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Terrorists meet Terrorist Vs spy [IC]

Hurtful Thoughts
01-11-2008, 23:02
First few lines are links to speed-up backstory and reduce post-size.
Map (
The People's Democratic Republic of Chitzeland (
Pelsgord Barracks ( Alexandria Sheppard's dorm (

The room was typical of the reconstruction era, grey, unpainted, and undecorated save for a picture of her family when she was seven, a small cross, and a candle. A chair, desk, bed, laptop, cell phone, a suitcase and coat-hook loaded down with her shoulder holster rounded out the main room's bland interior.

Alexandria never really had the opprotunity to stay here much. She usually lived from an equally cramped and quarters or the spartan accomodations of a tent, if even that. It was a small luxury she seldom had time to enjoy, as her services had been in steep demand.

A phone call, like any other, also requested her services; but it had another incentive, revenge. Revenge against those that wronged her many years ago, revenge against those she has held responsiable for her family's untimely demise.

But first, she had to get out of the country. Which under normal situations would be simple enough, though not exactly easy due to strict regulation of the people. This "easy way" presumably went out the window about five minutes ago, when she started hearing hurried footsteps in the hallway.

Room clearing, they know.

The Central Hurtian Intellegence Agency's goon squad, derrogatively reffered to as "chia pets" due to their not-too recently shaven heads and overall dispossition, were closing in.

She lodged the chair in the door.

*Thud* *Thud* *Thud*

Pounding on the door, not long now..
*BooM* *Crack* *Thud* Thud*

A breaching shotgun just blew the latch off the door, though it couldn't be swung in. They'd have to blow the hinges and pull the door off... She grabbed her gun and suitcase...

*Snikt-snikt* *Boom* *snikt-snikt* *Boom* snikt-snikt* *Boom* *Crack*

Rather than wait for the team to pull off the door, she decided to kick it down, catching the team still securing their shotgun and transitioning for the assault, barely even pulling the pins from their flashbangs. She swings the case at the nearest flashbang, sendinging it across the hall, and retreat back inside.

*Pehw* "My eyes!"

The desired resault achieved, and with the 1st assault team disabled, dispatching them was simple enough with her boot-knife.

She then picked up a nearby longarm, an entry gun, and decided to wire a trap for team two, allowing her enough distraction to escape.

It didn't take long for backup to arrive after they lost contact, although they didn't blunder into the blast, it forced them to stop, look around, defuse, enter, while also splitting up the group on the time-consuming room-to-room clear rather than team one's snatch-and-grab.

Now was the time, some new clothes, excellent training, and a forged identification stating her name as "Alexi Montoya" saw to it that a grateful "hostage" had been rescued from an otherwise epic military blunder.

Though she had to ditch the suitcase. She still had all that mattered to her now, her family, her cross, her gun, and her new life.

And that was the easy part, now she had to trek all the way to Automati without a car (as they were banned, aside from those with government waivers).
Hurtful Thoughts
01-11-2008, 23:10
OOC: List of teh people who signed up (

Name: Agent Max
Gender: male
Race: hispanic
Age: 35
Ethnicity: americano
Position to be played: agent
Short Bio: Agent Maximilliano Navarro Montego or Agent Max as he is known by his countrymen is a childhood friend of the present leader/spokesperson Comandante Marcos of Socialist Americana. He is obliged to investigate all international incidents, namely any dealing with terrorism and/or foreign threat. Agent Max has a high position within the Agency of Foreign Affairs, however, the Socialist Americana laws provide that no single man may be treated differently by any other due to rank or title.
Name: Anderson.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Age: Believed to be somewhere between 15 and 18.
Ethnicity: White.
Position to be played: Out for himself, role to be determined.
Short Bio: Ex-military, Anderson specializes in short range to hand-to-hand attack and demolition/explosives. MO is the up close kill. Is trained with rifles, shotguns and pistols, also rocket launchers and other anti-tank weapons, but prefers unconventional weapons such as swords. Is trained in the backsword and buckler. Has the uncanny ability to blend into a crowd, which is not supernatural, only unusual. Anderson does not posses citizenship in any country but Steelios. While he has no actual national allegiance, generally refuses to kill other Steeliosians.

Name: Codename Badass Mofo (Real Name (Classified)): Asok Kumar Chattopadhay
Gender: Male
Race: Niraamayan
Age: 59
Ethnicity: Migratory/IND
Position to be played: Niraamaya Security Force (NSF)
Short Bio: Father of the President of Niraamaya, he took up the job of an NSF agent fairly young, when he was 21. He quickly went up the ranks once he joined and is now the leader of the NSF.

I'll be an agent:

Name: "Nighthawk" (Real name Classified)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 39
Ethnicity: Fictin
Position to be played: Specials Agent (Specials are an elite but small branch of the Fictions army. They also deal in anti-terrorism)
Short Bio: Classified

Terrorists and other baddies:
I'll just submit a char for teh terrorists, and let Kingarmy decide whether or not to accept my appication (pending resualts).

Name: Alexandria Sheppard Alibi: "Alexi Montoya"
Gender: Female
Race: White/Hispanic Mestizo
Nationality: Chitzi (
Age: ~19
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 130 pounds
Religion: Devout Christian Zealot
Position to be played: Terrorist/Rogue agent/Defector
Short Bio: See note (, undergone extensive reconstructive surgery, and a tan.
Attempting to defect to friendly terrorist cell.

Name: Rabidus Umbra (real name unkown)
Gender: Male
Skin Color: Pale white (living in darkness for too long sort of skin)
Nationality: Unkown
Height: 6 feet
Eye color: brown
Age: unkown
Description: Terrorist
Rabidus Umbra, was a member of the Angelus of Nex, a terrorist organization that devestated the Devious Tyrant region under the leadership of the late Perosus Unus, a 100 year old wheel chair bound mastermind. After his death, the organization was pretty much annhilated after his death in an all out war against the governments. However Rabidus Umbra and a small faction had survivied. It is rumored he has several test tubes of the infamous Plauge 11 virus and its cure, which he is planning to sell to the other terrorist leaders. Not much is really known about him, though he has oddities about him. He wears a black coat that covers his entire body, always carries an M3 shotgun and Mac 10, and always wears a gasmask

Name: Borislav Nepushki
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 35
Ethnicity:Russian section of The Northern Baltic
Position to be played: Dealer
Short Bio: Borislav joined the logistics command of the Baltic Military. He was corrupted by an obsession with money. When the Mafia was kicked out of The Norther Baltic, he followed their exodus to New Haven and has joined their ranks. His preferred weapon is a shortened Ak-47. He also enjoys extreme firepower.

Name: Bobbi Parker (
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Age: 37
Ethnicity: Crystallinian
Position to be played: Terrorist
Short Bio: Leader of a band of militant communists, Bobbi used to be in the Crystallinian Army before she got discharged the reason given was that they felt she was "unsuitable for army life" which is a way of saying she can't follow orders and gets over enthusiastic With the weapons. Her favorite weapon: anything that explodes, failing that an AK-47 will do.

Name: Borish the Borat
Gender: Male
Race: Arab
Nationality: Imperial (It's the nationnality of Kingarmy)
Age: 42
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 147 pounds
Religion: Muslim/Jewish
Position to be played: Terrorist/fugitive
Short Bio: Long story short. Politician in Empire parliment. Corrupt, made a lot of dough, got arrested and deported to ViZion when revolution hapenned, then escaped somehow. Use to also be former Intelligence officer.

