-01-2009, 12:10
(OOC: ok wait so in theory all your agents could just overthrow a liberal government and that they dont have to follow the laws of the country they live in and they can go around assasinating politicians here and there in foriegn lands? so do these agents just act on thier own initiative cause the politician just came out just as he was resigning? Ok let me just think of something)

Egnacio's body guards tackled Egnacio to the ground while his body guard was stabbed through his arm. More body guards swarmed over Egnacio and hauled him over to his vehicle where it sped off. Police then quickly entered the scene and the message was carried on to the Mayor. people were also panicking in the comotion

TO: The Office of the Holey Dragonian Inquisition
FROM: Kenny Grey, Mayor of Hobson City

It is of grave concern that you believe you can arbitrarily interfere in Hobson City politics, That you are bound by no laws. Well we are a democracy and murder and even attempted murder is a crime in Hobson City. We have notes of the attempt on one of our former borough presidents. Eye witness accounts of a mysterious women in Dragona armour and are now reviewing several civilian video camera's. While we appreciate your support for our proposed laws it is ultimatly up to the people to decide democratically and its shocking to think agents are working around the law in our country. I'm sure nothing more needs to be said except we are mounting a full investigation on the matter and any more disruptions to our democracy and government will lead to travel ban's. Thankyou.

(OOC: now no one else fly a plane into the gay district of carter island or plant bombs in apartments with gay inhabitants or nuke the entire city. I just had a civil rights movement RP in mind)
30-01-2009, 16:46
OOC: no i don't say that, nor do I think that. Like I said, the inquisiton thinks it answers to no one exept the emporer.
Also, like I said, it's not because he's gay that he was targeted, but because he oposed what, in the inquisitons eyes, was a perfectly reasonable law. Clearly Dragona and your people have a different view on the word 'oposition'.

TO: Kenny Grey, Mayor of Hobson City
FROM: The Office of the Holey Dragonian Inquisition

Have you proof that this women was part of our order? Not all Dragona are under our comand, many serve the emporer directly, not thrugh us.

We have apologised for having agents in your city in the first place (as explained it is a nesecery step to warn us of the movements of unbelivers. Be they agressive or otherwise). Know this, we are not some cowardly Shaq'ra who strikes from the shadows. We are the holey inquisition and we would stand in the light of Y'noh while making a formal declairation of hostilities.

As it is, we wish for no agression to exist between our order of the Dragona empire as a whole. Nor do we authorise assainations. You are lacking firm proof that we have attempted any murder, only that A dragona has!
Hobson City
31-01-2009, 08:51
To: The Office of the Holey Dragonian Inquisition
From: Kenny Grey, Mayor of Hobson City

Very well. We will continue our investigations and a search for this rouge Dragona. We can not guarentee that these laws will be passed. As a democracy its ultimatly up to the people and we hope no hostilities exist should these laws fail to pass. Thankyou.

Hobson City
01-02-2009, 08:21
Liam was a tall man and he stood before the group of people seated in the lounge of his apartment.

"Thankyou all who are attending. This meeting is extremly important and we have human rights that this conservative government want to take away from us. A good friend of mine is going to speak to us today. His name is Ryan Price, leader of the LGBT Community of Carter Island" the room applauded and Liam sat down near the front and another man came to stand before the group. He was in his 40's had a beard and was balding

"Yes these meetings are happening everywhere and its important we let everyone know just how oppressive these laws are! We have to fight for our rights. Now is not the time to stay passive or just stay inside and look at events on the TV. We all need to take action to protect ourselves from this horrable government. They have the support of a number of countries and the conservatives party has all the resources at thier disposal to make sure these laws pass. Our group is open to donations from government around the world who will have us fight for freedom. We are organising a demonstration march which will begin at the center of Tracy and make its way through the nieghborhoods of Carter Island. At a later day another march with take place that will take us to the center of Hobson City. A number of businesses in the city have pledged there support and have given us generous donations. most notably the sex stores around Hobson City that too face persecution from the conservative government. Some leaflets will be distributed telling the details of the march, where to meet, what time etc"

Frank was handed a leaflet.

with some more speeches the group disbanded and they all went home. down on the street there was a small demonstration of about 30 people holding banners protesting the new oppressive laws. Similar demonstrations were taking place in Inlington, Olsenburg and in other areas of Carter Island.

01-02-2009, 16:17
Bentio has a bag of posters that he was putting up everywhere in support of the banning of homosexuality. He turned a corner and ran into Liam. His posters went everywhere.
The Battlehawk
01-02-2009, 17:14
TO: Kenny Grey, Mayor of Hobson City
FROM: SecState, ROTB

The Battlehawk is disappointed in the stance you are taking against Homosexuals. We beg you to reconsider your postion.

END Message
Hobson City
03-02-2009, 07:20
Bentio has a bag of posters that he was putting up everywhere in support of the banning of homosexuality. He turned a corner and ran into Liam. His posters went everywhere

Liam on the otherhand was sticking up posters in support for freedom, liberty and civil rights and equality for all when a man turned a corner and stood before Liam with his bag of posters

"What the!? What the fuck" Liam was holding one of Benito's posters which he had ripped down earlier in the course of putting up his own posters

"Why the hell are you putting these bigotted hate messages in our borough! Your straight, I'm gay cant you just live with that and stop messing around in other peoples lives! If you cant stop thinking about the way we have sex then maybe your gay yourself, huh? I am all for freedom of speech and expression but I have to fight with all I have to stop these descriminatory laws from being passed. Please try to understand and be more tolerant, were not criminals" said Liam screwing up the poster he grabbed off the wall earlier