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A Fascist Uprising. (Open. ATTN: World)

24-09-2008, 03:07
Keleman Havas placed the already lit cigar in his mouth and then proceeded to grab a pair of field-binoculars to look out the fifth story of the apartment building. Behind him, several lightly armed men walked around in wait for the signal to start their attack. Keleman didn’t move from the window as he watched people go in an out of the National Courthouse in the capital of Saáry. He smirked as his view moved to a worn-out green sedan near the front door of the National Courthouse.

He gave a single thumbs-up to one of the men behind him and the man pressed a single button on a controller resting by a computer on a nearby desk. The car exploded, not quite like in the movies of western cultures, but it still exploded and sent shrapnel in all sorts of directions along the street. With a second thumbs-up the man who had pressed the detonator typed a command in a waiting IM server…

…it had all just been set in to motion.

The rebels were forced to use old Hueys of Odon’s rule that they had stolen from junkyards along with the occasional APC and, even more rare, a T-72 or the occasional hi-jacked Leopard II. They had been forced to use stored munitions such as G41s that had yet to be destroyed…once again from Odon’s post-Soviet rule. None-the-less they were zealous war-fighters who had managed to work up quite the massing under the flags as in hundreds of apartments, garages, alleys, stores, and basements the same banner was flown on a dark blue flag where meetings were held in order to further the revolution. Said symbol was like two swastika, one of which was reversed (and both diagonal) with one over the other.

They had labeled themselves as the ‘Brothers of Fascism’ and they had obvious hatred for the government. Government troops were reacting in all cities where rebellion broke out and soon it had become a bloody stale-mate with neither side’s lines advancing much of anywhere for either side. In command of the Fascist regime now attempting to take over their current government was Keleman Havas.

To: The Nations of the Free World.
From: President Zigana Saáry of Ursava.

We send a plead to all nations of the world, please help us. We cannot handle this new threat on our own and we are sure to lose if we do not have support. These rebels are much more organized than any we have ever faced and we are too small to fight effectively. We beg you that, for the sake of the free government of Ursava and her people, help us.

OOC: So…yeah. I just felt like seeing how people would react if I made a Fascist nation and I figured, what better way than to make it RPable. I wanted to make a Fascist nation but with my current RP ability I didn’t feel comfortable with running two countries, both of different governmental ideas, at the same time. Also, here ( is the main OOC thread.
The Soviet System
24-09-2008, 03:16
To:President Zigana Saáry of Ursava.
From:Ernesto Cheark, Soviet Elect.

How fair you, I would like to send troops to help, might be a while because of all the papers to deal with, so send us a safe drop zone position and I will see what I can do
24-09-2008, 03:18
OOC: I'm in, as long as I can use flexible time to make this after my little tango with Roef. Gotta help my Ursavan allies out
The Grand World Order
24-09-2008, 03:20
To: Nations Considering Involvement
From: The Fascist Federation of The Grand World Order Office of Foreign Affairs

The Fascist Federation pledges to support the Fascist uprising. Such a courageous act on the Brothers of Fascism's part are a credit to the worldwide Fascist Enlightenment.


The GWO was going to directly help the Fascists with combat forces; 575,000 of them who were already prepared. They had been sent to another nation (Anemos Major) to defend them from an invasion. Since the aggressor decided to cancel the invasion, the GWO troops being sent were about to be turned around.

575,000 GWO troops were headed to Ursava. Fascist Enlightenment would come, and it would come hard.
24-09-2008, 03:23
OOC: It's Ursavian Salzland, lol. Also, keep in mind these guys aren't just a small cluster of crack-pot rebel.

To: Ernesto Cheark, Soviet Elect.
From: President Zigana Saáry of Ursava.

There is no 'safe place' for you to reach us unless you wish to land behind the main lines in territory where there is no signifigant rebel movement. They have managed to secure munition sites and vehicle storage areas which contained equipment from Odon's rule in case of emergencies. They are currently the best-equipped rebel force that we have ever faced and we require immidiate aid.


Keleman Havas couldn't help but laugh with uncontrolled joy at the message his men had picked up from the GWO. He looked down at the printed out copy and then walked towards the edge of the camouflaged tarp while Huey gunships and transports flew by at a low altitude filled with members of the Brothers of Fascism who were moving to the front lines or other areas of Ursava where they held ground. Keleman smiled, folding up the message from GWO and slowly putting it inside his light blue wind-breaker. He turned back to a radio-man who was at a nearby table.

"Contact the GWO once they have reached radio range, tell them that we will pay them with all we can upon their arrival." Keleman ordered.
The Grand World Order
24-09-2008, 03:56
((OOC: Can we skip to my ships coming near?))
24-09-2008, 03:59
OOC: Yeah, go ahead.
24-09-2008, 04:04
A man in a Desk lit a cigar. He saw, from a birds eye view, from a spy satillete positioned in high orbit, the situation in Ursava. He shook his head and picked up the reciever of a red phone. On that phone was a plaque that Read "Direct line"

At another office, in the same building, an older man answered the phone.
"This is Maxor, go ahead son."

