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Embassy in the mastedon lands

The Mastedon Lands
21-01-2009, 00:44
The mastedon lands is asking you, to establish an embassy in it's country.
Why??? By establishing an embassy in my country you will recieve military and political support simply by sending a telegram to the mastedon lands. Also we can establish an embassy in your country if asked. The only trade off is that I ask those who get an embassy in my country help the mastedon lands with any international conflicts, not with internal or political conflicts.
If you establish an embassy please fill out the form below (copy and paste)

Official country name:
Political Leader:
Current wars/conflicts:
government type:
Staff (Max: 20):
Security Staff (Max 12)
maintenence Staff (Max. 7)
Security officer's weapons (No explosives):
Land transportation (three vehicles):
Air Transportation (one vehicle):
Sea transportation if at coast (one vehicle):
Location request:
Comments/ notes:

These are the locations:
Mastedon Harbor Dr.- a busy suburban coastal road with constant ship movement
634: the people republic of fatatatututti
638: The Republic of Australiah

Capital Hill Blvd.- a political center with the national capital and a bustling stock market building
8:united socialist states of burtilana
12: The republic of United Gordonopia

National Refuge Rd.- A quiet Road surrounded by butiful forests in a national park
1:the twelve colonies of Augmark

Thank you for reading this form
-B.D. Johnson, ambassador
21-01-2009, 00:50
Official country name: The Twelve Colonies of Augmark
Political Leader: Richard Adar
Ambassador: Kara Hollister
Region: The Joe Montana and Friends
Current wars/conflicts: non
government type: Federal Republic
Staff (Max: 20): 18
Security Staff (Max 12) 6
maintenence Staff (Max. 7) 5
Security officer's weapons (No explosives): Tasers, Glock Pistols
Land transportation (three vehicles): 1 armored limousine, 1 Dodge Charger
Air Transportation (one vehicle): 1 Bell 430 Helicopter
Sea transportation if at coast (one vehicle): none
Location request: 1 National Refuge
Comments/ notes: We hope that a small temple can be built within the Embassy, for religious purposes. We hope that relations will prosper between our two nations.
United Gordonopia
21-01-2009, 00:55
Official country name: The Republic of United Gordonopia
Political Leader: Gordon Smith
Ambassador: Seymor King
Region: Gordonopia
Current wars/conflicts: None
government type:Republic
Staff (Max: 20):20
Security Staff (Max 12): 10
maintenence Staff (Max. 7): 5
Security officer's weapons (No explosives): 5 HCC Sub-Machine Guns, 5 HCD Assault Rifles, 10 SR45 Handguns
Land transportation (three vehicles): 1 Armoured Black Sedan, 2 Unarmed Humvees
Air Transportation (one vehicle): Cessna Citation Columbus
Sea transportation if at coast (one vehicle): None
Location request: Wherever is Convinient for you
Comments/ notes: (ooc: btw, since your a new nation, you should look into building you army, try Gordonopian Arms ;) )
The Mastedon Lands
21-01-2009, 00:58
To: Ambassador, Kara Hollister
Your application for an embassy has been accepted and all security and staff needs will be met. Your location request at 1 national refuge rd. is accepted. And as our country is indeed very religious your request for a temple is also accepted.
- B.D. Johnson, ambassador
The Mastedon Lands
21-01-2009, 01:05
To: Ambassador, Seymor King
Your request for an embassy is accepted and the location will be on 12 capitol hill Blvd. And all security/ personal requests are accepted.
- B.D. Johnson, Ambassador.
P.S. I will talk to our political Leader Gabe S. about the arms company, but don't advertise in your posts to me.
21-01-2009, 01:27
We are interested in opening diplomatic relations. However, our law forbids Fatatatutian troops from setting foot on foreign soil so we would not be able to support you directly in international conflicts. If that is acceptable, we would be happy to exchange ambassadors with you.

The Mastedon Lands
21-01-2009, 01:49
perhaps we could establish embassies in each others countries simply for diplomatic perposes
21-01-2009, 02:07
We will send an emmisary who may or may not become a permanent ambassador.

Official Country Name: The People's Republic of Fatatatutti
Political Leader: Prime Minister Armstrong 'Mickey' Chang
Ambassador: Samantha Smith
Region: Greater Fatatatutti
Current Wars/Conflicts: none
Government Type: Republic
Staff (Max 20): hired locally.
Security Staff (Max 12): none
Maintenence Staff (Max. 7): hired locally.
Security Officer's Weapons (No explosives): none
Land Transportation (three vehicles): hired/purchased locally as needed.
Air Transportation (one vehicle): hired/purchased locally as needed.
Sea Transportation if at coast (one vehicle): hired/purchased locally as needed.
Location Request: Ms. Smith would like a place near the beach.
Comments/Notes: As Ms. Smith is a former intelligence officer, she will handle her own security. Her license-to-kill can be renewed if necessary.

If you wish, you can contact us by telegram or at our regional forum to establish an embassy in Fatatatutti.

Foreign Minister of Fatatatutti
The Mastedon Lands
21-01-2009, 02:13
Your request for an embassy in the mastedon lands is accepted and the location will be on 634 mastedon harbor Dr. near the beach. Your license to kill is acceptable in the mastedon lands, but it may only be used in the case of an invasion, assasination attempt, or other crises in the embassy. The only question I have is concerning the vehicles and staff. Would you like the vehicles/ staff to be federal employees and governments or from private agencies and companies?
- B.D. Johnson, ambassador
21-01-2009, 02:38
Our policy is to purchase supplies and equpment locally and to hire staff locally to support the local economy and to establish a rapport with the local people. We don't want to inundate you with a lot of Fatatatutians, since Ms. Smith may seem like an invasion of one already. We will leave it all to free enterprise, if that's acceptable to you.