I'll just post the leader's name but all their equipment (or at least the major parts) okay?

Name: Markos Barta.
Gender: Male.
Race: Hungarian/Russian.
Nationality: The Republic of Ursava.
Height: 6' 1".
Weight: 118 pounds.
Religion: Athiest. Other members of the team have their own beliefs though.
Position to be Played: A counter-insurgence team of Black Guards.
Weapons and Equipment if Team:

4x Steyr assault rifles.
1x Steyr assault rifle/40mm grenade launcher.
1x Steyr machine gun.
6x Beretta 9mm/detachable silencers.
6x Combat tomahawks.
6x Combat knives.
Several grenades of several types.

*Note:* This list does not include clothing and the like.

Short Bio: (If you don't mind, if this does come in to play I'd like it to develop in-story if that's alright.)
Hurtful Thoughts
01-11-2008, 23:32
CHIA HQ, New Roanoke Island Naval base
The director was most pleased to hear of Alexandria's successful escape.

Due to being one of the primary orchestrators of the recent events unfolding, he set stage two in motion, by informing the Holy Empire of Kingarmy that an agent has gone rogue -possibly intending to cause harm to their leader, Kingarmy-, and that they'd like for her to be captured and returned -alive prefferably-, but due to her unwaivering familiarity with their own agents, they could not successfully track her.

They then suggested that sir Kingarmy could form an ad hoc unit of agents to track down and capture her.

As help, the director informed Kingarmy on Alexandria's last know residence.
02-11-2008, 02:01
180 copper pennies worth of time from midnight, Imperial Palace. (3.a.m time is money here!)

"we'll see what we can do. ye- yes, and no we don't sell adult content to minors. We'll call back later."

"So what did he say?!"

"Urmmhh.. The Peoples Republic of Hurtful Thoughts would like us to help in tracking a defector, who happens to be somewhere in the empire. They also inform that you're in grave danger."

"Right, I was in grave danger for the last 33 years. Anyway go on."

"The only information we have on her is that the last place she was sighted was at her house in Chitzeland and that she took down two whole swat squads with nothing but a combat knife and a suitcase."

"I see..."

"By the way, your green tea is ready"

Meanwhile Avinghon Beach

Borish walked on the gritty sandulous dunes of Avinghon Beach. He could hear the sirens of cherrypickers and forklifters deboarding cargo from the dock. He used to live in one of those boxes... Besides that there was many hot chicks on the shore and they were all being woo'd by this big bozo hagay.

"So this pimp thinks he can have all the fun for himself eh..." Borish thougt "I better tell him who's Don around here.

"Hey Butface get your pimpled german ass down here! (no offense to germans)"

"What you want!"

"Don't talk to me like that! Show some respect!"


"Yeah, or I'm gonna feed you to the llamas."

"Ahaha, little guy feed me to llamas?, Hanz finds this funny."

"You know what?! You stupid imcompetent moron, Take this as a gift"

"Gi- Arggghhhh!"

But before Hanz could finish his words, Borish stabbed him in the heart with his m9; precisely the one he used to kill Kingarmy's brother in-law and his son Joseph. He also cut his testicles out to keep it as a trophy. Borish was one mean sadistic person.

"Can't chat ladies, the cops will be here soon, see you sometime!"

And with that Borish made a run for pier 4.
03-11-2008, 00:09
OOC: Like i said on the ooc thread i'm assuming we say their lives until they meet.

Location: A small building on a mountain on the Island of Una (see factbook)
Bobbi sat at a small desk studying a floor plan of a building, target the capitalist heart of the country that was her goal. Hard but possible.The radio transceiver that was also on the desk crackled. Someone was calling.
"Is this Bobbi?" It's me, Carter"
"What is it?"
"there are some, uh, setbacks, Vic's been caught trying to plant the bomb"
"Shit, thats bad, I knew i should have had someone else do it"
"What should I do?"
"Get the others together, we'll all discuss it later, meet at the usual place at say 3 O'clock tomorrow, think you can do that?"
"I'm on it"
With that the radio went quiet, Bobbi stared at the floor plan, then, frustrated, she scrunched it into a tight ball and threw it against the wall.
Hurtful Thoughts
03-11-2008, 03:48
New Roanoke Island, People's Republic Of Hurtful Thoughts.
The Director hung up the phone, sighed, and smiled...

"Kingarmy shall refuse to do anything, so that leaves us to form a unit, get me a list of applicants..."

*An aide then produces a list of dossiers, the director quickly glances through*

"I see some information is missing on a few of these people. Call them up, ask if they'd be interested in tracking down a multi-million dollar weapon that has been stolen from our armories."

The aide promptly agreed and saluted, whilst taking the dossier with his free hand, then about-faced and marched out of the room.

The director then went to the intercom, and informed another agent to arrest the aid after delivering the message. He was a good aide, too good...

*I hope it's alright if the agents are called-up either directly or through the proper channels, and that the messages say what is needed to get them involved.
03-11-2008, 23:08
Markos Barta rubbed the bridge of his nose in exhaustion as he slowly came thudding in to his squad's barracks. They had recently been out training in the mountains for conter-terrorist insurtions in to extreme weather environments, PWI as command called it: Poor Weather Insertion. It was an exhausting practice but Markos made sure that at any time the nine other operatives of his team were always ready for any situation that might come to Ursava's attention.

The break-room wasn't much but as Markos sat down on the old blue couch he felt utterly relaxed in his combat gear. He only bothered to set his Steyr down near his feet as everybody else slowly piled in. Some of them played pool, a few others played darts, and the others sat on the couch or the recliners by it in order to watch the T.V. As Markos turned it on he was greeted with the UN3 news channel. He and his other men watched, waiting for the segment on major global happening to come up. That segment covered just about everything major that countries would let out in to the world from bomb threats to leaders being pregnant.
03-11-2008, 23:41
Yuri awoke in a damp project apartment in the slums of some unknown city. He did not know how he got there, but he most certainly knew why he was there. staggering to stand, due to the effects from the drugs;he began to prepare for his mission,An assassination. His target: a politician proven of corruption (or digging to deep for his own good, Yuri Thought) He pulled a briefcase from under the bed. Inside was his Jericho 941, loaded, and ready to go, along with his UTG Tactical Shoulder Holster. In minutes Yuri left the apartment and began his trek towards his objective...

Several hours later, He jumped on bus 7. "another clean and secure kill" he whispered to himself with a half smile on his face.
04-11-2008, 00:05
The A.M.A.P.P.M.I. building was a large one, 14 stories to be precise, not counting the roof. It was on the 7th floor, in a large, darkened room filled with impressive looking computers that all electronic mail entering and leaving the country passed through. Laura Marling sat at her desk bored, watching the endless data flickering on her screen, occasionally she'd take a sip of coffee and glance around at the others. Nothing interesting had happened on her screen, there had been one RedWord alert an hour ago, but that had turned out to be a false hit. She leaned back on her chair thankful that there was only another fifteen minutes until her break. It was while she was staring at the ceiling, daydreaming about being on a beach somewhere when the shrill sound of a RedWord alert sounded in her earpiece, Snapping out of her trance she stared at the screen, highlighted in red was the name of one incoming message, probably another false hit she thought. she clicked on it and the full message appeared on her screen, much to her surprise it came in two parts from two different locations.