The cigar man took a deep breath and said "Sir, the spy satilite you ordered over the Ursavain Penensula has picked up activity."

"What kind of activity?"

"Rebels, just as you figured."

"It seems our informants were correct, the fascists have attacked. Son this is a matter of international stability, I need you in this office ASAP."

"Yes sir."
The Cigar man put down the reciever, puffed on his cigar, and walked out of his office. He strode down the marble hallways to Maxor's office. When he arrived he rapped on it softly.

A voice from inside called "Come in General."

The General opened the door and walked in. He saluted and said,
"Chairman, maxor, I am at your service."

"Close the door General." Said the Chairman.
The General nodded and did so.

"As you know we have no diplomatic ties to Ursava, therefore we cannot offically intervien, as our law dictates."

"Then how do we help them?"

The Chairman shook his head and said, "General, I thought you were smarter than that, we fight a black ops war, until we can temporarily veto the law."

"But sir, why don't we just do that now?"

"You know the Senate as well as I do, General. A bunch of squabbiling Beruacrats. By the time we do veto the law there will be no Ursava worth saving."

"I see. So.... Who are we sending in?"

"I was thinking the 12th infantry Division. And Colonel Hay."

"Why Hay?"

"He has the most experience in fighting a black ops war, and I trust his men. However, to avoid being exposed to the media, we can only send 4 companies of troops in."

"I'll inform Hay Immediatly sir."

"Good job general, I knew I could count on you, but remember one thing, if we are discovered before the law is vetoed, you and I, will be charged with treason."

"I understand sir."

"Good, now go."

When the General Left, the Chairman smoothed his hair and sighed. It was difficult doing the right thing, but it had to be done. He turned on the computer on his desk and wrote the following message.

To: President Zigana Saáry of Ursava.
From: Chairman Zezim Maxor of Oblivion

Greetings president, we have not had the pleasure of meeting formally, but perhaps you know who I am. I have noticed your perdicament, and I wish to offer my help. I will supply your country with 4 companies of our finest soldiers. However, due to the laws of my nation I am not permitted to send these men, therefore If I am to send aid, these men must not, be known to the public, there exsitance must be denied, once we have vetoed the law however, a larger force will be sent to aid n this civil war.

If you accept the following conditions, my men will arrive in your nation in 12 hours. If not well, there is little more I can do for you.

Best of Luck.

After Reading it over and having the system encrypt it to the maximum level, he sent it to Ursava.
Mount Shavano
24-09-2008, 04:05
President Cloud of the Front Range Republic took a seat at the head of the briefing table. He spoke to the assembled collection of politicians and generals. "Ladies and gentlemen, I called this emergency meeting to deal with the fascist uprising that broke out early this morning in the Republic of Ursava. We don't know much about the details of the situation yet. We do know that the tone of reports coming out from the Ursavan government is desperate. We do know that the fascist power that styles itself 'the Grand World Order' has already deployed a massive force towards Ursavan territory. Ursava is not the most free of the world's democracies, but we cannot allow another nation to fall under an iron heel. What are our options to prevent it?"

One of his generals spoke. "Ursava is a long way from here. There's no way we can deploy any number of ground troops immediately, but we can dispatch naval elements or long distance bombing missions. We could begin mobilizing the army and the marine corps for a possible deployment within a few days."

"Diplomatic options?"

One of the other men spoke next. "We have no previous contact with the GWO, and this is otherwise an internal affair so far. There's nothing we can do diplomatically."

The President started giving out orders. "Make preparation to dispatch all available naval elements and institute a quarantine of Ursava. No one supporting the fascists gets in or out. Anyone who's there before we show up gets their supply lines cut. Get a formal request for it from Ursava to make it legal, then we'll move. We'll crash mobilize an army group and a marine division in case we need to go in and do the dirty work. Make contact with other countries nearby, see who we can find to house an air wing for potential operations over Ursava. Bring all our military forces to DEFCON 2. Also, pray."

"Get to it."

To: The Republic of Ursava
From: The Front Range Republic of Mount Shavano

We are willing to block external attempts to aid the fascist rebels in your country, but we need permission to set up a naval cordon off of your coast. We await your reply.

To: All nations near Ursava
From: The Front Range Republic of Mount Shavano

There is a strong possibility that we will shortly be engaged in hostilities near or in Ursava, and we need a location to base our Air Force out of should such an intervention become necessary. We wish to negotiate for basing rights at your airbases for the duration of any conflict that arises.

To: The Grand World Order
From: The Front Range Republic of Mount Shavano

We cannot accept intervention on behalf of the fascist rebels in the current conflict in Ursava. If you land troops in Ursava we will be forced to intervene on behalf of the Ursavans. We strongly insist that you recall your armies, in order to prevent a war that could result in millions of deaths.

