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Immortal Lands of the Great Lord Tiger- Nation Info [FB]

The Great Lord Tiger
26-09-2008, 22:10
General Statistics/Facts

Nation Name: The Immortal Lands of the Great Lord Tiger

Short Name: Imglot (IMmortal lands of the Great LOrd Tiger)

Government: Self-Regulated Corporate Police Republic (Ministers and Representatives are elected)

Founder: The High, Almighty, and Great Lord Tiger (name unknown, if any)

Current Government Leaders:

Prime Minister- James Yunos

Minister of War- Buran Jagget

Minister of Foreign Relations- Frank Holle

Minister of Finance- Kurt Polntu

Minister of Domestic Affairs- Graig Jikt

Minister of Trade- Bernard Dominis

Number of popularly-elected representatives in Imglot Congress: 68

Capital World: Tigeria (Colonized by descendants of 'Earthlings' appx. 100 standard cycles ago)

Capital City: Tigeria City (Sometimes Tigeria), Population 1.3 million

Currency: The Tigerian Credit

Gross Domestic Product: $8,374,403,676,091.73

GDP Per Capita: $19,163.40

Defence Spending: $1,168,039,062,067.20

Languages: Galactic Standard; some scholars speak ancient Earthling

Natural Resources: Uranium, Titanium, Iron, Cobalt, Iridium, Polonium (in some U-235 ore), Carbon, Lead, trace Alkaline Metals

Exports: All of the above except Polonium (used in military technology- see Military Factbook)

National Colors: Blue and Orange

National Flag: Imglot has no flag; the nearest equivalent is a holographic banner with the face of a Tiger, the namesake of our Lord, placed on it.

Average Life Expectancy: 90.4 Standard Cycles

National Animal: Tiger- Genetically-cloned versions of the Great Lord's namesake.

Total Population over 18: 437,000,000 at last Universal Assembly Census

Percentage of population serving in the Imglot Military: 20% (87.4 million)

Percentage of population employed (not including military): 75.55% (~330 million)

The remaining 4.45% is the unemployment rate (including prisoners).
The Great Lord Tiger
28-09-2008, 03:21


Part One: The Colonial Years

Little is known of the years that the Tigerian Colonial Ships (illustrated digitally here ( traveled through the void at sublight speeds; multiple generations were born and, indeed, passed away, on-board the massive people carriers. Eventually, they found themselves on the threshold of a perfect world, a yellow-star system not unlike Sol. The grandchildren of the grandchildren of the original voyagers, trained by their parents and manuals, knew the procedures they had to undertake in order to land the massive ships. The planet they decided upon was the third one out from the sun of a total 7 planets, and the new planet was about the same distance from the star as Earth had been (according to their charts -- besides pictures, these colonizers had no idea what a planet looked like, let alone Earth).

The planet had no satellite and was only 30% water on its temperate surface. The colonization AI for the mission, which had the appearance of a Bengal Tiger (again, a long-lost memory the humans had no true knowledge of), informed the crewmen that the areas around the oceans would be bad places to be -- without a moon to produce tidal forces, the bodies of water would be treacherous and unpredictable. Therefore, they

Part Two: The Great Lord

Do not mistake the Tigerian people for pagans or fanatics, by the title of this section. The concept of "The Great Lord Tiger" was not induced by space-mad colonials. Rather, it was an assumed title for the person who led the effort to unify the people of the 15 colony ships, each bearing several thousand prospective citizens of the new planet. The 15 ships never interacted, though - there were no intermediary shuttles available, and limited ship-to-ship communication (mainly between the bridge staff coordinating the movements of the ships). The landing was, in addition to being rough,

The Great Lord Tiger
28-09-2008, 03:23
The Great Lord Tiger
28-09-2008, 03:24
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