TO: Who It May Concern
FROM: The Throne of Kingarmy

The Holy Empire of Kingarmy requests and tracking down a terrorist by the name of Borish. You will receive a briefing once you arrive in Avonghon port; we don't currently have an airport.

TO: Fictions Anti-Terrorism
FROM: The Director, C.H.I.A.

We are requesting help from various narions in the tracking down of a known terrorist; one “Borish” we believe he has knowledge of some weapon system.

Not a false hit, but an official message, two official messages both asking the same thing, because A.M.A.P.P.M.I. is not allowed to alter government documents made this out of her league. Laura forwarded it to the Ministry of Defence, they would take care of it - terrorism is right up their street.


Jane Hill, Head secretary in the ministry of defence was just finishing typing up a report when the message arrived, reading the e-mail she picked up the phone and dialled a number
“Hello, this is Jane Hill, is Mr. Linklater there?........alright I'll hold...............Hello, Mr. Linklater?......yes i just received a message requesting assistance in a matter of terrorism.......yes I'll forward it to you immediately”


Alfred Linklater, code-name “Alpha” read the message
“what do you think?” he addressed a man known simply as “Phoenix”
“Could be something sir”
“Yes but does it involve us”
Phoenix thought for a moment the, speaking slowly he said
“This Borish person sounds like he could be dangerous sir, and what if this weapons system is some sort of WMD, we cannot risk this, maybe even the fact they asked us implies we may be a Future target”
“Good point, send... send Nighthawk to deal with this, if the need arises, he can call for backup, but for now, just send him”
04-11-2008, 00:13
Borish was sprinting towards's the docked CG41 Imperial Dolphin Class Frigate. He paused for a second and made the mistake of darting o the other side to get the police of his tail. Meanwhile, the ship undocked and started sailing. At the last instant, Borish grabbed onto a chain on the stern gunwhale and climbed up. The untrainned and underequipped cops took potshots, and one officer shotgun blasted one of the rear lights.

"Heh heh heh... They still forgot to revoke that bill I passed for diverting police money to fix theese ships.

Borish got his knife out and immediately went in a CQ stance. He flattend against a nearby wall. He targetted a junior seamate and approched him. The new recruit was instantly decapitated and relieved of his ballsack. Another mate was close enough to hear his muffled scream but it was a matter of seconds before he too, had his sack removed.

He put on thier uniforms and took thier colt .45s. As for IDs he took thier cards and plastered his picture with saliva. He then proceded the staircase leading to the deck. From there he IDd himself through the various scanners and reached the arms depot via the main kitchen. He procured a MP5 and a silenced StoneFire. Finished with that he then finally made it too the main HQ. He quickly silenced the two guards that were on duty and bursted in the central command center

"Me, Don Borish, will kill this shithead here and blow up the vessel if my demands are not met." He said holding up a radarman.

"I want this ship manuvered too the Moala Islands in Fiji, don't fuckin ask why!!!"
04-11-2008, 00:20
OOC: Would Borish doing that get on the news quickly? If so, the moment he touches international waters or the country he's in gives permission he's going to have Black Guard swarming on to that ship. Just thinking of a way for me to get involved.
Zainzibar Land
04-11-2008, 00:53
Rabidus Umbra was not having a good day. The meeting point had been overrun by agents. And if the briefcase he had was damaged, everything his plans would crumble. He quickly planned a new meeting for the exchange. He returned to his car with his men, who had killed several agents who tried to stop them. The wraith unit was angry that Perosus Unus was dead, and they were taking it out on any fool who crossed them.
04-11-2008, 01:14
Location: A room in an apartment complex in Fida, on the Island Una.
A group of around twenty people sat at a large table in the middle of the room, Bobbi stood up and addressed them
"alrighty, is everyone here? good, good, 'kay, you all know why were here"
"Cos Vic screwed up the operation" piped up a boy who looked barley 16
Bobbi looked at him "Well, yes that's part of the reason, another part is this" she laid a photograph on the table, it was quite blurry but what they could make out looked like some sort of missile "this my friends, could be the answer to all our problems, if we can get our hands on something like this, we can fire it from a mountain base and avoid any more 'screw ups' like Vic's"
someone leaned closer to the photo "these are very expensive, our army can't afford them, you know how incompetent they are. so we cant steal one from there. And buying one from another country... well, that will be very tricky..."
Bobbi smiled "which is why I called you all here today, we are going to discuss how we can get our hands on such a weapon"
04-11-2008, 01:38
OOC: Would Borish doing that get on the news quickly? If so, the moment he touches international waters or the country he's in gives permission he's going to have Black Guard swarming on to that ship. Just thinking of a way for me to get involved.

OOC: Let's say that the Empire decided to hide the incident to avoid embarassment. Btw ooc threads only when a ic post.
Zainzibar Land
04-11-2008, 01:56
Rabidus Umbra was driving when his cell phone rang. He picked it up and asked,"Yes?"
"I think I have some nuts willing to make a transaction." "Really now?" "A one Bobbie Parker and her band of merry men." "Are they willing to buy?" "With fanatics like them? Snowballs chance in hell to not make a deal." "Fine, see if you can arrange something." He then hung up.
Socialist Americana
04-11-2008, 05:29
Location: StreetSide Cafe at the corner of Revolution and Realidad, State Capitol of Real in Socialist Americana. 6:45 pm.

A thin, lightly tanned skinned, tall gentleman siting in front of a laptop sits alone in the middle of the cafe. He is wearing a brown hoody and khakis. There is a slight buzz in the air, with a collegiate sports clip airing on one side of the cafe, in the fan lounge, and a philosophical debate airing in the main room on another screen, its hard to tell what most are buzzing about. A medium brown Hispanic man enters the room after a hard days work, he looks around and catches a minute to the debate, before turning to the cafe menu. He places in his order under the name Max. Once done, he turns, seeing the gentleman in a brown hoody, he takes a seat across from him.

Max: Haven't seen you in a while, Comandante.

Marcos: Please, you've known me since we were in diapers, skip the formalities and leave it to those who wish to coax me into something I don't see beneficial... Is that what you aim to do?

Max: No, not I. There is a reason I am in Law Enforcement and not politics.

Marcos: I thought so.

Another gentleman interrupts

Gentleman: Excuse me, Comandante Marcos, I just want to say this is my 1st time visiting our lovely capitol of Real, and I literally just got off the transport and came to the very 1st cafe I saw for a quick drink, and I run into our Republics leader. I just had to say how honored I am to see you sitting here amongst everyone else.

Marcos: Thank you kind sir. I am but a mouthpiece for our great people. Is there anything you wish to speak of at this time?

Gentleman: No sir. I simply admire our leadership now more than ever, and even more so your humbleness. Thank you for what you do.

Marcos: You're very welcome sir. Gentleman departs for the counter, a barista comes over

Barista: Here you are, order for Max.

Max: Thank you. You know Marcos that man had a point just now.

Marcos: In what regard?

Max: You are out here amongst everyone. Not everyone is good like the vision we had.

Marcos: Its not the fact that people are inherently good or not. That has nothing to do with it. Its the fact that people want leaders like them. They will rally behind individuals such as them more than the will a face on a TV screen. Are these people going to back a side on this philosophical debate here on TV? Are they going to take those opinions on the TV for what they are? Or are they going to sit here and talk about those topics and formulate here own opinion? And if so would I not be better serving sitting here in this cafe then there on the TV?