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24-09-2008, 04:10
OOC: Quick reply, because I've gotta go to bed soon so I can be up at 8 for classes

To: The Front Range Republic of Mount Shavano
From: Office of the Minister for Defense, Salzland


Having received your request, we wish to inform you that Rostgard and Talon Air Force Bases will be made available for immediate use by your air forces in aiding the defense of the Ursavian (OOC: Got it that time!) Government.


Ian Williams
Minister for Defense
The Grand World Order
24-09-2008, 04:12
In Ursavian Waters

The sight was amazing. Four fleets of dark gray and white GWO ships were cutting through the swells of the ocean, heading to rescue who the men aboard had already taken in as brothers in arms. The ship was being led by a Dreadnought called the FWS Adolf Hitler. The ship had seen combat in numerous GWO conflicts abroad.

When the message was received from the Brothers of Fascism, a response was sent back.

"We require no payment, only your word that you will run a great Fascist state when this is through."

To: Mount Shavano
From: The Grand World Order Office of Foreign Affairs

And you are?

We suggest that your nation stops trying to play world policeman and start getting a grip on reality. If we catch any forces of yours attempting to hinder our efforts, we will not hesitate to make their lives worse than Hell could ever be.
24-09-2008, 04:17
OOC: Wow GWO you are really starting to enjoys this aren't you? lol
The Grand World Order
24-09-2008, 04:17
((OOC: It's a nice change from the usual wars I'm in that end up simply being one huge naval battle and a peace treaty.))
The Soviet System
24-09-2008, 04:18
To:President Zigana Saáry of Ursava.
From:Ernesto Cheark, Soviet Elect.

I got some strings pulled, we will be landing and dropping men and supplies, where should we drop and make sure you safe
24-09-2008, 04:20
OOC: Ya those do seem to happen a lot, between you and me, how long do you expect my black ops to last?
The Grand World Order
24-09-2008, 04:23
((OOC: I have no real clue. Depends on where they land and who finds them. If they're dropped on top of a battalion of S.T.F. Agents, I can safely say only a few of them will even make it to the ground, and those that do will have 500 cannibalistic super soldiers after them.))
24-09-2008, 04:23
The Emperor was dealing with other matters when he heard that a fascist rebellion had broken out.
he was intrigued and queried his men on what they know of the matter. they explained the situation, and Emperor Siegfried recalled when his rebellion had placed him in power over the evil Corporate barons.
maybe it was out of sympathy, but he decided to support the "Brothers of Fascism" as they had called themselves.

Telegram to the Brothers of Fascism

We Syngians know your plight and we seek to help you and your comrades in your cause. We will pledge 750000 Soldiers and 2000 MT-60 "Luther" MBTs along with 250 of the new MT-75 "St. Peter" MBTs
Mount Shavano
24-09-2008, 04:24
To: Salzland
From: the FRR

Message received and offer accepted, with our thanks.

To: the 'Grand World Order'
From: the FRR

I guess that settles our course of action then. Don't underestimate us.


My forces will start showing up at whatever point I have enough time to make another post.
24-09-2008, 04:29
OOC: Well thankfully, most of the men i'm sending are battle-hardened sons of bitches who fought to the last bullet in every theater of war Oblivion has fought in. The rest are slightly genticly modifiyed Oblivion commandos wearing the saintB powered armor, courtesy of you geussed it, SaintB, I got them when they first came out lol.
24-09-2008, 04:29
TO: Ursavian Government
From: The People's Republic of Falkasia

In light of the recent fascist uprising in your country, the People's Republic of Falkasia will be pledging it's full support to our ally Ursava, in their fight against these rebel dissidents. We hope that through this, you will be able to effectively and quickly put down all form of insurgency plaguing your current government. We will be mobilizing the 39th Strike Squadron, 37th Strike Squadron, 9th Tactical Bomber Squadron and 19th Mechanized Army Corps to be moved into the area of conflict shortly. They will be at your government's full disposal. We hope that this will turn out all right in the end.

Sincerely, and with best regards,
Prime Minister Vladimir Kazyenko

(I have an ace up my sleeve. This is gonna get good...)

To: The Grand World Order
From: The People's Republic of Falkasia

Official tommorrow morning, the People's Republic of Falkasia will be deploying forces into Ursava, allied with the government. They are under direct orders from both myself and the President of Ursava to aid loyalist forces in their fight against the fascist rebels. Although you have deployed forces to aid the fascist insurgents in Ursava, we would like to avoid any and all direct conflict with your troops. However, as this is war, such a prospect is incredibly unlikely, and should you interfere with our operations either directly or indirectly, we will be forced to act accordingly. This has been a telegram of formal warning, and nothing more.

