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Factbook for the United Republic (MT: Open for Viewing)

28-01-2009, 02:18
OOC: Please note that this thread is being used for factbook purposes only. Therefore meaning that I will be adding, deleting, redoing, and everything else in the known imagination to tweak Anagonian statistics and governing styles to fit a proper MT context. It will start with only a bit, then finish whenever I get around to it. Thanks.

The United Republic of Anagonia

The United Republic of Anagonia is a functioning Governing Entity comprised of three Sovereign Nations. Nodea Rudav, Drekamythia, and Anagonia officially comprise the United Republic and each is equally represented in a Grand Senate of the Republic. Leadership of the three member nations is entitled firstly to the governing entity of he sovereign nations with the primary functioning leadership headed by the Office of the Chief Governor. The Chief Governor acts as the official Head of State for the United Republic and is responsible for all executive decisions concerning the United Republic. Economic Unity is also shared between the three member nations with a primary economic model created to act as the functioning trading center for the United Republic as a whole. Independently the three member nations maintain a sovereign military that acts in accordance with rules and laws set forth by the Declaration of Unification which is the Constitution for the United Republic. The main military power is officially used by the Armed Forces of the United Republic without regard to any other military presence within the United Republic unless said member nations are outside of the original three member nations.

The Declaration of Unification officially prohibits any member nation from acting in any foreign affair of wartime importance, instead granting this authority to the Armed Forces of the United Republic. Total Population for the United Republic is based upon a moderate number of citizens who have registered to vote with the United Republic, leaving the remainder of the combined population to be split and rightfully placed between the three member nations and their respective voting populace. Military power is further based upon this moderate number of citizens, therefore permitting a sound and acceptable military presence to preserve and protect the Union of Republics. Citizens of the United Republic and its sovereign member nations share an extreme patriotism for the government which serves their interests. With a political landscape open to the citizens of the nation and politicians being paid for the amount of good service they produced based upon the number of citizens they represent, corruption is almost nonexistent according to official records and documents. Administration for the Governing Entity of the United Republic is nonexistent, instead relying upon the same service protocol to determine which programs and institutions better serve the interests of the population rather than granting assumptions on the citizens behalf.

Age of Suffrage is held at eighteen and military admittance into the Armed Forces is held at the same age as Suffrage. Careers in the Political Arena is permitted to last as long as said politicians gain the needed support from the population they represent, ending these careers at the age of sixty two to permit fresh blood into the scene and disallow the continuation of a Politician whose goals do not match the population they represent should they continue their endeavors with wrong intent. Elections for high-ranking governing positions are held every five years while permitting an exception should citizens deem representatives unfit to continue to act on their behalf. The Office of the Chief Governor is held for a term limit of four years, allowing for an unlimited amount of terms but refusing continued term protection after the third term therefore giving the populace a say should the current Chief Governor fail to act in accordance with National and Citizen Interests. Various protections are instituted to ensure that tyranny by majority and minority is not permitted therefore giving an equal landscape for citizen representation.

History of the United Republic
The history of the United Republic started with its formation in Zero After Unification. This time line has been largely debated by historians, though a general consensus agrees it was somewhere around the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. The Formation, symbolized by the Articles of Unification, was a direct result of the previous regional history involving constant war and conflict between various city and nation states. The main contenders to the previous regional dominance was the Imperial Drekamythan Empire, the Republic of Nodea Rudav, and the Kingdom of Anagonia. Following the Formation of the United Republic, governmental changes occurred within the Kingdom of Anagonia that abolished the Monarchy and established a formal Republic. Thereafter, border skirmishes resulted between the two Republics and the Imperial Drekamythian Empire for over two centuries.

Around 200 AU, Civil War broke out between the Republics of Anagonia and Nodea Rudav with the Imperial Empire of Drekamythia. Dubbed the Century Long War, millions of lives were lost in a battle to abolish the Monarchy within Drekamythia. Historians agree that the dispute within the United Senate, the then formal governing body of the United Republic, led to a disagreement concerning the Articles of Unification and eventually to all out Civil War. The formal cause of the first Civil War in Anagonian History is unknown, but the end result was a stalemate that left all three dominant member-nations with a shattered economy and infrastructure. Peace was achieved two years after the unofficial end of the Century Long War, around 302 AU, when Lord Emperor Virgo Agamemnon called together all leaders within the United Republic and worked through cunning diplomacy to form a satisfactory Unification Agreement that continues to govern regional relations to this day.

Following the end of the First Civil War, reconstruction was top priority. The United Republic was in shambles and the governing assembly all but collapsed due to the debacle. With the help of a new-found unity between the three major powers, a new and better governing assembly was chosen and the military was set on a course to become a competitive power within the world. Trade with Foreign Nations was formally engaged under the banner of the United Republic during this period of Peace, setting in motion a series of events that would eventually place the newly rebuilt Union of Republics in it's first challenge of survival. During the periods between 1020 AU and 1100 AU, the United Republic continued on a stable climb in economic and military growth. Following a series of international agreements led by the newly appointed leaders of each member nation, a formal alliance was completed with an Imperium of City-States to the far north. For ten years diplomacy and trade were key to the continued cooperation between the United Republic and the Imperium of City-States, leading to a complacent view of war and struggle. In the Summer of 1112 AU, the Imperium of City-States invaded the United Republic.

