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The Lady's rise to absolute power, FT

21-09-2008, 12:07
In a dark circular hall seats formed a ring around the central area of the Hall

This was the Senate Hall where the ruling Olligarchy of the Iriat Republic made all of the descisions

Iriats was a race of humans that was now just beginning to enter into Implant research to imrpove fighting and other super human skills and powers.

A hologram flashed up in the center of the round hall. All the senators were watching the Hologram image of a women in her 30's

The Hall seated 20 senators

"How are your operations going, Malathis?" asked a female Senator to the Hologram

"We have entered the system. My ship is approaching the planet, Almarz. I will get to the bottom of this dispute the return to Eranos with a posative report" said the female hologram

"How are the implants feeling, Malathis? You are the first Iriat to try them"

"I am aware of that senator... They feel fine, infact I cant wait to try them on"

"Malathis, when you return to Eranos we want you to head the first Implant academy. I'm sure with your experiences a new elite will help govern the Iriat Republic"

"It will be an honor, Senator. I must go now" The hologram faded out

.............................Meanwhile on the Dark Star (Malathis's ship)...................................

Malathis was wearing a dark grey robe. underneath the robe were grey skintight spandex with black knee high boots and some chest plate armour. She had short black hair a pale complextion and a redish tint to her eye colour (becuase of the implants)

"make me a head of some academy! I dont think so! To just throw me out like that! I ought to be on the Senate at the front of the descision making! 12 years of a faithful servant to the Iriat Republic and this is how they treat me!" yelled Malathis in a rage

"Maddam, Perhaps you should use the new position at the academy to your advantage, indoctrinate the newly implanted to become your followers... maybe" said quite a built young man no more then 19 years old

Malathis froze and thought it over

"Your actually proposing I change the system from below? with followers!? Its never been done in the history of our Iriat Republic. change can only come from the top"

"We can buy out time. In the meantime we will create an apparatus of power and a base, indoctrinate the implanted and the senate will beg for mercy" said the young man

"Kamar, your a smart young boy.... How are your implants feeling" malathis said walking over and putting her hand on the young boys shoulder

He was quite a well built man, with shaved black hair, a face tatoo going up one side of his face and with the same reddish tint to his eye colour thanks to the implants

"I would like to try them out when we get to the ground" he said

"Well unfortunatly we cant use violence, orders of our spineless senate"

The ship approched the planet and went into orbit and proceeded down and within 30 minutes was stationed in a large public square in the city center.

They were on Planet Almarz

"Young boy, you mind over the ship, I'll go alone" said Malathis walking off

Kamar was eager to try out the powers that came with the implants.

He spoke into a microphone on his wrist

"Send for some pathetic worker in the ship I want to try out my new implants"


Malathis was in a conference room in the planetary parliament

"I do believe the senate is treading on our rights! The people of Almarz want nothing less then on of thier men in the senate! We were elected by the people with the promise of giving them greater voice in the central government in Eranos!"

"Dear honorable leaders of Almarz, you must have faith in the senate. I'm afraid you cannot make such demands to them. The republic functions because of them dont you....." Malathis was interupted

"They just issued a decree which will mean we have to halt industrial growth in favour of agricultural growth! Such policy will soon make us the poorest planet most reliant from aide from the central government

Malathis hated being interupted

"Well making you reliant on aide will only stregnthen you ties to the senate and make it harder for you to succeed. understand! now call of the planetary strike now or you can expect to see republic forces replace your administration"

"Is that a threat!"

Malathis concentrated and tapped into her mind implant. the speaker began screaming in agony and grabbing his head

"What are you doing! you mad women!" yelled one of the Almarz officials

Malathis stood up and released the Almarz speaker from her mind implant.

"From now on any insubordination and you can all expect to lose your heads. By order of the central government you are to end the planetary strike, impose martial law if the people refuse to stop and then resign where the central government will replace your administration......"

Malathis was interupted once again by another official

"Since when have we ever been a dictatorship! This is not how we work!"

