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Lost and chased... (FT, openish)

Zeon Principality
22-09-2008, 12:14
After the decisive defeat of the Neo Zeon fleet in the very first battle of the so called Second Neo Zeon War (even if it was technically over after just a single battle), Char Aznable had been on the run from Zeon forces. During the aftermath of the battle he had managed to flee from the battlefield using an FTL capable fighter, which was all that had stood between him and an untimely death. There was no shortage of high ranking people within the Principality of Zeon who wanted him dead due to his actions during the First Neo Zeon War.

Some time after the battle he had managed to find his way to an Anaheim Electronics Mobile Suit manufacturing plant in the Von Braun colony on the Moon. He had managed to get away with a prototype Mobile Suit which had the capability to travel faster-than-light, only barely escaping Zeon patrols while doing so. His intended to flee into Side 7 (which was populated by the remains of the Earth Federation) after working out some arrangements, but to make a long story short, he had been ambushed and failed to actually do as he had intended. Instead he was forced to initiate FTL, and...

The Mobile Suit rocked violently as he was coming out of faster-than-light speed, and shortly after the fact he realized that his FTL drive had gone inactive. But not only that, he could not recognize his surroundings. He was in some star system, but it was obviously not Sol. The closest planet looked like it was habitable, but it was impossible for him to know whether or not that was true. Mobile Suits were weapons of war, after all. They were not designed to detect atmospheric qualities.

It did not take him long to realize that his FTL drive had failed him in a rather catastrophic fashion. Not only had it stopped working, but he had been thrusted into some distant place.

Could things get any worse?

(OOC: Well, there we go. I've been thinking of doing this for a little while. While the post isn't quite as good as I might want, well... It ought to work. As you might have guessed, this thread is about a certain someone who's being chased by the Principality of Zeon. And right now, he's stuck in an unknown star system. Anyone can claim the system to be his or hers. However, I want the folks who participate to be capable of posting longer than one (or two) sentence posts.

Also... I won't be happy if I'll see massive fleets of doom for no reason from random participants, and I really don't want the person who claims the system to be his to be the kind that'd blow anything that shows up out of the sky, no questions asked. How inhabited the system is depends on the person who'll claim it to be his/hers.)
22-09-2008, 12:47
ooc: why hello there, always nice to meet new people( even though you are not new, and probably very experianced, but you are new to me) I hope this RP can be enjoyable for both parties.
One of the many stations in orbit of the single Semi-habitable planet in the star systems gave off a automated alarm, as its sensors picked up something unusual.
A youngling, manning the control panel, not barely a few days out of the ponds decided, rather then inform everyone else, he would take things into his own hands.

"Ooo this is new.. now lets see here" he muttered to himself excitedly as he manipulated the controls at his station, turning his small patrol craft around and towards the last nkow location of the disturbance.
"Recognition required" chimed the computer, as he fought to disable the alarm.
his face changed to a old worn face
"Alpha Seee ah four" he croaked before changing back.
"Clearance granted, thank you cadet" chimed the computer in a cheesy voice as the alarm from the station silenced.

The small one man craft sped towards the unidentifed object, still a good hundred Kloms away it hailed
"Unidentified object, this is the fox class patrol ship Observant, under the control of captain.." Thinking he came up with a reaosnable name "Keys, please identify yourself, if capable if not please find some way of communication your status"
The silver arrow like craft slowed to a halt as it waited for the thing to show some sigh of it being alive, "keys" began to scan it carefully, noting its small size and suit like apperance, he wondered how it got this far into deep space, wondering if it had gotten here via some form of FTL, quickly dismissing the thought
"too small" he said aloud, and waited..
22-09-2008, 13:43





Thursday 16 November 3048, 11:00 (New Brisbane time)
Unexplored system designated UEX-77
KSS Avitus (Navy Destroyer No. 70)

The small destroyer glided through the void between the stars, following a path only it knew to a coordinate set its masters had mandated. Lights blinked in calm, repetitive patterns along the exterior; they would have been almost soothing, had the ship not excluded all possible outside observers by dropping into a superluminal quantum tube.