Sincerely, with hopes of future peace among both Fascists and Free-people,
Prime Minister Vladimir Kazyenko
The Grand World Order
24-09-2008, 04:30
((OOC: I'm waiting for any Ursava to post naval resistance, if any, before I land my troops.))
24-09-2008, 04:31
OOC: Falkasia?!? WOOT This war just got real intresting!
The Grand World Order
24-09-2008, 04:34
To: Falkasia
From: The Grand World Order Office of Foreign Affairs

If your forces are to kill any of the Fascists, they will have to kill our forces as well. While we will accept peacekeepers and foreign medical/financial aid, anyone who aims a gun at a fellow Fascist will be considered an enemy of the Federation.
24-09-2008, 04:35
OOC: Thanks, glad to know I've finally become a major power in the world!
24-09-2008, 04:36
To: Falkasia
From: The Grand World Order Office of Foreign Affairs

If your forces are to kill any of the Fascists, they will have to kill our forces as well. While we will accept peacekeepers and foreign medical/financial aid, anyone who aims a gun at a fellow Fascist will be considered an enemy of the Federation.

To: The GWO
From: Falkasia

So it is said then. I guess we will see you and your fascist allies at the end of a gun barrel on the battlefield. Even though we may be enemies, best of luck in your endeavors.

((I bugs me really, because a lot of people automatically think fascism is bad and Hitler-esque. Most don't even know the real definition or meaning of fascism.))
24-09-2008, 04:37
(OOC: Do you remember me Falk, I'm 12th from you old endwar RP.)
24-09-2008, 04:38
OOC: Yea, how could I forget!
24-09-2008, 04:39
OOC: Time for some facist ass kicking! No offense to anyone here who supports or might be fascist.
24-09-2008, 04:41
OOC: Now I just need to wait for Ursava's permission to land my sneaky black ops troops. Which BTW none of you know about yet...)
24-09-2008, 04:41
OOC: Don't mean to go all philospohical on you, but everybody is a fasicst to some extent. If you are a patriot and love your country, you're a fascist. I must agree however, time to kick some fascist ass.
I think we should stop clouding this thread with OOC now.
24-09-2008, 04:44
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24-09-2008, 04:49
hmm waiting for response from the fascist brotherhood.
24-09-2008, 11:59
OOC: I'll make an OOC conversation thread soon.

To: The Aiding Nations of the Free World.
From: President Zigana Saáry of Ursava.

We thank you all, especially those who might be straining themselves to aid us. We need all the help you can provide and we will make sure that you obtain clear landing zones for men and supplies. As for the blockade, we declare it a necessary action in order to combat the Brothers of Fascism and cannot thank the aiding nations enough.

As the GWO approached...nothing happened. The anti-ship missile launchers were silent along with any other weapon along the shore-line. As they came closer they would be able to see the flag of the Brothers of Fascism flying while attatched to some of the buildings across the coast-line. That meant that the Brothers of Fascism had managed to secure the entirety of the coast-line. As the GWO ships came even closer and their soldiers came on land they would find themselves under attack...not by armed soldiers but by over-joyous rebels who were currently watching the ships approach.
24-09-2008, 12:54
[Encrypted Message]
TO: Ursava
FROM:The Republic of Emperya

We are presently willing and able to supply monetary aid to the sum of $10 billion upon conformation of your willingness and ability to receive it. We would like to offer more aid, both monetary and military, but, at present, cannot.

However, we request you grant permission and supply needed logistics to an Emperyan Judeo-Christian charity, the Inter-Faith Fellowship, who wish to establish refugee camps for noncombatants, offering food, shelter, and medical aid.
[/Encrypted Message]

TO: Brothers of Fascism, GWO
FROM: The Republic of Emperya

An Emperyan charity, the IFF, upon receiving permission, will be heading to Ursava. They will be escorted, as per usual, by a contingent of Emperyan naval vessels. These ships serve a purely defensive function, and are under strict orders not to fire unless fired upon. In the event they are fired upon, not only will they retaliate, but Emperya will declare war on the aggressors. We demand you allow the passage of the IFF, and do not interfere with their operations.
24-09-2008, 13:28
OOC: Hey guys I'd like to join in if I could! I'm pretty new around NS but i've RPed a lot in other forums before. I live in Asia so my posting times might be a bit strange, but they should be regular!

President Justin Santande rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he considered the telegram in his hand for the umpteenth time in the past few days.

Before him were arrayed the members of his Cabinet, convened in an emergency session to discuss the possibility of aiding Ursava with their "problem".

"Well," he started, breaking the silence that hung over the room. "We've put off a decision long enough. Either we send aid or we watch them burn, but the discussion ends today! Gentlemen, your final arguments please.”

The Minister of State, Timothy Raiken, spoke first.

“Ursava might not be a neighbour of Tarrindre, but it lies close enough to destabilize us should it dissolve into chaos. Already refugees turned away by neighboring nations are arriving at our shores, and investors are pulling out of the economy citing ‘security concerns’. Besides, who knows where these fascists will stop! Once they’ve got Ursava as a staging base, a young and weak nation like ours might seem a plum ripe for the picking. Intervention on the side of the government is imperative!”

