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Netrose Embassy Thread

21-09-2008, 21:23
We of The Fascist Confederacy of Netrose wishes to establish diplomatic relations with the international community. It is our hopes that our communication with the wider world will not only benifit us, but the world as a whole. And though we are small, do not underestimate us. We have a greatness that the world has never seen before.

Glory to the State,
Adam Marches, Supreme Chancellor of Netrose
Barxton Wills, Head of Foreign Relations

Information: Netrose is a small, but rapidly growing nation. It strongly follows a politcal philosophy of what it calls "True Fascism" and on of the nation numerous mottos and slogans is, "No one over the state, no one outside the state, no one against the state" The nation's economy is very strong and the coutry is willing to particiapte in trade.

For those interested in opening an embassy in Netrose, please filled out the following form.

Full Name of Nation:
Form of Government:
WA Category:
WA Status:
Civil Rights Rating:
Political Freedoms Rating:
Name of you Head Ambassador(s):
Special Requests:

Nations In Contact With Netrose

The Federation of Prycuse
21-09-2008, 21:33
Official Telegram of The Federation of Prycuse

To:Fascist Confederacy of Netrose

The Federation of Prycuse is interested in setting up an embassy in the Fascist Confederacy of Netrose. Below is the required information.

Full Name of Nation: (The) Federation of Prycuse
Form of Government: Republic
WA Category: New York Times Democracy
WA Status: Member
Population: 889 million
Civil Rights Rating: Very Good
Political Freedoms Rating: World Benchmark
Location of Embassy: Since you have not outlined locations, anywhere
Name of you Head Ambassador(s): Martin J. Thomas
Special Requests: Set up an embassy in Prycuse (check sig)

If you have any questions please ask. Thank you.

David Sanders
Minister of Foreign Relations of Prycuse
22-09-2008, 01:45

To: The Federation of Pryuse

Your Embassy Request Approved!
Netrose Embassy in Prycuse to be requested soon.

(OOC: I edited my opening post.)