Max: You cant talk to everyone individually. You might reach a wider audience on tv.

Marcos: When I am on TV, they will see me as more of a neighbor and less as a faceless leader. A fine balance between the two will help, and thats when the media comes into play.

Max: You have a point. Like I said, you are in leadership, and I in law enforcement. I miss are weekly meeting nonetheless. Pity it's only monthly now. Yet I feel like I see you more than my own family.

Marcos: Are duty is to all, and our families will see us just as much when we are fulfilling our duties.

Max: True. (pointing to the laptop) Anything of interest or just entertainment?

Marcos: Actually, I came across something that has disturbed me.

Max: I had to ask... Entertainment is no longer in your vocabulary is it?

Marcos: Negative, how do you feel about international relations??

Max: We aren't going to be a police state now are we?

Marcos: That's not what in had in mind. However, I do feel like we could offer our assistance in a certain situation taking place overseas right now.

Max: Hmm... Do you mean the great war in the Adriatic at current?

Marcos: No. We have no place in land disputes not bordering our own. I am referring to a alleged terrorist threat, it is an international affair, currently the hot spot is Kingarmy. Also involves Chitzeland.

Max: Alleged? You don't sound convinced. Kingarmy & Chitzeland? Thats a world away? We are a long ways away. at least a 15 hour flight.

Marcos: 17 actually. There are two reasons terrorist cells form. One is out of fear for something, the other is in spite of, because of opposing views. Distance does not matter. Oppression or terrorism should not be tolerated in any way in this day and age. Haven't you've seen the news.

Max: Geez... let me guess..

Marcos: No, allow me. I want us to offer our services in this situation. I want you and only you in specific. It'll give you invaluable field experience which shall benefit our great land, but you can also help to determine if this is a legit terrorist threat, or an oppressed people fighting a corrupt regime.

Max: And how is that not policing?

Marcos: First, no one knows you are going but I. It is not imperative that no one knows you aren't there, but you are there on a support level. I don't care if any other country knows who you are or where you're from, I just want you to stay behind the scenes, only take the lead when absolutely imperative.

Max: I would be doing a disservice then.

Marcos: Maybe. But like I said, whenever you see fit, you do what is necessary. Just don't become a gunslinger and get you face plastered on national TV.

Max: I understand. Do everything possible but keep it low key. I leave when?

Marcos: As soon as possible. Get there however you see fit. I will contact whoever is in charge and notify them of where you are to report. Our country's resources will be at their disposal. But remember not to reveal all, just whats necessary for the mission. You are to determine if this Chitzeland and/or Kingarmy we are assisting is in the right. Do your best to find out intel in every facet.

Max: Understood. Anything else?

Marcos: Come back breathing and keep your wits about you. Oh, and you'll have to get on a boat for that final leg of your trip. Kingarmy has not built an airport yet.

Max: Drat. I need to find some pressure point bracelets fast.

Marcos: That's too funny. A man who is a master at the art of combat cant get on a boat with getting an upset stomach.

Max: Good day Comandante!

Max leaves Comandante Marcos to his perusing in he cafe, wondering how his family will take that he will be half a world away, and for an indefinite amount of time.

The next morning Agent Maximilliano Navarro Montego or Agent Max as he will be known is on a flight overseas and awaiting his connecting ship to Avonghon Port.
Socialist Americana
04-11-2008, 05:32
OOC: feel free to use comandante marcos in any "phone conversations" with the countries affected by the terrorist attacks in regards to giving orders to agent max.
04-11-2008, 06:18
"Urrrmhh... Boss there's a leak"

"What kind; the one you eat, the one that let's matter escape or the ONE THAT MAKES YOU TELL THE WHOLE FUCKIN WORLD!!!!!! Geez, what do you want me to- how'd t happen.

" I- I- It wa.. fou-fond oh on.. the i- inter. uh- net"

"SPEAK LIKE A MAN! There's no more room for pussies in the empire!"

"I- It was found on yeahoo.imp, si- sir"

"Un huh... Order the immediate deletion of the article and send a investigative unit to the site head office."

"Ye- yes, Sir.. ir"

"We can't let any other nation into this mess, before you know it, the empire will be a colony (because someone's gonna decide to start some ethnic cleansing based on some intelligence.)

OOC: sorry for the short post, had to go to bed.
04-11-2008, 20:28
(OOC: I'm making quite a few assumptions here, I'm assuming that Avonghon port is a harbor town in Kaingarmy, and a few other things.... tell me if I'm wrong and I'll change it)

The small, innocent looking motor boat docked in the harbour of Avonghon port, Kingarmy. For a moment it bobbed on the water then a man, obviously not imperial, stepped out, he wore a plain grey turtleneck and black pants, he could have been any fisherman returning for the day, or even just a person returning from a boat trip, the only thing that set him apart from people was the eye-patch that is over his left eye. He looked around taking in the scenery and walked up the pier and into the town.


A few hours previously...

“Will this place do do? Kingarmy is just over there” the captain of a Fictions Cargo ship Pointed to a barley visible line on the horizon
“Yes, this will do nicely” Agent Nighthawk smiled as the captain ordered his crew to lower the small motor boat into the sea
“If your ready, I'd prefer it if you left now, in taking you here we're way off course and besides, we don't really have permission to be in there waters anyway and we'd like to get back to Fictions”
Nighthawk raised an eyebrow and the captain added hurriedly “Of course it's an honour to help the Specials, wouldn't say a word against you, fine people, you do a fine job” Nighthawk nodded and climbed down the ladder and into the boat, looking up at the ship and it's captain, he saluted and made his way to Kingarmy. The cargo ship wasted no time in leaving and soon it was out of sight.

(OOC: by this post I mean, no-one knows who he is, and how he got here)
Hurtful Thoughts
05-11-2008, 02:43
Ort: Alexi Montoya, former alias, Alexandria Sheppard
It had been a long, tiring trip to Ort, she took many more risks than she cared to make. Including, on occassion, bribing truckers to smuggle her along the way.

By now, she was certain her face was pretty well known to the authorities, in spite of her vastly changed appearance since going AWOL, and in turn, every time she hitch-hiked she risked discovery. But she also could not risk leaving a trail of dead bodies, nor was she willing to walk the entire way, especially through a military checkpoint such as the one between the sectors controled by the Black Hand of Nod.

Having arrived at Ort, she was officially out of Hurtian jurisdiction; but that never stopped the persistant ones, did it. She wished Adrian was around, he would have been more interested in this sort of thing, or at least, he'd have been a loyal sympathiser to her defection. Instead, she relied on the aformentioned strangers, and she was certain at least one would tell.

But hen again, she was now in Ort, any attempt to arrest her would have to be done as discretely as she chose to exist withing the confines of the Imperium's new colony. Meaning she couldn't just be capped in the back of the head in the middle of a busy street. And so long as she kept to her new identety now, she'd be very hard to trace indeeed. As her exterior scarring had been removed as promised be the good reconsctructive surgeons. Although their work was on Hurtian file, it was specifically done in order to help her blend into almost any ethnicity in the world.