The tube's end "loomed" ahead, a wormhole gateway rapidly expanding on the sensors and showing the path to a new wealth of information and knowledge; with nary a comment from the crew, the warship sailed out into this unexplored system.

We shall take a moment here to describe the Avitus in all its militaristic glory; although the word 'small' was before used of it, at one kilometre, the blade-like ship was quite big enough to accommodate vast networks of computer matrices and grids in a little-known experimental design; with all the ship's firepower interlinked in banks of four barrels which could tilt and swivel frighteningly and slip down into the upper hull as needed, it had once been said of the elegant yet deadly vessel: "On a scale of one to God, Destroyer Seventy-Seven is a force to be reckoned with."

And so it was. Then again, it was not all about bloodstained victories - the ship harboured not a few supercooled processing banks, wired up to not a few sensors on the hull; polysentience 137-Sakaki knew she had chosen the right operational asset - a well-rounded all-rounder, one might say.

She turned to the sensors and linked in, looking through her massively expanded range to detect the trace: a second later, it was suddenly there, without warning, but then fading again. Definitely some sort of superluminal drive failure, holding in a cascading loop over 77-4. Intriguing - she powered the engines up to the eminently reasonable level of one million, resolving to wake the Commander, one Annora Avratana, should the ship run into difficulties.

As she vectored in, she powered up the antenna.

Unidentified manned object, this is Lieutenant 137-Sakaki, resident polysentience for the starship Avitus. Identify yourself at your leisure, and be aware that Avitus is taking a wide vector to your orbital position.

Zeon Principality
22-09-2008, 23:35
Where the hell am I?

Browsing through the mass of information the instruments of the Mobile Suit did not help him too much. All it seemed to indicate was that he was rather far away from Sol, something he had gathered all on his own shortly after his sudden arrival. Mobile Suits were weapons, after all, so he hadn't really expected much. The place hadn't been charted.

At least I had time to change, he thought, sighing, I will be less conspicuous if I'm found out here.

The Mobile Suit remained relatively stationary even though he was going through the surroundings. All (even relatively) modern Mobile Suits had 360 degree camera coverage combined with a panoramic monitor, which, at all times, showed everything any pilot would need to see to fight effectively and more.

But right then... He noticed something in the distance to the left.

"Did they find me?!," he shouted as he turned towards the unknown vessel, which, much to his surprise, started sending in something... A transmission.

I don't think it's them.

And so, he listened to the transmission.

Hmmh. No, it's not them...

As it were, he already had a cover story ready. He wasn't the kind of man to run into things without plans. He proceeded to press a button so as to send in his own response to the vessel.

"This is Quattro Bajeena of Anaheim Electronics. I can hear you, captain Keys. Would it be possible for you to tell me where, exactly, this place is?"

... Shortly after that, another vessel showed up. He could tell from the look that it was a warship of some kind, although one which did not follow the same design as the ships in the Earth Sphere. It became most apparent that it had nothing to do with the first as it also sent in a transmission.

"This is Quattro Bajeena of Anaheim Electronics. I experienced some kind of FTL drive malfunction which threw me here on this Mobile Suit. I hope I didn't happen to show up in the middle of a warzone?"

Considering the seemingly tranquil nature of the area, it was unlikely that it was a battlefield of any kind...

But you never knew.

(OOC: The Mobile Suit you're looking at is basically this (, a Re-GZ, except it is equipped with a prototype FTL drive which would manifest itself as a much larger "backpack". I thought you might want some kind of visual aid.)
22-09-2008, 23:40
ooc: right as im about to go to school >.< ! also, what no mention of me kost? powerful sensors todetect a FTL failure. but you dont tnoice your ally kewen? :P
23-09-2008, 03:15
(OOC: ta :))

Sakaki's subpolysentience assigned to threat detection started prodding her urgently. What is it? she demanded.