Malathis charged over and shoved the man which sent him 3 meters across to the wall where he left a crack in the wall and collapsed to the ground

"I'm warning you all! The senate will expect to see all of your resignations after this is over. And incase you try anything funny we will be settling a garrison on the planet to ensure you make the right descisions"

Malathis left the office

When she returned to her ship 2 men were removing a bloody corpse out of the room.

"My young Kamar, what did you do to the fellow?" she asked

Kamar turned around and wiped away some blood from his nose

"Just trying out the implants"

"Dont worry the nose bleeds will stop soon, just keep training"

The ship departed the planet and headed back to Eranos to the capital planet
21-09-2008, 12:22
The interior of the Dark Star was quite dark and dank. with a cold and unwelcoming feel. the floor was a type of grill/grate and many wires and pipes ran and travelled across the walls making it appear quite bare. It was quite an old ship

"Malathis was seating on grand throne type seat. A hologram was before her of 7 men standing infront of a desk

'We call for the immediate end to all planetary striking, we have new goals that need to be worked on. We must strive to make the planet healthy and rich and striking in counter productive. Specialists will be arriving to help guide the planet on the correct path. We would also like to announce our resignation as of this moment for the new speciaists to take over and do a better job than us.. Thank you, remember to remain calm and co-operate or we will see this planet fall to ruin' The hologram cut out and Malathis smiled

Another Hologram came up of a Senate members. an old bearded man

'Malathis. That was a little bit too easy. We hope that you did resolve that in a civil way. Eitherway the senate does congradulate you on your victory. Meet up in the Senate Hall when you arrive, immediatly'

Malathis stood up and turned to face Kamar

"What is it Lady" He said

"Its not long now, I can tell you that. You know you were onto something about the indoctrination of the newly implanted. It could work. I'll take my place at the academy, I'll leave temporary command of the ship with you where you will follow my instructions of building our power base"

A smile grew across Kamar's face

"Also use your new found powers as much as possable. I even give you permission to use the equipment in my bedroom to implant someone you find in your mission that will be of help. But you may ONLY implant that one person"

"Thats fine with me, Lady"

Malathis walked over to the great window facing the expanse of space

'Malathis, the lady of Iriat' she thought to herself
21-09-2008, 12:35
In the Senate Building on the Planet Eranos

Malathis was walking down the large marble halls of the Senate Palace. She entered the Senate Hall and proceeded to the center of the hall where all 20 senators were staring at her

"Malathis, do you care to report what happened. in detail, dont leave anything out"

"I make no excuses, I did what had to be done to get a favourable result for the Iriat Republic" said Malathis nonchalantly

"We are not a dictatorship and we do not condone violence and intimidation. From what we have heard you threatened to invade Almarz with republican troops, injured one official and gave another a headache for which he is still recovering. You used your implants against the delegation and forced thier resignation"

"But was this result not a desirable one"

Another senator spoke up

"Let us leave this matter behind, what is done is done. Yes it was a desirable result I wont lie but it is not how we work. It is not how we want to be known for. It does not matter anymore. You will take up your position in the new accademy. New Implant recruits are waiting for your guidance"

"I have a question. I am the soldier I am today becuase of the way I trained myself. If I can have guarentees you will not interfere in the academy and allow me to train them the way I will I can assure you I can turn out top class soldiers"

"Very well. Let us remind you though we are not a state based on fear and terror. We are about compassion and peace. These newly Implanted must also share the republics views and stand for them"

"As you wish Senators" said Malathis bowing

she left the hall and then walked over to a dark corner and spoke into a communicator on her wrist

"The ship is yours for the time being, head to Masarah and start up a network on spies on that planet. I want a fully functional spy ring within 2 months"

Kamar recieved the message and gave the order to leave Eranos and head to Masarah
22-09-2008, 10:24
Malathis was sitting in her new bedroom on the top floor of the Academy. It was quite a luxurious room with its own bathroom, lounge area and balcony looking over the city.

