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Myrkei Demirios Annual Military Exercise (Open, Ask to join)

Anemos Major
23-09-2008, 19:58
The Myrkei Demirios military exercise was introduced by Lord Second Marshal Myrkei Demirios in the year 1974 to test the capabilities of the armed forces of Anemos Major. The exercise involved air and ground forces, and was carried out in and around the city of Serei, a lush grassland. Until now, the exercise has been a very closed event but now, for the first time, Anemos Major is opening it up to other nations.

Anemonian troops:
2nd Army, 4th Division (20,000 troops, 2,000 are using 8th gen. infantry systems.)
800x Leclerc Tanks
1600x M2 Bradleys
3200x HMMVW
As many trucks as necesarry
2x U-2s
4x SR-71 Blackbird
4x AC-130U Gunship
40x F-22 Raptor
80x Dassault Rafale
160x Mirage F-1
20x A-10 THunderbolt II
2x Global Hawk UAVs
Special Operations
4th Special Operations Battalion, SO-TCOM Section 3 (Rangers, Airborne capabilities, 400x men with 40x M2 Bradley Airborne Config.)

The exercise was based on a what if situation where Serei had been captured, and the defenders were to hold out for forty days, while the attackers were to recapture the city.