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Fall Of Orbath - Act 1: Criminal Minds

25-09-2008, 10:30
Markus Grant was the son of a major club owner, business man and probably a criminal. His father had been killed 8 years ago, execution style, his body then hung from the upper balcony of one of his clubs. Markus had high hopes of going to college, he intended on getting a business degree. These hopes were shattered the day his father died. It would have been financially possible but Grant couldn't hack it emotionally. On the outside, he appeared cold and emotionless, on the inside, he was a kind man. These two altering personalities clashed always, but the evil side always seemed to prevail. Markus knew why... hecould never settle until his father's death had been avenged.

Markus inherited several of his father's old clubs but Markus also had purchased a foriegn club in a seedy underworld known as the black light district. From here, his criminal acts went unpunished, he easily escaped from the eyes of the police through carefully planning, intimidation and by paying them off. If all else failed, he would kill them. Nothing would stop him, at least not outside of Orbath.

Inside Orbath his clubs got new life, resurrected by introducing a sport known as mixed martial arts, a sport which became instantly popular. A sport he now trained in, fighting in private matches against various criminals.

Markus became a very wealthy man, nearly as wealthy as his father had been. This wasn't enough for him, he wouldn't settle for cash, he wanted his father's killer. He had now put together enough money to establish his empire in Orbath and from there he would hopefully find his father's killer.
Though every previous mob or gang had been destroyed in Orbath before it even had a foothold, Markus weaseled his way in. He launched the single largest prison break in history, letting roughly 8000 inmates escape from several prisons. In doing so, he insured authorities across the nation would be so preoccupied trying to catch those who had been previously convicted of crime that he and is empire would go unnoticed. He took care not to hire any criminal he'd broken out of jail, that way the police would never get lead to him.

This also meant he would have to compete with other criminal enterprises, including foriegn ones that had moved in. Orbath became a hotbed for crime. Because getting drugs into Orbath was hard, Markus took to other crimes for income. He offered his protection to businesses, homes and even other gangs in exchange for money and a cut of their profits. Using this cash he was able to begin more subtle crimes including loansharking, blackmail and bookmaking. Soon after began more risky crimes, Markus began getting into just about every crime possible.
Markus had soon amassed a very huge fortune and in less than a year, turned Orbath into a hotbed of criminal activity.

It came by chance one day that during a meeting with a rival crime boss, the man mentioned his days as a hit man and how he once killed a club owner who was much like Markus. Markus knew then an there he could kill the man, but he wanted to torture him and make him suffer. He left that night and for weeks planned the man's death.

OOC:I'm looking for someone to play the role of the man that Markus is going to kill. Not only that, you will also play the man's criminal organization and this is going to develop into a full out war on the streets. Just fill out the form below. Please note that at one point, Orbath had very strict laws therefore any kind of heavy weapons won't be accessible.

Criminal Leader's Name: Markus Grant
Brief Description: 26, 6'7'', 200lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, muscular build.
Brief History: See above
Crimes Committed: Too many to list.
Weapons Carried: 2 x Glock-36 Pistols, 1 knife

Criminal Organization's Name: Unofficially known as the ''Club Thugz''
Identifying Features: None
Size: roughly 200,000
Favorite Crime: More subtle crimes, often related to business
Most Common Weapon: Pistol
East Laos
25-09-2008, 11:30
OOC: Can we make our own char?
26-09-2008, 20:55
OOC: Yes you can, the character in the template above is mine.