Half the heads in the room nodded in agreement, but stopped respectfully to listen as General Josef Baker, Minister of Defence, rose to present the other side of the argument.

“The Great War of Liberation to free ourselves from the clutches of that despot Tomas Hussein left our forces victorious, but badly mauled. In the half year since then my ministry has yet been able to rebuild to their former size, and war casualties mean that we are short of trained officers. To send our army in this state against the massive forces clashing in Tarrindre would only mean annihilation. In a year or two, things might be different, but as of now we are in no state to campaign.”
The other half of the room applauded gravely as he sat down, clearly in support of his views.

With the room divided neatly in half, the Cabinet looked at their President, awaiting his decision.

President Santande sighed.

It always came to this… The Executive Decision.

“I think both arguments are worth considering, but I believe that we cannot sit back and watch as another nation falls to a fascist government much like the one that ruled ours.”

“But what Josef says makes sense too, we cannot risk our battered army in a reckless gamble we have no certainty of winning.”

“However, I’m sure that everyone in this room remembers how we finally won the War of Liberation. Not through a pitched battle or brilliant stratagem, but through a bullet carefully placed in Tomas’ head by one of our spec ops soldiers.”

“As such, I have authorized the creation of a special team, codenamed Falcon, comprised of the top 5 operatives from our Regicide Squads. I can only hope that they will be of use in the Ursavian conflict.”

“Also, I have just recieved some interesting information about this GWO…”

To: President Zigana Saáry of Ursava
From: President Justin Santande of Tarrindre

Tarrindre stands with any nation fighting fascism, and I can only wish that I could spare you more aid. But our forces are still recovering from a war to free ourselves from an oppressive regime, and military intervention is unfortunately impossible.

What I can spare however, is Falcon, a squad of 5 men trained in assassination, reconnaissance, counterintelligence and sabotage. They are the best of the best we have to offer, and all possess a vast amount of practical experience at their chosen profession.

The helicopter bearing these men is scheduled to arrive at 0800 tomorrow morning. Use them as you would see fit.

(On a side note, weapons marked with the GWO label were recently discovered in our late dictator’s armory. Is it possible that they were somehow involved in his regime? The nation of Tarrindre would be extremely grateful if you could help us investigate this link.)
Ustio North
24-09-2008, 14:00
Xavier entered the room. The Air Force & Navy chiefs sat on the sofa in the office, while a large wall screen was split between the Army chief and the Foreign Secretary, both of whom were away from their offices at the time.

"Sorry to keep you waiting Gentlemen" he said as he sat down in his seat "So, has the situation in Ursava been ascertained yet?"

"Yes sir" began the Air Force chief "As of earlier today, a group of rebels calling themselves 'The Brothers Of Fascism' attacked Government troops leading to a bloody stalemate"

The screen changed to some satelite pictures. The chief stood up and pointed to some areas

"These were taken about an hour ago, when one of our surveillance satellites passed over Ursava" he pointed to a light blob "These look like T-72's, but we could be wrong"

Xavier studied the picture for a moment

"Alright, monitor the situation. Give me an update in 6 hours" he said
24-09-2008, 19:40
Zigana Saáry brushed strands of light brown hair from in front of her hair while she looked down at all the telegrams. She was simply waiting for the troops...but the money wouldn't help much at the moment. They couldn't effectively by anything if their coast-line had been conquered by the Brothers of Fascism. She sighed and looked at a map pinned up on a nearby wall in the command bunker with a sigh at the half blue/half red map that was now Ursava. She leaned back in exhaustion, rubbing the bridge of her nose. She didn't know how she could possibly win against the current odds.

Meanwhile Keleman Havas watched as more Hueys flew over head, the distinctive woomp-woomp-woomp of their blades breaking through the afternoon air. Propaganda blared through the air from various speakers set out through the city, Keleman's own voice denouncing all things that didn't support Fascism. Then a T-72 rumbled past while various reports of approaching GWO ships and the progress along the front-lines came through nearby radios. Keleman looked to the south where the GWO were coming, waiting for their forces while he fought.
The Soviet System
24-09-2008, 21:28
Ernesto had decided he would go with his men, so 20 Soviet System transport planes took off, each holding 100 men, as they flew to Ursava, as Ernesto sent a message

To The Ursavaian Leadership,
Where is a place we can drop and make sure you are safe before we attack the Fascist pig-dogs
The Grand World Order
24-09-2008, 23:12
((OOC: Sure. My government and the powerful Emorden-Geist Weapons Manufacturing Corporation sell weapons and systems worldwide.))

Ports in Fascist-Controlled Ursava

The massive cargo ships erected large ramps onto the docks and shores of Ursava. Seconds later, GWO troops clad in the infamous "Dark Knight" Urban Camouflage were seen marching down the ramps, along with massive Divine Tiger tanks, light vehicles, artillery cannons, and disassembled helicopters. Trucks loaded with GWO-made weapons and ammunition were also present. These were extras, but they would be distributed along the front lines. Two battalions (500 men per battalion) of S.T.F. Agents were present.