With her new name, she purchased a ticket for an overnight train towards Automati, for now, she may rest. Although her funds were growing limited, she had already thought up a number of ways to contact Borish.
Zainzibar Land
05-11-2008, 03:33
"Got two more persons of interest boss." "Humor me." "Well one is Borish the Borat, don't know much on him." "Uh-Huh." "The other is Alexi Montoya, a wanted rebel." "See if you can contact either or both." "Got it." Rabidus Umbra, hung up.
05-11-2008, 04:06
"Unregistered ship located on Eastern Pacific, coordinates 23.5w and 283n, it's a Dolphin Class Frigate, over"

"Copy that, HQ, WA maratime command gives a green card to board vessel, over"

"Roger that, Copy out"

Commander Jenken then switched the commands for the intercomm:

"LZ 30 seconds, this is gonna be a hot one, over"

He manuevered the Pave Low onto the ships Helipad barely doging a huge wave.

"All weapons system's a go, departure in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GERONIMO!!!"

The GERONIMO was quite funny; the actual jump being barely a meter, but the soldiers aboard the the Pave Low were intended to be light troopers headed for Somalia and not the 101st airborne. The soldiers positionned a sniper on the foward deck and the rest infilltrated through the toilet pump leading towads the NCO's lounge. They booted off the guy sitting on top of them, got out of the restroom and seized the ship from there.

Cpl. Ronnani of Foxtrot approached the radaroom entrance, littered with the blood and flesh of the guards on earlier duty.


And then after the ship halted and smashed him onto the back wall.
05-11-2008, 09:07
(OOC: alright confusion, are you boarding the cargo ship, if so they must realize it's an inoffensive trading vessel... ah well, I'll leave it to my people to do the explaining)
06-11-2008, 00:23
no it's a frigate, the one borish was in.

And the ship rocked so hard, that Borish bumped into the control panel behind him.
06-11-2008, 00:32
(ah right, sorry, my misunderstanding ^_^')
06-11-2008, 23:07
06-11-2008, 23:59
(OOC: Well, agent nighthawk is now in the country, as said in my previous post, I'm still waiting for anyone to notice xD)
07-11-2008, 00:03
OOC: Can you get too Kingarmy and ask for directions? I can't find a logicalway to replt too this.
07-11-2008, 00:13
OOC: so where are the Terrorist and where are the CT's
07-11-2008, 01:26
Borish is in the indian ocean, dunno where zanzibar's guy and Alexi is going to somewhere named Automati.
Socialist Americana
07-11-2008, 08:22
Agent Max is on the deck, looking out into the darkness...

Max thinking to himself: I am going on my 2nd day of traveling, to where? Maybe no one will be there to greet or assist. No contact or familiar face anywhere on this side of the world. No real mission. Just a face in a place, unfamiliar at that. I wonder if Marcos came through, and if anyone is there to greet me.

Loudspeaker blares on, the captain with a broken accent in 6 different languages including his own speaks

"Avonghon Port, 2 hours!"
Hurtful Thoughts
07-11-2008, 20:53
Borish is in the indian ocean, dunno where zanzibar's guy and Alexi is going to somewhere named Automati.

It's a large port-city in Chitzeland, meanwhile, I have no idea where Avonghon is, let alone if Alexi can get a boat there.
07-11-2008, 23:42
Avinghons the port of Kingarmy (the city)
Zainzibar Land
08-11-2008, 02:49
OCC: Should we try to bring the terrorists together now?
It could be done with agents of Rabidus Umbra contacting both
09-11-2008, 01:51
"ahh shit! what the hell!?!?!"

Borish could feel the heart of the 300 pound sailor on top him starting to slow down... He got up before anyone else got a chance and looked through the fiber glass window.

"A heli??? why the hell is there a "jolly green giant" next to my ship!"

And suddenly, the door bursts open....

Corporal Jenken (forgot his name, too lazy) flash-frags the room.

"Wait, stay back, who's bad and who's good?"

"Screw that, let's just rape this place"

"No, the WA article 23956 prohobits us from shooting unless we get shot at..."

(Borish once lobbied a politician in the empire concerning WA charters, a lot of the laws in the WA are screwed up because of him.)

Borish, being a pro at internationnal treaties, and being a diplomat himself new that he was safe unless he attacked. He took his StoneFire and shot the glass, after 3 shots he jumped out.

"Bloody hell, he killed himself! This whole thing was pointless, the ships gonna sink and we have no way out!"

Borish fired at the threads holding the emergency raft and it fell down. He got on and powered the motor and the radio.

"S.O.S stranded boat in 43W 23N (few coordinates east off the ship so that the rescuers wouldn't see the crash, he's gonna arrive there before the sos guys do.) requesting a rescue for one person"

a random ship pick's up the signal:

"We read you there mate, we'll be there in 4 hours, you think you can hold out?"

Hurtful Thoughts
09-11-2008, 05:50
Would've been easier to use a knife to cut ropes, or use the quick-release shackles.

And you got lucky it was your own military that arrived first, most aren't associated with the WA for that reason, and most of the ones that are will find loopholes.

(To bring this post to speed -will link to my previous post with each subsequent post if need be, as well as link/quoting any posts I ICly reply to) (
Automati, Chitzeland
Things weren't going quite to her plan.
For one thing, Alexandria was running short on money in a business district run by ruthless thugs. Secondly, most of her clothes and possesions had to be left behind, leaving her inneed of a change of clothes after hitchhiking through 50 miles of wilderness, followed by a sleepless overnight train ride to Meffuhl, transfering to a daytime trip to Automati, and waiting out the balance of the time in the lobby trying not to draw attention from the ticket-agents and security gaurds.

She also hadn't eaten in two days.

And then it started to rain... And she still had no idea how to get to Avonghon, Kingarmy...

She took shelter in the public restroom, and attempted to dry herself off, and noted her extremely plain features.

Among the many things her dorm lacked, it was a mirror, this was the first time she'd seen herself in almost 4 months. She failed to notice the water slicked greasy hair, or the fact that she was starting to get wrinkles from her occupational stress. What she did notice, was what was missing, notably, gash marks that were supposed to be along her face, in the form of a "Chelsea grin" (, inflicted upon her upon capture in order to 'chear her up', they also did other, more unmentionable things. Later she found out is was just another 'training excercise' in interogation techniques, the cadets and instructors "just got a bit caught up in their job". In order to make up for it, the agency provided reconstructive surgery if she promised to keep the identities of her captors secret. It didn't matter though, she could still feel the scars whenever she opened her mouth.

She was quickly snapped back into reality when another woman walks into the room, appearing to be in quite a hurry, masquera running down her cheeks. She paced up to the sink and tried to clean herself up.

After a bit of consoling, she learned that she had found her husband cheating on her, and planned to take a boat as far away as she could.

As the distrought woman turned to leave, she scarcely noticed Alexi grab her by the hair. By the it was too late, with one leg kicked out from under her and properly applied leverage, her skull cracked soundly against the countertop, to be thurough, Alexi kicked her repeatedly as she lay motionless.

She then dragged her into a stall, took her possesions, locked her in, crawled out from underneath, cleaned up whatever bloodstains she could find, double checked the identification and ticket, and left without a moment of remorse. Besides she did want to get as far away as possable...
It would take awhile before someone decided to check the stalls, maybe 10, 12, 36 hours... Even longer till they find out who she was -due to the mangling of her face- and that a person with that name happened to leave on a boat... She figured she had 96 hours before any hurtian agents would be sent to intercept her.

