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Principality of Freidlichen Factbook (MT)

16-01-2009, 21:28

"Frieden, Wohlstand und Freiheit"

The Principality of Freidlichen
Das F├╝rstentum Freidlichen

Style of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: Crown Prince Erich Krause von Freidlichen XXI
Head of Government: Prime Minister Sophie Metzger
Capital: Altenberg
Currency: Bundesmark
Population: 8,542,102 (fixed)


Freidlichen is completely covered in mountains, with the exception of a central plateau where the majority of the population is concentrated. The remainder of the population live in cities located in the many alpine valleys within Freidlichen’s mountain ranges or in villages in the mountain ranges themselves. Because cities are separated by nearly impassable mountains, rail transport is extremely important to Freidlich, with more than ten thousand kilometers of railroads crisscrossing the breadth of the countryside.

Freidlichen is a landlocked nation, though there are dozens of large lakes and hundreds of smaller ones, many connected to each other via river. These rivers connect the nation in ways man-made transit lines cannot, and as they cut directly through mountain ranges, almost every major city is built on one.

To the north of the nation lie the Freiheit Mountains, the largest mountain range in Freidlichen. Peaks there are known to top 7,000 meters, making it both a popular tourist destination and a strategically defensible fallback position. To the south lies the Hellebarde mountain range, slightly smaller, but still substantially large by comparison. Both ranges serve as the origin for countless rivers which flow into the central plateau.

The middle of the nation is covered in rolling hills and forms a basin between the Freiheit and Hellebarde mountain ranges. Pockets of forests dot the plateau, mainly beech or spruce trees, and the plateau is the endpoint for many of Freidlichen’s rivers.

Government and Administration

Though technically a monarchial state (a Principality) ruled by the Crown Prince, the majority of day-to-day functions in Freidlichen are preformed by the Prime Minister and the elected assembly. Interestingly enough, because of the governmental policy of interfering in the lives of the public as little as possible, the Crown Prince actually does more for the government in a single day than the Prime Minister does.

The Imperial Palace is located in Altenberg, the capital city of Freidlichen located on the central plateau. From this ancient building, the royal family and Crown Prince attends to matters of state and plans lavish events for members of the nobility.

Taxes are extremely low, with tax revenues mainly going towards healthcare, education, and social programs. Because of its policy of neutrality, Freidlichen is the home for a number of international and humanitarian agencies, and frequently hosts summits and peace conferences.


Freidlichen has only one official language—German, but English is widely understood, if not frequently spoken. The majority of residents can trace their heritage back to Germany, or at least Western Europe, though there is a sizable minority of Eastern European immigrants, mainly from Poland and Lithuania.

Citizens are allowed to worship freely, and marry whomever they choose, regardless of race, sex, or religion. Freidlichen is often described as a beacon of liberalism, and the government tolerates most any decisions made by the individual so long as they do not infringe on the rights of another citizen.


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Foreign Affairs

Freidlichen is one hundred percent neutral, having never fought in a major war in its entire history. It tolerates nations of any type, so long as they do not overtly threaten the rights of other nations or their citizens without good reason. Freidlichen currently maintains at least cordial relations with every nation, and considers itself pacifist and for the most part, isolationist in foreign affairs.

Foreign nationals are generally allowed to visit Freidlichen with nothing more than a driver's license or similar photo ID, though they are extensively searched for weapons or deadly contraband before entering the nation--Freidlichen is a gun-free society, save for the military.

The Military Spending Act of 1987 cut the military budget by one half and eliminated conscription entirely, bringing the total strength of the Federal Army to about 140,000 reserve soldiers. The military has no power-projection capability, and the only strategies currently taught at the Altenberg Military Academy are defensive in nature, aimed at protecting the nation from hostile threats (the government of Freidlichen works extremely hard to ensure that there are no hostile nations to begin with).