Admiral Beltway was in charge of the force, arriving from the Southeastern Former United States. He was experienced; He had served and faced combat in the Mokastana Civil War, two invasions against the GWO, and several other deployments worldwide.

A radio signal came from the aircraft carriers in the fleet, asking if there were any captured airbases that could hold some of the 600 present fixed-wing aircraft.

Marine Corps units headed straight for the front line, quickly moving via APCs, 1940's BMW motorcycles w/ armed sidecars, Hippo-class helicopters, CH-53s, and other armored vehicles. The Army followed, but moved slower, as they had more heavy vehicles and more Divine Tigers than the Marines did. Plus, the Army would have to keep troops spread out to help with paratroopers and whatnot. The S.T.F. Agents would be able to be deployed anywhere in the nation in a matter of minutes, and would act as a special forces unit or help bulk up troublesome spots.
25-09-2008, 02:12
Somewhere above Ursavia

“Lance” turned to face the four men sitting behind him, and mentally ran through their profiles in his head one more time. In order to protect the families of the soldiers from possible fascist retaliation, all of them had been told as little as possible about each other's backgrounds, referring to one another by codenames.

"Dart" was the sniper of their team and had, like all of them, seen service in the war of liberation, where he had claimed over 100 confirmed kills in the brutal guerilla warfare that had characterized the early stages of the resistance. The fact that snipers only ever bothered to "confirm" kills of officer rank only heightened his respect for the man further.

“Specs” was Dart’s spotter, and a dead shot with small arms of any kind. His civilian pursuits, however, were what made him an invaluable member of the squad. Formerly a linguist at Tarrindre’s top university, he was an expert at breaking all forms of codes and ciphers.

"Nuke" was a demolitions expert, claiming proficiency in all types of explosives ranging from simple homemade hand bombs to complex bridge busting monstrosities. Lance found it difficult to believe that one man could have been responsible for all the destruction that Nuke’s profile claimed he had wrecked, but if true he would be a great asset to his team.

“Sneak” had formerly been the most notorious burglar in Tarrindre before turning away from crime and towards the resistance, which soon put his talents to good use infiltrating enemy strongholds. Over the course of the war he had picked up a talent for hacking and electronic warfare that helped him break through many supposedly “impregnable” security systems.

Then of course, there was “Lance” himself, their commander. One of the first few Tarrindian soldiers to defect and join the resistance, he had soon made a name for himself commanding platoons that operated behind enemy lines. Decorated for bravery twice, he had been in command of the team that finally managed to take down the dictator himself.

Shaking himself out of his reverie, Lance got to his feet.

“Alright guys,” he said. “We’re going to be landing soon, so I thought I’d just run through our orders one more time.”

“Firstly, to do everything we can through covert operations in order to aid the cause of the Ursavians.”

“Secondly, to investigate the possible link between the GWO and the former Tarraindian regime.”

“And lastly, to punish all those responsible for propping up the despot.”

A soft thud signaled their landing on Ursavian soil.

Jumping out of the helicopter, Lance saluted the Ursavian officer that had come to greet them.

“Falcon reporting for duty, sir. What are our orders?”
25-09-2008, 03:32
Several Miles off the Coast of Ursava

Captain Gheri waited patiently for any indication from the GWO vessels along the Ursavian coast that they would allow the IFF, a humanitarian organization, to land and operate without interference. As most senior officer out of the seven Captains of the seven naval ships escorting the IFF, Gheri was Fleet Commander. Some Fleet, thought Gheri, Two corvettes, two frigates, and three capital ships--Against those GWO vessels, we wouldn't stand a chance.

Gheri reminded himself of his mission. It wasn't to engage an enemy, it was to see that the Inter-Faith Fellowship got safely ashore so they could help their fellow man in this trying time. Gheri had great respect for charity, but he didn't understand it. Why help someone up when you could simply kill those that pushed them down? That was Gheri's point of view, anyway. Which is why, after he had completed his compulsory term of military service, he reenlisted, seeking a life-long career. He found it, rising to the rank of Captain on the ENS Samson, one of the greatest ships in the Emperyan Navy.

A few more minutes, you fascist bastards, thought Gheri, A few more minutes and I'm pushing through regardless. If you fire on me, I'll fire on you. I'll die, but my country will finally go to war--

Gheri checked himself at the thought. He shouldn't want that, should he? His country at war? Though, as he thought about it, he realized he did. The good Captain felt Emperya was losing her adventurous, fighting spirit. Getting soft. A war was just the thing, he imagined, that would reinvigorate the Republic. His mind wandered with the thought. Maybe he'd fire first. Maybe he'd spur the nation into action.