This period in the United Republic's History was known as the "Great Struggle". The Imperium of City-States was, and till this day still is, the only Coalition of Nations that has invaded United Republic soil and threatening the very existence of the Great Republic. The Armies of the Imperium surprised the Military of the Republic with a series of battles along the Drekamythian and Nodea Rudavian borders, gaining a foothold in Rudavian territory and streaming along into Anagonia for a series of key victories that established their ruling control. For sixteen years battles raged, the Imperial Drekamythian Empire the only visible sign of resistance. Battle after battle, the member-nations of Anagonia and Nodea Rudav suffered defeat after devastating defeat. Governments collapsing, economies shattering, military power near nothing, surrender seemed to be the only choice. The Imperium then set its sights formally on Drekamythia, whom until this point at been left nearly untouched for a reason lost to history. The Drekamythian War started in the Winter of 1118 AU, continuing on for an entire century as parcel after parcel was lost from the grip of the Imperial Empire. Imperium forces nearing the ancient capital of Imperius, all hope seemed lost. Then in an epic battle against overwhelming odds, Imperial Citizens rallied around an individual claiming to be the God Emperor himself. Against all possible odds, they pushed back the forces of the Imperium beyond Drekamythian Borders.

For another century and a half, Drekamythian soldiers under the command of the God Emperor campaigned against the Imperium Forces within Anagonia and Nodea Rudav. Victories were constant as the forces of the God Emperor pushed back the Imperium from the historic borders of the United Republic and eventually into the heart of the Imperium of City-States. There it is said the God Emperor himself struck the final blow against the Emperor of the Imperium, leaving the lands to burn. Returning Victorious, and not returning the liberated lands, Drekamythia ruled over her newly freed brethren nations until 1425 AU when forces within Anagonia rebelled against Drekamythian Rule. One month later forces within Nodea Rudav supporting the revolution.

This period of War against Drekamythian Rule was known as the "War for Moderation" not only because of the events leading up to the war, but the events that took place after. In 1532 AU, after a successful campaign for Sovereignty from the Imperial Drekamythian Empire was achieved by Nodea Rudav and Anagonia, the United Republic was reborn. A council was convened to determine the best possible course to ensure that no one nation took full control of the Republic as a whole. After lengthy debates, the Grand Senate was officially established along with a Council of Representatives to fairly represent the smaller municipalities and provinces within each nation. Thereafter the Unification Agreement was updated with the ideal to have each member nation's influence take turns in the governing cycle of the United Republic. This governing cycle was to last for one full century, thereafter lending the reigns of regional supremacy to the second nation then eventually the third and last nation. This process of handing off the reigns of power ensured that for the next four hundred years that peace and prosperity reigned within the United Republic.

Fast forwarding to 1912 AU, the member-nation of Nodea Rudav changed its government to a "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics". Thereafter, Civil War broke out between Nodea Rudav and Drekamythia as the two governing ideals competed for survival. Anagonia, left out of the match, decided it was time to stretch its military muscle and intervened in the conflict on both sides. Six years later after the formal surrender of Nodea Rudav to Drekamythia, Anagonian leaders assisted in the recovery of the democratic process. In 1921 AU, the United Republic of Anagonia was formally established as the ruling governing power superseding the hand off of power ordered by the Unification Agreement. With approving votes from both the Imperial Drekamythian Empire and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Nodea Rudav, the United Republic of Anagonia formally joined all three nations into one without compromise and established a fair democratic process for the Citizens of the Nation that founded the ideals of the current United Republic of today.
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Geography of the United Republic

[Reserved for Geographic Description of Anagonia. This shall include detailed descriptions of land types within Anagonia, how the layout of the land looks concerning the Three Main Provinces, important landmarks of interests, and various other detailed descriptions of importance.]

Economy of the United Republic

[Reserved for Economic Description of Anagonia. This shall include detailed analysis of Anagonian Economic Activity with relation to off-site calculators and how they influence in-game statistics.]
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Military of the United Republic

[Reserved for detailed description and overall history of the Anagonian Military. This shall include detailed analysis of the Military and informative descriptions on the formation and numbers of the Military and everything therein. Furthering to include past and present history of Military Conflicts and Affairs with additions of future affairs.]
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Government of the United Republic

[Reserved for description of the Governing Body of Anagonia. This shall include detailed information on the Government, how it works, what it works for and everything included therein concerning the many levels of government. Past and Present History shall be included, along with future possibilities.]

There are four branches: Executive, Congressional, Provisional, and Judicial. The Provisional is mainly directed by the Congressional Branch, wherein the Congressional Branch oversee's the Provinces within Anagonian Control and act as moderator through politic and diplomacy. Executive Powers are limited by the Congressional, though some decisions are absolute concerning the Office of the Chief Governor. The Citizens would be classified as a branch of government due to their overwhelming control over the political process, however they are mainly classified within the Executive branch and its decisions. The Judicial Branch oversees all decisions of each branch and determins the constitutional compliance of each decision to ensure a fair and orderly democratic process.

The United Republic of Anagonia is ruled firstly by the Citizens it was formed to represent. Each decision and mandate must follow closely the Constitution of the United Republic without bypassing any laws or seeking any loopholes without seeking the Citizens Approval. To prevent corruption, all politicians are paid in accordance with their performance record. Taxpayer Denars are given unto politicians whom best preform according to the population they represent, depending on census results cast every six months. This rule of "Pay by Results" is included in every branch of government with the exception of the Judicial Branch, whose pay is fixed.

The Executive Branch of the United Republic contains the Offices of the Chief Governor and Vice-Chief Governor, the Offices of the Chief of Foreign and Internal Affairs and Activities, the Office of the Chief Secretary of the United Republic, the Office of the Chief Treasurer of the United Republic, the Office of the Chief of Commerce and Trade, and the Office of the Chief Officer of the Grand Republic. The Executive Branch is the acting power of the People, used to enact their will and interest upon the United Republic.
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