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Hyrestian Embassy Program (Open, MT).

26-01-2009, 21:30
The Kingdom of Hyrestia.
Queen: Helena I.
Prime Minister: Christina Karamanlis.
1 Royal Avenue.
HT11 4H2.

Article I. The Embassy's Rights.

During the embassy program of Hyrestia, all embassies and its staff are to be granted total diplomatic immunity, except in the case that a Hyrestian subject is killed or seriously injured by the embassy, a member of staff or any of the embassy's possessions. The killing of a Hyrestian will result in a hearing in the Royal Court of Hyrestia, the highest court in the whole of Hyrestia.

Article II. The Maximum Amounts of Staff.

It should be made clear that the maximum of staff is at 45, with the maximum of diplomats (including the ambassador) being 15, the security staff and the custodial staff likewise. An excessive amount of staff in any embassy is unneeded and rather uncalled for, and as a result any embassy which breaks this rule will not be granted. Be aware that Her Majesty's Government will smile upon a country which is using a small amount of staff.

Article III. Weaponry and Vehicles.

On weaponry, it should be clear the limits are strictly at a submachine gun, such as the MP5. Her Majesty's Government feels that too many arms in any embassy might cause security concerns for Hyrestia, so this law is implanted and is subject to no change.

On Vehicles, limits are set at an armoured Land Rover. Armed cars are strictly forbidden due to national security issues.

Embassy Application Form.

Embassy Application Form of the [insert nation type (ex. republic)] of [insert nation name].
Head of State: The leader of your nation.
Head of Government: The head of government of your nation. If your nation does not have an head of government and the head of state fills both roles, please just put your head of state's name here.
Head of Foreign Relations: The head of foreign relations of your nation. If your nation has the head of state/head of government filling this role, please put his/her title here.
Capital City: The capital city of your nation.
Population: The population of your nation.
Citizen Moniker: If people from Hyrestia are called Hryestians, what are people from your nation called?

Ambassador: The name of the representative your nation is sending to Hyrestia.
Ambassador's Family: The family of the ambassador (if any).
Education Needed?: If children are present, please state education is needed.
Total Number of Staff: Adding the number of diplomats, security staff and custodial staff which are stated below, what is the answer?
Total Number of Diplomats: The total number of representatives from your nation.
Total Number of Security Staff: The total number of security staff from your nation.
Total Number of Custodial Staff: The total number of custodial staff from your nation (ex. technicians, cleaners).
Recreation Facilities: State if you wish for your embassy to contain recreation facilities.
Requests for Embassy: Please state any other items you want for your embassy.

Non-Aggression Pact: Simply, would you agree to a NAP with Hyrestia?
Trade: Would your nation like to trade with Hyrestia?