Unidentified ship closing on target. Recommend increase speed -- update: unidentified object is a Kewen scout; edited recommendation: once mission concludes, contact Diplomatic Corps and query them on the Kewen's territorial claims.

Sakaki could hear the frustration in her childlike "cousin"'s signal. The Navy's human captains always seemed to be perfectly up to date with whatever information the Diplomatic Corps information service had to offer, but AI commanders and lieutenants would be at least three bulletins behind; whenever asked, the smug organics would blame it all on "technical difficulties", when the difficulties really lay within their own ossified headballs. It was the Frankenstein complex, reincarnated. It happened every few centuries, and it was, paradoxically enough, always during a period of several years of cultural expansion.

In any case...

She put those thoughts from her processors and veered in towards the tiny humanoid figure. Presenting herself as an AI with... worries... would not do well for the impeccable image of electrokind. And after all, as beta watch commander and sole bridge officer, she had a reputation to maintain.

"As far as I know, no, you are not in a war zone. This situation, which we designate UEX-77, is a Kewen claim."

[One jump later, almost neck-and-neck with the Kewen]

Throttling back, she watched with some pride as the ridiculously sharp nose and jointed prow sensor array of the destroyer stopped but ten kilometres from the tiny suit. A fluctuating list in the corner of her vision told her that Avratana and the first officer were watching with some interest, while others were blearily jumping onto the channel from all over the ship as word spread.
The Fedral Union
23-09-2008, 04:40
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23-09-2008, 10:29
Keys sent the Kostemetsian ship a freidnly greeting, after almost panicing before he realised it was a friendly ship.

"Greeting Kostemetsian Allies, i cam Cadet keys, in command the the patrol craft you see before you".

"Quattro Bajeena of Anaheim Electronics, this place, is in Kewen where else would it be? its close enough to home to warrent regular patrols but far enough that the patrols are small and not very impressive, what are you doing out here?" he asked, as he pressed a button on the control panel, his tactial display lighting up he set the weapons to half charge on his shp as he advanced a little bit closer.
Zeon Principality
24-09-2008, 01:21
So... The system had been claimed by some people, even if their presence there wasn't exactly awe inspiring. The intelligence reports on Zeon dealings with outsiders hadn't mentioned anything that would have gone by the name "Kewen", so it was safe to assume that there hadn't been any kind of contact between the two. That assumption was backed up even further by the fact that they seemingly had not even recognized the machine he was in as a Mobile Suit.


That meant he actually might be able to get through this without a scratch. That was, of coruse, if the locals were as amicable as it seemed. So, he proceeded to reply to the transmission once again, his voice as confident as ever. Both of the vessels were likely to hear it, but it wasn't of any concern for him, especially since it seemed that they were friendly towards each other. Which, in turn, lead the man to conclude that at the very least the relations of the national (or whatever) entities the two represented were warm.

"Kewen, huh? I assure you, I'm not here to infiltrate your country or anything. I'm here because this machine's faster-than-light drive malfunctioned. I was actually testing it... And then this happened. I just need to stay put for several hours for the drive to reactivate. I hope you understand."

Having said that, he checked the status of the drive again, even though he knew it was useless. The reactivation process would take its time, and the system would tell him when it's ready anyway.

(OOC: "Reserving" posting space will make the thing look kind of weird if it includes something that would require a reply from me, as I can't really reply to the possibly incoming post without knowing its contents. I hope you understand that, The Fedral Union.)
24-09-2008, 03:51
They called themselves The Dead. This was not a reference to an obscure, ancient Terran group of musicians; it was not a melodramatic statement of forthcoming zombie apocalypse (the Necrons could supply that). It was instead an oxymoronic label they had adopted out of stubborn pride.