Though his musing were cut short by an incoming transmission...
25-09-2008, 03:48
CBC Broadcast:

Southern Chemelnki

"This is Jakumi reporting from the Chemelnki Naval Base of Sarevi for the CBC. I am standing by CSS Chemelnki. The CSS Chemelnki is an aircraft carrier and part of a Naval task force of 6 aircraft carrier task groups. This is the first time in 4 years that Chemelnki has responded to an international crisis. The Chemelnki PM stated that this Naval task force is neutral and will be helping refugees only with humanitarian aid. The PM also called for the nations involved in this crisis to not hassle these ship for the betterment of humanity. If these ships are fired on then Chemelnki will attack back."

The Naval task force was a sight to see, as the six aircraft carriers plus their support ships sailed towards Ursava. The leaders of the Naval task force had grim looks on their faces as they thought of what they may expect at Ursava.
25-09-2008, 04:21
Falkasian-Ursavian Border

A dust cloud had risen in the sky over Ursava. This was not just a natural occurance, but brought upon by the near endless numbers of Falkasian tanks and armored vehicles advancing into the country. The army thundered across the ground, leaving behind deep depressions and treadmarks in the soft soil as they went. Their goal was simple, assist the Ursavians in anyway possible against the fascist rebels. Nothing at the moment was against the ROE. Anything fascist was fair game... even those of the Grand World Order.

As the armored column advanced farther into the country, a few of the crewmen sought freedom and escape from the cramped quarters inside their vehicles. They popped the top hatches and climbed out, stretching their legs as the equipment moved. Riding fearlessly near the front of the group in his T-80 Command Tank, General Meisha Ignatev stood with the top-hatch open, surveying the area in front of the convoy. All was clear.

"This may be easier than I thought," Meisha mumbled to himself, hardly auditible over the roar of the tank's engine. He wiped his soiled eyes of dust and dirt as he anxiously squinted ahead of the tank once more. Still nothing. All was clear still.

"This is gonna be a cakewalk..."
The Grand World Order
25-09-2008, 04:24
GWO Naval Fleets

The response to the IFF was quick and simple.

"We will permit you through, so long as you can guarantee that there are NO combat personnel whatsoever on the vessels. We will permit aid to come in, but not forces that will attempt to harm ours."
25-09-2008, 05:58
True to their word, the fascists took no hostile action against the large IFF freighter, nor the Emperyan Naval Fleet escorting it. Though there were no formal searches, the IFF did not go unwatched as they unloaded their vessel ashore.

Fascist rebels observed as amphibious ships shuttled back and forth from the freighter just off shore. First, bringing personnel and flatbed trucks, then returning with packaged supplies. They quietly took note of the IFF personnel, in their form-fitting coveralls they were clearly not armored, and could carry no more than small arms, if any. The packages they carried were quite obviously bottled water, food, first aid, and the like. They were no threat, the fascists thought.

They would have been right, were it not for one man named Sam Carr. A man with the deadliest weapon one could carry in his duffel. A man with a handgun strapped to his thigh. A man on a mission against the Brothers of Fascism. A mission he would fail--purposefully! A mission only he and one other man knew about. That man, the one who assigned it to him, J. Templeton, Chief Elder of Emperya. He who was like a father to Carr. He whom Carr would soon betray...

Within two hours the large, unarmored flatbed trucks were loaded with food, drinking water, medical supplies, and the other resources necessary to set up refugee camps. The IFF set off to where it was needed most. The convoy was on its way, to help what people it could. Mister Carr was on his way, to kill whomsoe'er he would.
Rotum Solum
25-09-2008, 06:22
2:51 PM
TO: President Zigana Saáry, Ursava
CC: Keleman Havas, BoF
FROM: Koloman Hosviy, Dux Populi of Rotum Solum
To whom it may concern:
The Rotian Foreign Relations Bureau would be honored to serve in a mediatory capacity in order to end this conflict with the greatest possible expedience. As a pacifist nation, we feel it is our duty to keep the peace not only within our boundaries, but without when possible. However, as we have virtually no military and no money to spare, we are unfortunately unable to provide relief services at this time, and would prefer to simply mediate peace talks. The Rotian government eagerly awaits your reply.

Koloman Hosviy
Dux Populi, Rotum Solum

2:55 PM
TO: President Zigana Saáry, Ursava
FROM: Koloman Hosviy, Dux Populi of Rotum Solum
We feel it would actually be in the best interests of global peace to prevent the rise of a fascist nation within the territory of Ursava. Unfortunately, some of Rotum Solum's immediate neighbors are unlikely to take kindly to this course of action. Although Rotum Solum officially has barely any military to speak of, the Rotian Foreign Relations Bureau and Defense Bureau jointly operate a team of highly skilled assassins, which we employ on peacekeeping missions around the globe. We would be glad to use these resources to assist the Ursavan government in its war effort. Consider us allies.
25-09-2008, 07:04
The Chemelnki Naval task force arrived near Ursava 2 hours before dawn. Leaders of the naval task force contacted the government to find out where they should deliver their humanitarian aid. Task force commander Sedom ordered all flight crews to be on alert in case something happens.

