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The Native Protection Pact

United Gordonopia
23-01-2009, 05:40
In response to recent developments by several countries over several nations attempting to annex a small island, populated by several native tribes, we, The Republic of United Gordonopia, have decided to create The Native Protection Pact (TNPP). TNPP shall be a group of nations that agrees to protect and defend the sovereignty of Native Tribes from conquest by outside powers. The pact is as follows.

In recent years, many tribes have been forced into virtual enslavement by the powerful nations of the modern world. We, nations that support the independence of these tribes, agree to the following rules:
1. If a land currently inhabited by a native tribe or other form of native government, is invaded by an outside nation, we shall do everything possible to protect the sovereignty of said tribe.
2. We shall never invade a native tribe. The only exception is if that tribe is actively attacking your nation. Before taking action, you must allow at least one nation in the pact to determine if an invasion is necessary to end said attacks. Then the attacked nation may invade the said tribe, with a force equal or less then two times the size of the tribal army. Once the threat is deemed to be over, the invading army must withdraw from the native tribes land and agree to let them continue their sovereignty.
3. The only way for a native tribe's land to be annexed by a nation of the pact is by popular opinion of the tribe. A vote will be held, run by a nation in the pact that does not wish to annex the tribe so as to prevent "errors". The nation may only annex the tribe if there is a 75% majority in favor of annexation.

Additional rules may be added by the pact


Gordon Smith
Prime Minister
Republic of United Gordonopia
North Defese
23-01-2009, 06:08
North Defese State Department
We were negotiating with the natives for drilling rights, in an abandoned part of the island. We were barely done with the derricks when the island was invaded. We responded by inserting more troops and making a "No Fly Zone"

Threats of nuclear war by our President are, as we say in Defese, total muff.
Our President was misinformed by the Ministry Of War, who forged a fake telogram from another nation which threatened nuclear war.

North Defese is on the island in order to protect her interests, if you do not already know, our nation was devastated by a nuclear civil war, and have run out of land and resources. We now rely on international trade, and would not oppress the Natives of this island.

We came here peacefully, and hope to end this peacefully.
North Defese State Department
United Gordonopia
24-01-2009, 01:25
United Gordonopia
24-01-2009, 23:01
United Dependencies
25-01-2009, 00:30
ooh is there anything fun on that island? Jk jk. What is there of value on this island so I can destroy it and make tons of money-er um I mean protect it.
United Gordonopia
25-01-2009, 00:32
ooc: kinda to late, the attentions turned from the island to one of the invading nations.
United Dependencies
25-01-2009, 00:40
oh well. sei la vi.