They were men and women (and stranger things) of whom it had been spoken: "They are dead", or "They are as good as dead". They were the ones who had been cast out, hunted, condemned, scheduled for execution; they had all escaped deathtraps and survived infernoes. Sometimes they had helped each other to do so; sometimes they had accepted an escapee into their ranks. For The Dead were very good at keeping hidden.

These days they tracked down people who might need their help. Every day across the universe millions of people were condemned to die unjustly, or perhaps completely justly. The Dead only controlled a few ships, which when not on the move were hidden in a massive artificial ring around Byelua III which also served as a spaceship graveyard. They could not be everywhere. So they only traced those who had successfully escaped, those who needed their help (and, of course, could contribute something to the organization).

They had traced the flights of dozens of people throughout their sector of the galaxy, but only a few of them matched the criteria. One had succeeded in escaping to a relatively unknown star system without leaving too obvious a trail for his pursuers. The Dead approved of that. They did not approve of the bounty that had been placed on his head, however. Bounty hunters annoyed The Dead almost even more than lawyers. (Almost.) Therefore, they decided to send out a ship to give him the traditional choice.

At very least, Captain Awesome did. Captain Awesome was the leader of The Dead. Some freak of genetic engineering, or maybe radiation, had given him a wide variety of useful super powers and a pathological rescuer complex. Unfortunately, while attempting to save the life of a young lady who was being attacked by delinquents, he accidentally set a car on fire and destroyed three city blocks, and the girl turned out to be an eldritch horror from twenty thousand fathoms who caused zombies to rise from the grave while the delinquents had actually been respected scientists who were attempting to contain the zombie apocalypse by taking and destroying the eldritch horror's ring of power, and the long and short of it is that Captain Awesome escaped that particular planet with six different death sentences and an excommunication on his head. He could only stay invisible for so long, and it usually wore out at embarrassing times when he was a fair distance from his clothes, so eventually he teamed up with an outlaw shipbuilder he'd once helped bring in to create a spaceship that could run completely silent.

It wasn't easy, until they'd taken in the rogue Overmind Paula (her crime: genocide -- she escaped by implanting her sentient part into an FTL shuttle while her mainframe was disassembled. More detail to be revealed through conversation.), and even then it had sometimes been a stretch. But eventually, by venting heat from the ship across such a wide area that it could be written off as stray hydrogen atoms except at really insane ranges, and by using communications systems that expended only minuscule amounts of energy, it was accomplished. Now that ship was on the move again.

Captain Awesome had selected, in addition to Paula, ex-political prisoner The Beagle (he'd walked across South America to avoid his captors) and the infamous Barnaby, the Butcher of Betelgeuse (brought in because the meat he sold failed to meet standards, and in The Dead because he'd escaped their inescapable prison). The ship didn't need a huge crew for a short jaunt like this one, after all, and Paula could manipulate the non-sentient ship's AI into fulfilling most of the functions anyway.

In a few hours they'd be somewhere near Kewen; close enough that they shouldn't go any farther, at any rate. While none of The Dead had ever been to Kewen, they were sure that at least Paula, who'd destroyed a planet or two, would not be welcome anywhere, and at least one or two members of the crew would sound familiar to law enforcement officials. In the meantime, there was plenty to do on board.

So I wrote an entire post (placeholder, too) just for the sake of introducing a character named "Captain Awesome". There have been worse offenders. >.<
Zeon Principality
29-09-2008, 07:45
He felt slightly nervous after having waited for some time without a new reply. Although they seemed benign, who knew about their true intentions? They weren't people he had met before, after all...

Who knew what went through their alien heads?

He glanced at a window showing the status of the faster-than-light drive on his left side which was on the large panoramic monitor which surrounded him. It seemed he would be soon able to leave... Only problem was that there was no telling if the others would allow this to happen in the first place.

But he still had a job to do, and he had no intention to leave it undone.

