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Campaign Season (MT, ask before joining)

United Gordonopia
26-01-2009, 05:00
"It's an election year again folks, and this time it's for Prime Minister. As you know, our prime ministers can hold up to 3 six year terms. The current Prime Minister, Gordon Smith, is running to get his third. For those of you out there who don't know, Every six years, the prime minister is re-elected, parliament is re-elected every 7. So this year, there's no parliament, although several provincial legislatures are being elected, as well as most city officials.
Anyway, back to the prime minister, most people know that our nation has somewhat of an odd system. Any political party with at least 10 parliamentary seats gets to have a canidate on the prime minister ballet. There are currently 5, the Osteocrats (Smith's party), the Sonicrats, the Kigecrats, the Westians, and the Eastians.
The canidates are: Gordon Smith for the Osteocrats, Lisa Johnson for the Sonicrats, Reagan Emeny for the Kigecrats, Gregory Jack for the Westians, and Connor Jensen for the Eastians.
All of these have their strong areas. Smith has the great advantage in the major cities other then teva. Johnson is strong in Teva, and along the rest of the Southern coast. Emeny is very strong in larger rural areas, Jensen in the smaller ones. Jack is strong in only the northern plains.
All of these canidates have a chance of winning. It's going to be a tough campaign season."

OOC: so you can join as one of the political parties. Basicly, you can control their campaign. I'm playing as the Osteocrats, they are moderate liberals. The Sonicrats are like the Green party. The Kigecrats are Conservatice, the Westians are Extreme conservative, and the Eastians are moderate conservative.
I can give you more info if you ask.
United Gordonopia
27-01-2009, 00:56
North Defese
27-01-2009, 01:45
So right now the Prime Minister is the only goverment your nation has?
Hehe, I smell terrorists!
United Gordonopia
27-01-2009, 03:51
ooc: what, no. He's just the main one up for re-election. Next year is parliament. The high court is more like the supreme court, it's a lifetime job.
27-01-2009, 04:00
Can I join as the the Kigecrats, or the Eastians - whoever's more moderate?
United Gordonopia
27-01-2009, 04:14
eastians are more moderate, would you like to know their statistics?
United Gordonopia
27-01-2009, 04:31
Oh, btw here are some overall statistics and what you start with

Total Voters: 600,000,000
Part Regisration: Osteo. 26%
Soni. 21%
Kige: 17%
East: 14%
West: 12%
Independent: 8%
Other: 2%

Generally, your canidate will need at least 25% of the votes to win, although it could be less, and votes aren't to hared to sway. All of the parties have about a 6% "core" that will vote for their canidate no matter what. The rest, it is possible to move. Each canidate is gonna start with $50,000,000 USD for their campaign and 1,000 volunteers.
Here are the prices for most of the stuff, if there is something else, just ask.
Nationwide TV ad campaign: $10,000,000
Regional TV ad campaign: $1,000,000
Nationwide Radio campaign: $2,000,000
Regional Radio Campaign: $200,000
Fundraiser: gain $100,000 and use up 100 volunteers
Door To Door Campaign: $50,000 and 100 volunteers
Volunteer Recruitment Drive: $10,000 and gain 10 volunteers

So basicly, you use up money or volunteers to get voters, money, or volunteers. It's more effective to do campaigns in places where there are a lot of in betweens, or barely to one side. Here are the regions

Southern Coast: Solid Sonicrat
Southern Plains: Leaning Sonicrat
Mid-South Forests: Leaning Osteo
Gordonopia City: Osteo
Mid-South Coast: Swing Region
Deska: Leaning Osteo
Mid-North Mountains: East
Mid-North Coast: Leaning East
Northern Plains: West
Northern Coast: Kige
North East Forest: Swing between Kige and West

In Gordonopia, all of the regions have 10 representitives, that reflect population, so if one region goes 63% Osteo, then 6 of the representitives vote osteo.

Good luck to everyone who joins