She then walked up to the ticket agent, a new one just arriving for work, and with no chance of recognizing her as a phony, and asked to cancel her boat-trip to New Zeeland, as she'd rather go to Kingarmy to hunt llamas, as "her former boyfriend set her in the mood for shooting stupid furry critters" was recalled for her reasoning by the ticket agent, much later.

She arrived promptly on the HMS Sailfish, an "Auxillary", since due to the distances involved, the trip could only be made either by nuclear vessels or with at least partial reliance on the wind, and due to some odd treaty, Chitzeland was declared a "nuclear material free zone", and thus could not handle even basic maintnance tasks on the faster and more reliable nuclear passenger-ships.

Automati, Chitzeland to Avonghon, Kingarmy ETA: 360 hours. ~15 days
Average speed: 30 knots
Distance: 10,800 miles (something like a round-trip through the atlantic, 4 times, the fastest trans-atlantic trips by conventional boat IRL is something like 4 days each way, 3 if I start doing crazy stuff (
09-11-2008, 19:47
heh heh, borish fell in the water, he couldnt use a knife from there.

The choppers were WA units sent to some 3rd world toilet bowl, the WA laws are all screwed up, and the chopper crew are as screwed up as well.
Zainzibar Land
11-11-2008, 00:21
He had almost lost her trail. He had been sent to follow Alex, and find out where she was heading. Luckily he recognised her face coming out of the women's bathroom. He began to track her again. He followered her again, until he discovered the ship she was mounting. He asked the ticketmaster where the ship was heading, the man replied,"Kingarmy." He thanked the man and left, saying it wasn't heading to Zainzibar Land, therefore not the ship he wanted. He then called a number on his phone,"Boss, found out where she was heading, Kingarmy." "Good, I'll prepare."
12-11-2008, 02:32
ooc: it's funny how the ooc thread get's more posts then the actual rp.
12-11-2008, 13:27
OOC: Sorry for being late. And oh yeah, about the 59 year old named Badass Mofo, think Big Boss or Solid Snake. Both are old and awesome.

Asok grinned as he shot a tranq dart from behind the terrorist's back. He had always been a pacifist, which was amazing considering he was the leader of the NSA, an organization that was made to neutralize terrorist threats. He had almost been kicked out of the academy for refusing to fire his gun unless it was a tranquilizer. But having a son as President had it's privileges. It also helped that he was so skilled that he became a S.O.N. unit in just nine years after joining the NSA. He would have gotten into the Bodyguards, but his unwillingness to even hurt somebody worked against him, and even his son said it would not be a good idea to let him in.

He quickly hid the unconscious man in the closet and took out his rappelling hook, rope and harness, then jumped from the window. He had been compromised. No use being inconspicuous now. He was stuck in a section of Niraamaya that belonged to terrorists, a 1 square kilometer area. Everybody already knew exactly what he looked like.

He landed on the ground and was greeted by a terrorist with a USG-9. Apparently the terrorist didn't know the power of the USG-9. He rolled away just as the terrorist fired. Asok looked at him and nearly screamed. The terrorist's arms were gone, replaced by two bloody stumps. Asok quickly ran from the scene and towards the nearby airfield, where his helicopter was waiting.


He didn't want to miss his next assignment.
13-11-2008, 23:04
Hurtful Thoughts
14-11-2008, 06:00
HMS Sailfish: At sea
Since boardig, things were fairly uneventful.

Marta Velasquez (the girl she killed earlier) was Chitzi under the temporary employ of Hurtful Outcomes (as a secretary)... not much of a surprise there... Except that she too was trying to escape... Too bad...

She also had a fake identification, to get past the tickets, but it was a clear forgery... Not that the Black hand really cared, each desertion increases their ticket sales because they'd end up getting tracked down by either HOI (SOC) or CHIA, then brought back, tortured, and either sent into a penal battalion or shot by a penal battalion. And thus, the cycle repeats itself in a steady trickle of new blood.

As bad as things were, she could tweak Matra's identification to match her own aside from name and serial number, being a dead agent, she wouldn't appear on the manifest in Pelsgord as AWOL anymore either, and thus, she now had a perfect cover upon reaching shore except one thing...

She cut out the first name of Marta's card and inserted her own... She'd claim to be her sister, using family photoes and refferances she picked up through her luggage as "proof".

In addition to this, she took a much needed shower, ate, slept, and re-tailored some of Matra's clothes to fit.

OOC: Not exactly the best of posts, but it fills in any gaps regarding what she did on the boat for 15 days to keep busy

Sry about the direct rippoff from a video-game for the name, but that's the kind of attention minor bystanders get.

Oh, and now Chitzeland is at risk of becoming a warzone again (, quite possably with mushroom clouds on the hoizon ( so if you got people there...
Yes, I'm juggling an RP in which I'd be quite possably going to be nuke-raped, this one, and trying to clear myself to use WMD pre-emptively in defense with what alliances I am enrolled in.
15-11-2008, 20:28
540 copper pennies from midnight; (9 a.m.)
random area in the Indian ocean

Borish hadn't eaten a proper meal for days. Relying just on his shill knife to occaisanally stab a big fish and if he was lucky, the fish would not slide off. For him, a proper meal consisted of caviar; precisely Beluga Caviar, which would cost around 5800 to 8300 copper pennies, or 7000 to 14000 NS dollars per kilo. But the Caspian Sea was a world away from his current location.

At the moment though, what mattered was survival, so he went back to staring at the blank ocean bed beneath him.


And a fish! He jabbed his arm at the giant shiny white thing glowing in the water.


Borish didn't feel anything, he tried again; it was impossible to miss. A fish way bigger then his life boat. Suddenly he heard a loud seahorn from behind.

"Yarghhh k there mate?"

A friggin reflection laughing out loud! - Borish thought

(Btw, everyone should skip a lotta crap 'n' head to my cell pronto.)
Zainzibar Land
15-11-2008, 21:52
A man with a dirty face and muddy hair sat at the port in kingarmy where the ship carrying Alex was going to dock, eating a sandwhich. People got off and he watched the crowds. He barely noticed the woman, but recognised her outfit as the one the opperative had described, and was able to make out some details of her face that matched the photo. He finished his sandwhich and joined the crowd, making sure not to lose her.
Hurtful Thoughts
16-11-2008, 06:57
As she was leaving the terminal, Alexandria noticed she was being followed, maybe...

To make sure, she decided to take her time, and circled through a dense crowd, left, and checked both ways -and behind herself- before crossing...


Yep, same grubby face... She then acted.

(Read this very carefully)
She walked up to her pursuer, cornered [or pushed] him into a phone booth, and violently kissed him, while taking a look at a photo he was holding.

She then snatched the picture from her pusuer and exclaimed, somewhat sarcasticly:
"Oh! What's this?"

(Didn't expect that, did you? Yeah, she's violently clever... :fluffle: They're trained for that sort of thing. And yes, I'm taking advantage of the fact that most people here are boys, so snap out of your daze and respond!)
Zainzibar Land
16-11-2008, 12:45
The man laughed,"So you really are Alex. Good. I've been sent by Rabidus Umbra to find you. We've heard a little about you and Borish, and we have something you will find most interesting that will be yours, for the right price."
Hurtful Thoughts
16-11-2008, 21:02
"Who's Alex? I believe you mistaken me for a man. Anyways, I'm not in the interest of buying anything, I'm more inot selling, if you catch my meaning?"

She was being quite suggestive...

"So... do you know anyplace more... private to discuss this... 'transation'?"