Foreign Minister of Fatatatutti
The Mastedon Lands
21-01-2009, 03:49
If it is okay with you the maintenence crew will be a local crew that is often hired for these kinds of jobs. Also your embassy staff can be a collection of people hired through interviews. Your vehicles will be provided by funding of the local mammoth foundation, a small multi-deck speed boat and private jet, with a staff car and mini van.
Of course none of this will happen without your approval.
-B.D. Johnson, ambassador
21-01-2009, 04:08
Thank you for your assistance but Ms. Smith will make her own arrangements as needed.

Foreign Ministry of Fatatatutti
The Mastedon Lands
21-01-2009, 04:31
21-01-2009, 07:23
Official country name: The Republic of Australiah
Political Leader: Daniel Whelm
Ambassador: Andrew McDonald
Region: AAHZ
Current wars/conflicts: None
government type: Democracy
Staff (Max: 20):20
Security Staff (Max 12):12
maintenence Staff (Max. 7):7
Security officer's weapons (No explosives): FN F2000 Tactical
Land transportation (three vehicles): 3 Armoured red Sedans
Air Transportation (one vehicle):
Sea transportation if at coast (one vehicle):
Location request: Mastedon Harbor Dr. 638
Comments/ notes: Make an embassy in australiah?
The Mastedon Lands
22-01-2009, 00:04
The Mastedon Lands
22-01-2009, 00:08
Your request for an embassy in the mastedon lands has been accepted, the location will be on 638 mastedon harbor Dr. All staff, security, and transportation needs will be met. But what forum/page should I go to, to establish an embassy in your country?
-B.D. Johnson, ambassador
22-01-2009, 01:30
Official country name: United Socialist States of Burtilana
Political Leader: President Vladimir Burte
Ambassador: Kyle Clarke
Region: South Pacific
Current wars/conflicts: None
government type: Trotskyist
Staff (Max: 20): 9
Security Staff (Max 12) 6
maintenence Staff (Max. 7) 3
Security officer's weapons (No explosives): Glock 29s and 27s
Land transportation (three vehicles): 3 Black armoured Land Rover Defenders
Air Transportation (one vehicle):
Sea transportation if at coast (one vehicle):
Location request: anywhere
Comments/ notes: Please have a crate of vodka waiting for the staff. We also extend an invite to open an embassy with us.
The Mastedon Lands
22-01-2009, 01:32
The Mastedon Lands
22-01-2009, 01:38
Burtilana, your request for an embassy in the mastedon lands has been accepted, your location will be on 8 capitol hill Blvd. All transportation and staff needs are accepted, the vodka crate is waiting for you.
-B.D. Johnson, ambassador
Console do Anjo
22-01-2009, 01:44
Official country name: The Divine Dictatorship of Console do Anjo
Political Leader: Rosalina S.
Ambassador: Aa Mak
Region: Soviet Confederation
Current wars/conflicts: none
government type: dictatorship
Staff (Max: 20): 5
Security Staff (Max 12): 3
maintenence Staff (Max. 7): 2
Security officer's weapons (No explosives): small side arms
Land transportation (three vehicles): none
Air Transportation (one vehicle): none
Sea transportation if at coast (one vehicle): small boat
Location request: Mastedon Harbo
Comments/ notes:
22-01-2009, 03:47
Official country name: The Dictatorship Of Macgruber
Political Leader: Macgruber
Ambassador: General Brent
Region: The Region Of Terror
Current wars/conflicts: None currently
government type: Dictatorship
Staff : 20
Security Staff : 10
maintenance Staff: 7
Security officer's weapons : MP5 sub machine guns
Land transportation : 3 armored SUVs
Air Transportation : Chinook
Sea transportation if at coast : None
Location request: Capital Hill Blvd 20
Comments/ notes: The Nation Of Macgruber would like to start friendly relations between both countries.
The Mastedon Lands
22-01-2009, 03:48
To:Console Do Anjo,
Your request for an embassy in the mastedon lands has been accepted, your location will be on 641 mastedon harbor Dr. All security, staff, and transportation needs are approved.
-B.D. Johnson, ambassador
The Mastedon Lands
22-01-2009, 03:49
27-01-2009, 06:43
To: whom it may concern
From: Samantha Smith, Fatatatutian Ambassador

This is a copy of a letter that I have sent to my government:

No doubt you have seen reports in the news about recent events in the Mastedon Lands. Here is my assessment of the situation:

The leaders of the Mastedon Lands are clearly more interested in playing cowboy than in running an effective government. Their campaign of conquest was an exercise in futility, riddled from beginning to end with incompetence, both political and military. Their idea of an operation is scurrying to and fro shooting anything that moves with no regard whatsoever for military objectives. The lowliest corporal in the Fatatatutian Militia could have run a more fruitful campaign.

The handling of the nero virus outbreak is a similar fiasco. All the information I have confirms that medical facilities are treating the disease successfully, despite the shortage of supplies and the panic of the government. While they are describing anarchy in the streets, I'm seeing a city quietly going about its business.

Since the government of the Mastedon Lands is clearly more interested in being a drama queen than in being a world citizen, I see no future for diplomacy here. Therefore, I am resigning my position, effective immediately.

I await your further instructions.

-- Samantha Smith, Acting Ambassador to the Mastedon Lands

This is their reply:

We concur. Come home.

-- Foreign Minister of Fatatatutti

On behalf of the people of Fatatatutti, I wish the people of the Mastedon Lands well. We will continue to provide humanitarian aid wherever we can.

27-01-2009, 07:16
ooc: I do have some interest in establishing contacts with your nation, though I haven't really got my nation to the point through RP where i feel it wise to be spending money to send diplomats around the world. So if you have any interest the thread A New Day is open and where I'm working on my nation. And also here is a link for it.