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29-09-2008, 09:30
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also your post.. is confusing and lame. the only bit awesone ironically is captain awesome.

Keys was litteraly freaking out inside his tiny oldship, for a moment his natural instincts took over and quite litterally fell apart, it was untill he noticed that the really big warship, that had pulled along side his dimunitive patrol ship was infact Kostemetsian, and if his memory severed him correct, which he thank various ditites it was they were friendly.

Regaining his composure in more ways then one he quickly sent a reply.
"Hello there Kostemetsian ship, this is Captain Keys of the Fox Class Patrol ship, I assume that this little mansuithing is the cause for your arrival, if so our facilities are more then able to accomidate it/his/hers needs."
Was sent the Kostemetsian warship.

The response to the forein object however, was a little less composed
"I never thought you wer-- ermm i no we, aumm all of us, never thought you were a spy, yea we didnt unless your admiting your a spy! then I would have to take you into our custody, but you said your not.. why would you lie, unless you were a spy!"

this endless rambling continued for a minute sounding like mindless hysterics before some sense appears

"If your errm... space suit takes longer to fix, you can come to our space faciliteis and wait for it to be fixed there, if you incapable of self movment i can towyou. unless this is a trap!" he was about to continue with his histercis, when the comms unity shorted out cutting the rest of his ramblings off.
Zeon Principality
04-10-2008, 16:34
... Odd creature.

Based on the way his Mobile Suit's systems were functioning, as he saw it, there was no need for the aid of outsiders. There was no actual damage done to it, after all; the faster-than-light drive just had to "reset" itself, and it was the thing which was taking time.

And as per his own calculations, it'd take quite some time until he'd run out of air... Or rations. For a prototype Mobile Suit that was "under testing", it was oddly well prepared for something that would equate a long mission. Of course, it wasn't something he'd mention to the outsiders. It didn't really concern them anyway.

"Heh," he said in response to the Kewenian captain's antics, smiling, "Thank you for the offer, but this Re-GZ isn't actually damaged. As I told you, the faster-than-light drive malfunctioned. It didn't break as such. I can sit it out here until it starts functioning again, and then I'll be back on my way."

He felt relieved. The locals were obviously not hostile, although maybe a bit paranoid. Only problem was that Zeon forces might find him...

But considering the way his drive malfunctioned, it seemed unlikely.
09-10-2008, 12:02
ooc: damit! lost it again >.<

Keys didnt know what to do, his training didnt cover this, then again being told how to fly a little death trap, and then told if anything happens hit the red button Keys didnt really expect much was going to happen.

"I dont think I can let you leave, first you arrive by a accident you say! hallmark of a sabortour! then you say you are not a spy, raising my suspicious of you, and now you want to leave very quickly? I find your motives to be not honest! therefore by right of kewen law, you will be detainaoed and your fighter/ship/fancy tuxedo will be detained untill we can clear this mess up!"

as he spoke, he keyed into the systems defense grid, and the FTLi where cranked up a notch, eclipsing the gathering point.
Zeon Principality
17-10-2008, 16:37
A strained smile.

... What a paranoid little...

He glanced at the window again, and sighed in relief.

Somehow, the system had reset itself already. It was several hours ahead of any earlier estimations. There was some kind of an anomaly affecting the system this time around, but there was no sign that it wouldn't work. And that was quite enough for him.

He checked the coordinates which had been fed into the system when he had departed from the Moon. From what he could tell, they still were the exact same as they had been before. He had been aiming for Jupiter, but had somehow missed it by light years. Bad luck, perhaps?

Not that it mattered now.

He pressed the activation button, and with that, the Mobile Suit suddenly disappeared.

(OOC: OK, that's it. With Char gone, this thread is officially over not too long after it started. It didn't exactly go anywhere near where I thought it would, but... You can't win every time, now can you. Thanks to the FTLi field, he'll probably end up way off the set coordinates, but I'm not going to make another thread about it. :p )