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Operation White Paraquet (Open to Comments)

27-09-2008, 00:27
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Marines Plant Flag on Northern Archipelago
Republic claims islands, establishes weather station
Marines of 11 Commando patrol Arkkhan Primus

Redderberg, Aequatius Decca - It was announced today by the Department of the Navy that the personnel of 11 Commando made landfall on a previously uninhabited chain of islands 2,700 kilometres east of Aequatius Decca. The operation was launched with little mention a week prior as the elite marine unit slipped out of Redderberg harbour aboard the RNS Ford and prepared for the amphibious operation under sail.

Early this morning, the marines of 11 Commando made an air assault to the island alongside small watercraft, especially the Russkyan-designed Shallow Draft Infantry Assault Boat, and planted the Republic’s flag at Forward Operating Base Farnsworth. From the temporary base on the island and the offshore helicopter carrier, the marines continued their patrols and security operations on the remaining islands, including the far flung island to the north, Arkkham Nordus.

There was no word from the Aequatian Department of State other than the Republic would uphold its claim to the islands, a statement that was reassured by both the Department of Defence and the President’s Office.


Arkkham Inseln, Fyre Sea

The turbines of the Angelwing assault helicopter droned as it flew over the barren and rocky tundra of the island. Sitting at the side door of the aircraft was Gunnery Sergeant Phillip Hansen, a platoon sergeant, as he watched the passing landscape with his MP140 submachinegun slung under his shoulder. The entire operation had gone well except for the landing attempt on Arkkham Nordus, where the weather had turned sour and forced down two helicopters, one which crashed with the loss of three crew and thirteen passengers. However, today would be the second attempt to land on the island and recover the bodies of their fallen comrades, the somber mood aboard the helicopter was in direct contrast of the landings the previous day when there was cheering amongst the marines when they raised the national tricolour at the forward operating base.

"Gunny, do you think anyone survived the crash?" Asked the platoon's commander, Lieutenant Keith Hamilton, his own MP140 weapon slung across his chest rig.

"Hard to tell, we could only get out here this morning because the weather let up enough that the pilots could at least attempt instrument flight," Replied the sergeant, "But if anyone survived the crash well enough to sit up, I'd imagine they're waiting for us right now!" He shouted over the engines. The gunnery sergeant, like most of the other marines, still had the faded marks of the black and green facepaint camouflage and wore the Lovat Green service beret with the subdued bronze cap badge, since it was not technically a combat operation. As the cooler weather of the early autumn set in up north, the commandos were equipped with a few pieces of their cold weather gear, like the heavy wool jersey sweater and field jacket in the old Salines ( woodland pattern. A few of the older marines, like Hansen, secured themselves a piece of legendary equipment with the "M1982 Pattern Waterproof Smock, Reversible" in olive drab and white sides, produced especially for arctic and subarctic operations, and made a number of the younger members of the platoon green in their own right.

It would be another two hours before the aircraft reached the crash site and the marines would discover four of their comrades had survived the accident and survived the weather by sheltering within the broken hull of the CH-206 helicopter. Directing the Navy Corpsman and a pair of marines to tend to the wounded survivors, Gunnery Sergeant Hansen and Lieutenant Hamilton saw to the raising of the flag, which the former had recovered the original tricolour from the downed aircraft. Raising the pole and running the flag up to the top, the marines held a silent vigil in respect for the fallen and formally dedicated the island in honour of the marines and the Republic which they served.
14-10-2008, 12:50
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