This man knew of her and Borish, she hoped to either convince him he was in error and followed the wrong girl, or that she was being extremely friendly to this man.

As much as he disgusted her...
Zainzibar Land
16-11-2008, 23:47
"Don't try lieing to me, we know who you are. If you will not buy a sample of Plauge 11, then would Borish be interested?"
He paused.
"We're being obsereved, Ithink we should take some attention off ourselves."
He dialed a number into his cell phone. On a nearby dock, a bomb goes off.
"I suggest we leave now."
At Bobbi Parker's base of operations, a phone rings. "Hello, Mr. Parker, I have some weapons of Mass Murder you might find in you best interests to buy. I will contact you again when we have established contact with Borish."
Hurtful Thoughts
16-11-2008, 23:59
"Don't try lieing to me, we know who you are. If you will not buy a sample of Plauge 11, then would Borish be interested?"
He paused.
"We're being obsereved, Ithink we should take some attention off ourselves."
He dialed a number into his cell phone. On a nearby dock, a bomb goes off.
"I suggest we leave now."

"Agreed, but not together, we'll meet again, at that cafe *points*, tomorrow at noon, yes? I have other things to do."

She really didn't want anything to do with this person...
Alexandria then pushed the man out of the phone booth, slammed the door, and dialed another number, it was the police.

She knew she was still under observation.
Zainzibar Land
17-11-2008, 00:04
The man walked away, disappearing into the crowd.
He called on his cell phone,"Cafe, tomorrow at noon, I'm out."
17-11-2008, 00:07
At Bobbi Parker's base of operations, a phone rings. "Hello, Mr. Parker, I have some weapons of Mass Murder you might find in you best interests to buy. I will contact you again when we have established contact with Borish."

Bobbi listened to the recording
"Mr indeed" she said indignantly "Well, Alrighty... Borish...Who the heck is that?" she realized she was talking to herself and shut up, whoever this person was said they would get back in contact. Until then she would wait.
Socialist Americana
17-11-2008, 06:58
Agent Max paces in his dark hotel room. The laptop he was on has went into hibernation mode due to inactivity and sits on the desk to the right of the bed, next to it a phone. a book sits on the nightstand, bookmark somewhere in the middle. Max stares blankly at the tv.

Cell Phone Rings

Agent Max: This is Max.

Marcos: Max. Good to hear your voice, how was your trip?

Max: Long and cold. Very different climate out here.

Marcos: It's been years since I left our country, I wouldn't know. How's it going now?

Max: Well no one greet me, and no one has contacted me even though I clearly asked the Concierge to contact the government offices and notify them of my arrival and business here.

Marcos: Hmm. Interesting. I was advised an agent by the name of Nighthawk has also entered and too waits assignment orders or contact by the local government. I do know the government has been notified, however I have personally not been able to get a hold of anything above an assistant.

Max: Well, with the issues going on, they are probably busy. They have also managed to keep any troubles off the news and off the web. It seems almost like a militaristic state, yet they do a good job of concealing that. One can tell walking around that people keep to themselves more and individualism is not a strong point here.

Marcos: We know how that feels. We shall see if they get a hold of you soon. I have let Nighthawks people know of your whereabouts, you two might have to link up without the local government. Keep your eyes and ears on everything.

Max: Well put. Thanks. See ya

Marcos: Bye.
Hurtful Thoughts
17-11-2008, 20:10
Upon finally getting through to the local police, Alexandria informed them of both an explosion, and a meeting regarding an illegal weapons sale at a nearby cafe. She also included a detailed description of the man she had talked with earlier, as well as an EXTREMELY detailed (fake) description of the clothes the woman he was talking to was wearing, and a slightly vague description of her physical appearance and demeanure.

Upon answering a few more of the officer's questions, and informing him that she'd wait by the phone, she hung up, and walked away to the jail cell. She had no intention of going to the cafe.

She then stopped walking...

*Oh, right, the other pursuer... I have to take care of him first...*
17-11-2008, 21:02
Nighthawk sat in the small room he had rented out, under a false name, him not being allowed by law to give his real one, he had reached a conclusion Kingarmy was not a threat so far. But he still had very little information in this "Borish" person. He was just finishing to type up a report n his laptop when a call came, there was only one person who knew his number
"Agent Nighthawk speaking"
"Good news and bad news, what do you want to hear"
"Bad news" it was always good to get the bad news out of the way
"Borders are closed until further notice, your going to have to stay in kingarmy until we can sort something out"
"Damn. Well I think i have enough Copper Pennies to last quiet some time. And the good news"
"Another agent from... Let me see... Socialist Americana is also working on this, they have told of their location and suggest you two meet up. Might be worth something"
"Right. Gotcha" He hung up, maybe with the help of this other person they might get some useful information...
18-11-2008, 20:16
OOC: guys, I got some problems to attend to, might be gone for a while. But I'm retty far ahead, almost to the Moala Islands. Try to somehow get there, cause that's where I am.
Zainzibar Land
18-11-2008, 23:52
A black haired man with tan skin blue eyes had followed her to the jail cell. The group had been smart enough to trace her and follow her around, this time taking turns at following her. He approached her and said,"Trying to fool us? That won't do. You think we'd be stupid enough to completely believe a woman such as yourself. Now then, we wish to sell you and Borish Plauge 11 samples, kill as many people as you want, get the revenge you so desire, but making our jobs difficult won't help."
Hurtful Thoughts
19-11-2008, 03:26
She then stopped walking...

*Oh, right, the other pursuer... I have to take care of him first...*

A black haired man with tan skin blue eyes had followed her to the jail cell. The group had been smart enough to trace her and follow her around, this time taking turns at following her.
OOC: Notice something wrong? Oh, right... dang...
I suppose that's my fault for being lax on the grammar...
Crap... I just led them to Borish's cell...
Kudus for showing you kinda know how to track a person.

If she were to be followed by a single person the whole way, she'd have likely doubled-back and ambushed him...

But what she did was the equivelent of when a deer gives "foot stomp" to scare predators out of their hiding places, and I was more hoping to flush one of the agents with it. Not you again...

He approached her and said,"Trying to fool us? That won't do. You think we'd be stupid enough to completely believe a woman such as yourself. Now then, we wish to sell you and Borish Plauge 11 samples, kill as many people as you want, get the revenge you so desire, but making our jobs difficult won't help."
She listened to his canned sales pitch, it was terrible, somesuch drivel about a bio-weapon that she could use to wipe out small countries, and right now, whatever organization had sent these men were getting on her nerves, maybe she could use it... Starting with this salesman...

She then glanced at the laptop, and back to the terrorist... And spoke:

"How do I know I can trust you? First, none of you seem willing to give names, all of you think they've heard mine and whatever propoganda you listen to in your holes. In short: not interested, go to hell. If you must follow me in order to find Borish, just give me your phone and I'll give his location myself once I find him. Till then, stay out of my way."

She then approached the laptop, which was already on.
Zainzibar Land
19-11-2008, 11:54
"Trust me? Lady if I was meaning to harm you, you would be dead. And if I were an agent, do you think I'd have my comrade set off a bomb on a dock?"
He stopped, pulled out a Skorpion vz. 61 (a SMG/Machine pistol), threw her his phone, and said,"We have company, better take this. If you want to know my name so bad, it's Mortifer Viper."
Hurtful Thoughts
19-11-2008, 16:50
She neither had the time, nor inclanation to explain to what lengths a double agent would go to maintain their cover. Thankfully, he changed the topic.