Back in Chemelnki the PM has called to service all ground military units and but all naval and air force units not involved in this crisis to Defcon 3. At ports on the eastern seaboard of Chemelnki other Naval task groups were preparing to board at least 100,000 ground troops. The Naval command will also be preparing for missions in conjunction with the grounds troops to protect and create the safe zones. The Chemelnki Air Force has worked close to the Ground military for preparing missions of parachuting 300,000 in areas of heavy conflict to pretect and move refugees to Chemelnki safe zones. The Naval, Air Force, and Ground Military have made plans to build 10 safe refugee zones. The safe zones will have complete air support from all available aircraft from the Naval task force in international waters near Ursava.
26-09-2008, 05:06
Merely Moments after the coversation, the General Had summoned Colonel Thomas Hay, of the 12th Infantry Division.

"General! Colonel Hay reporting sir!" Said the Colonel as he Saluted.

"At Ease. Tell me Colonel do you know why you're here?"

"I believe that I'm supposed to stop a fascist Rebellion in Ursava, with four companies of my best men, that about right?"

"Not quite Colonel, You will be running a black ops war, no media, no acknowledgement of your exsitance, nothing."

"I Understand sir."

"Good, i'll leave the strategy up to you, but we need you to stay alive, once we veto the law, you will be reinforced and we will win this war."

"Yes sir!"

"Excellent, now then Colonel, go ready your men!"

Within the span of one hour and a half, the Colonel had assembled his four companies. He chose,

Alpha Company, a Highly Experienced unit, whose specialty lay in rapid strikes into enemy territory and quick retreats with plenty of traps and ambushes

Charlie Company,
A company whose strength was quick adaptablity to any terrian.

And Gamma Company
The support Company who would bring all the man portable artillery and heavy weapons.

His final Company was a Monster of Oblivion APC company, who carried with them the Oblivion Special Tactics Commands (OSTC's for short), who were equipped with the latest weapons, and the newest version of the SaintB powered Armor.

After a quick inspection, the companies where all herded into the Titanius Cargo ships and were enroute to a clearing beside a Mountain Range in Ursava, just 27 klicks inside Loyalist territory (and out of reach of any enemy AA capabilities) , where they would set up their base of operations against the Brothers of fascism.
26-09-2008, 23:19
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27-09-2008, 04:23
OOC: Oblivion, I have stated several times that Ursava has no jungle. Up north is mountains and wintery terrain while farther down south it only gets slightly warmer in the summer.

The Huey gunships approached at top speeds above the road. They had not predicted where the Falkasians were going to be but were simply on their way to cause a fight on the main lines. Upon sighting of the tanks however, rockets were launched via co-pilot controlled systems at the tanks below along with the machineguns to catch anybody who happened to be on foot beside the tanks. Admittablly, from that height visibility wasn't the best but they were still firing as a radio message was sent back and tanks began to fortify the areas around Fascist lines in order to prevent an attack from any deep-striking force.
27-09-2008, 06:02
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28-09-2008, 01:52
On board the Titanus Cargo plane, # 7.
Skies above Ursava
3 AM

"Colonel, We are going to touch down in 3 and a Half minutes."

"Good job captain, what's the status on the LZ?"

"It's Clear sir!"

"Good. Now then boys, the moment we step foot on Ursavian Soil, we don't exist, we are here to delay a fascist uprising until we recieve reinforcements. We are not to be discovered by any government until reinforcements are sent, if we are discovered we will be arrested, branded as traitors to the Federation and be hanged. Do you get me?!?"

"We get you sir!!!"

He yelled "Good, now lets move out!", just the plane landed and the cargo bay door opened. All four companies of soldiers piled out of the Jets that carried them into Ursava.

Colonel Thomas yelled into his comm
"The moment you step off your plane take as many supplies as you can and start moving to rally point Alpha."

Rally point alpha was the designated zone in the mountains in which the Oblivion soldiers would form their base of operations.

The moment a plane was unloaded it was sent back to Oblivion with all due haste. So from that moment on, the Soldiers of the 12th Infantry Division, were on there own.

The Hike up the mountains would be incredibly long, taking several trips for all the supplies to make it up to the rally point, by logistics estimations, all the supplies should be moved by sundown tomorrow.
29-09-2008, 09:06
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08-10-2008, 06:03
6 am Ursava's western coast

The Chemelnki naval forces established a beach head that made 1/3 of Ursava's west coast a humanitarian zone. Chemelnki forces have started to build barracks and air fields for its troops and aircraft. Also Chemelnki forces have set up mash units to house humanitarian aid workers and doctors.
08-10-2008, 06:12
NEWS Broadcast

Chemelnki grounds forces of 400,000 have landed on Ursava soil. These troops will bring refugees into the humanitarian aid zones. Nine more zones will be set up within the next 2 weeks.
08-10-2008, 19:23
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