"Put that away before you embarass yourself" she said, noting the lack of a silencer on his gun.

"Lay down on top of that bunk, and whatever happens, don't respond to the gaurds, act deaf."

She then slid under the bunk, making sure the untucked bedsheets hid her from view. There wasn't much time to be neat about it, but it sufficed.

While hidden, she pulled out a knife, and kissed the cross on her necklace for luck...
Zainzibar Land
20-11-2008, 00:00
He whispered into a radio,"Secure the exits, make sure they get no backup." Her comment reminded him to place the silencer on the skorpian, a stupid mistake that would have cost him his life in the jungle. He readied himself, hiding just out of sight from the doorway.
OCC: A skorpian machine pistol can have a silencer attached, I looked it up
21-11-2008, 17:25
"Borish, what the hell were you doin' in the middle of no where?"

"Heh, long story with the cops 'n' WA."

"Anyway, you look like you've beat to a bloody pulp mate, here, have some (english) muffins."

"Hey Winston! Fetch this lad a cuppa tea will ya?"

"Aye, sir"

Borish took off his untanned llama wool suit and threw it on a pile of bloody whale hunting fatigues next by. He then took a muffin and dipped it in tea, motioning to the captain about how good his cakes were.

"Ahaa, 't'is a good family recipe, Me mom used to make'em. But 'nough 'bout the food, what'sa gonna happen now?"

"Well I was hoping if you can get me to the Moala islands..."

"Moalak? Why the fuckin' hell would you wanna go there!?"

"Somethin' to do with bringin' down the WA, have a friend there that can help."

"Bloody Hell, you want some help? It'll be like those long forgetten child days."

"Ahhh yes, those are forgetton often. You ready for some AK-47ing?"

"The whole crew is aching for some action! I just got a X-E1687M, brand new from dem Russky friends, I'll go get Akbar, he used to be a captain equivelant in Al-Quada (spelt wrong on purpose.)"
23-11-2008, 03:28
23-11-2008, 19:49
Hurtful Thoughts
23-11-2008, 22:03
Was Alexi just Punk'd?

Anyways, there are many reasons why she scoffed-off the MP...
Limited ammo capacity (20 rds?)
Piddly-weak cartridge (meant for either .380 ACP or reduced-load 9x19)
Way too easy to burn through the magazine (fast full auto is fast)
Can't bludgeon the SOB with it (too light/short)
Complicated/fragile action in the handle (Not a brass-knuckle)
28-11-2008, 04:08
Where is everyone?
Zainzibar Land
29-11-2008, 18:56
The man jumped out, taking both agents by surprise. He fired at the head of one, killing him instantly, the other he shot several times in the groin, downing him. He grabed the downed man and held him with the gun pointing to his head and moved into a cell. Other agents were gunned down by the stalking Angelus of Nex. He said to Alex,"We better leave, now."
Hurtful Thoughts
30-11-2008, 05:38
Alexadria facepalmed... She even wondered how "Viper" managed to survive this long in whatever group he was with...

She then returned her thoughts to the mission, glanced at the computer, and after less than a moment of hesitation, ripped out the CPU, leaving the monitor, keypod, and other periphials behind. It was somewhat bulky...

Creative solution #1: The downed agent's tactical-belts made good carry-slings.

#2: Their guns, ammo, and other accessories may prove very useful.

'Fighting' her way out of the jail seemed easy, and became apparent that others were involved when she noted the pile of dead bodies at the cell-block enterance...

"So, where did your guardian angel run off to now?" She teased.
Zainzibar Land
30-11-2008, 13:55
"There are no angels or demons in combat, just men, blood, and metal. Take whatever you want now, we've got to get out of here now."
01-12-2008, 01:07
OOC: i thought you were goint to sell my person something? ah well, maybe no, then I have tot hink of new ways to continue to join in on this...Is this RP still happening by the ways?
Hurtful Thoughts
04-12-2008, 01:57
Other agents were gunned down by the stalking Angelus of Nex. He said to Alex,"We better leave, now."

'Fighting' her way out of the jail seemed easy, and became apparent that others were involved when she noted the pile of dead bodies at the cell-block enterance...

"So, where did your guardian angel run off to now?" She teased.

"There are no angels or demons in combat, just men, blood, and metal. Take whatever you want now, we've got to get out of here now."
Wut? I thought Viper was talking to/following her...
Note the past-tense...
I also infered, since Nex was stalking, that he'd be hidden for the time being.
04-12-2008, 02:29
common guys still post, my dude is in freakin' Fiji, unless you guys agree to the taking over of the WA by Borish in which you all go to hell in the process.
Zainzibar Land
04-12-2008, 12:29
OCC: My bad, misread.
They fled the jail, Viper lead her to the others. They gathered round, hidden from unwanted eyes in an abandoned house. One asked,"We're going to have to leave soon, where is Borish?"
Hurtful Thoughts
04-12-2008, 20:49
Tis okay.

They fled the jail, Viper lead her to the others. They gathered round, hidden from unwanted eyes in an abandoned house. One asked,"We're going to have to leave soon, where is Borish?"

She set down the detached computer-case and hissed back: "I didn't get the chance before you started shooting up the place, now we need to find a computer to plug his hard-drive into... Lets just hope you didn't break it, 'kay?"

She was clearly not happy...

"And if it isn't on that computer, we'll have to go back... Anyone here have a small philips-head screwdriver?"
Zainzibar Land
04-12-2008, 23:54
The men gave her the computer they had taken from the cell, and several tools.
Hurtful Thoughts
05-12-2008, 17:28
The men gave her the computer they had taken from the cell, and several tools.
OOC: Oh, right, tis a laptop... And here I thought I'd have to do this the hard way with a desktop...
So rather than monitor/other components, a surge-suppressed outlet oughta do it. Oh, right batteries... :$

Yes, even "old timers" make epic mistakes...

I think I'll let Kingarmy describe what Alexi should see when it starts...
Crazy people have the artistic license to put some disturbing stuff on their computers in order to parody contemporary censorship regulations...

Alexi is still not happy though, with the "shoot em up shoot em up pew pew pew!" mentality though...

Because "tanks > AK-47", anything a low-budget terrorist organization can do, a regular field agent can generally do better if allowed, solo.

It also is very counter-productive when the goal was to get something intact and w/o a blood-trail.
Zainzibar Land
07-12-2008, 23:30
OCC: they are jungle guerrilas, it's their nature, kill them before they kill you
They aren't low budget either, not with what they're planning ;)
Hurtful Thoughts
07-12-2008, 23:52
OCC: they are jungle guerrilas, it's their nature, kill them before they kill you
They aren't low budget either, not with what they're planning ;)
K, for a quick comparision, on my sig is a link, "Five Points Maifa" (, which would be one of the more violent splinter factions of my government (PC for "terrorists we'd rather ignore for now")

In that thread, on the firt post, is a link titled: Weapons (

They have ICBMs, tanks, long-range SAMs, ATGMs, mortars, armored cars, an air force and navy, their own island, and I still consider them "low budget"...

Because frankly, as impressive as their weaponry is, they'd run out of bullets long before they run out of Hurtian Marines charging their bunkers...

Around these parts, the CA would be considered a "medium sized threat" ( during their prime...