She went down the hallway and then down to the base entrance hall on an elevator.

over 100 new recruits were all in a line facing foward. Their eyes with the same reddish tint from the implants

Malathis viewed over the new recruits

"The Iriat Republic is weak, the senate is spineless! Do you want to help with the progress of the Iriat people!? Ofcourse you do! Follow and listen to my instructions to help build a new strong Iriat based on the joint ideals you will learn here in the academy. I will point out the faults in our system and only you will be able to improve on those faults. Get to your dorms immediatly and then dump your belongings. tonight you can properly aquaint yourself with the place in the meantime you are to meet me in the obstacle course room. Use the directory wall computers to help in directions if you get lost"

Malathis walked off

........................Meanwhile On Masarah.........................................

Kamar had just killed another ship crewman testing out his implants in a manor of ways.

Masarah was quite a lush planet, it had many jungles and very few urban centers. It did have one main urban center called Restis.

Kamar needed to start up an efficient ring of informants and spies. Masarah was a small planet and so it would not take long before the entire planet knew who was boss for fear of dissapearing Kamar knew if anyone bad mouthed Malathis or him they would be killed.

Ofcourse he couldnt just walkts up to anybody and force them into some group they had never even heard of or knew about. He had to infiltrate the system more smartly then that.

He headed to the main Hall of Records in the center of the city of Restis. He looked just like an ordinary citizen. He had docked the ship in some landing bay which he had gotten for free becuase of Malathis' ties to the government

The red tint to his eyes did not bother the normal Iriats who just assumed he was another species of man.

He entered the Hall of Records. It was a grand building, circular in shape with as many floors above ground as it had below ground. He walked up to a desk at the front

"Hello. I've just returned from the dispute with the Almarz leadership but during our investiagtions it turned up there existed files on the ringleaders of the disruptions here in your Hall of Records. Can I inquire as to why and do you know if any Almarz administrator use to be a Masarah citizen?" said Kamar lying through his teeth so convincingly

"Um... Thats quite strange that such files could turn up in our Hall of records and I've been watching the disruptions on Almarz closly and know for the fact none of the leadership use to live here" said a small desk woman

"I have the proper files and authorization. May I continue my investigations independently here in your hall. I'm sure I will get to the bottom of this" said Kamar handing over some papers which he had obtained using Malathis' contacts in the central government

The desk woman viewed over the papers rather quickly that it was doubtful she read the whole lot let alone understood it. It had the official seal of the senate and was from the government and that was all that mattered to her

"By all means. Head over to the directory. I'm sure with your information you will know what floor to look in for those mystry files" said the woman

Kamar headed past the desk and over to a computer on a mechanical stand sticking out of the ground

He punched in some numbers and pushed a few buttons. He then slid in a disk and within 10 seconds the disk was ejected and Kamar stuffed the disk in a small compartment in his belt. He then made his way into the Elevator. he was the only one in the small elevator. He pulled out the disk and up poped a holographic blue print of the hall of records. A small red light was bleeping on the 18th floor of the structure.

He decided against using the elevator becuase of the risks such as being seen on a security camera invading a restricted room etc

He jumped through the top ventilation grill and then closed it behind him and climed up the shafts ladder. The Implants gave him the stregnth to do it quickly and without making him short of breath. Eventually he was sure he was at floor 18, he had counted the elevator doors heading up the shaft.

He jumped off the elevator and busted into a ventilation shaft above the elevator door to Floor 18.

He pulled out his disk with the Holographic blueprint of the structure. According to the holograph he could follow the ventilation tunnels to the restricted room and jump down from a grill. He was suprised at the lack of security precautions for the security of some sensitive information.

Within minutes he busted the ventinaltion grill and droped into the restricted records room. The room was filled with lagre white oblong type structures with small slots and plugs all overthem.

He pulled out another disk and slid it into a slot. He then connected a wire to a plug which brought up a small holographic key board. He began pushing some buttons on the holograph and a small bleeping noice emitted from the large white oblong machine. Then his disk ejected.

He now had possesion of all the files, criminal records and bank account numbers of over 600 people. He could now bribe, blackmail and sell sensitive information to certain contacts to help his efforts to star up his secret security agency.

Slipping out of the Hall of records was an easy as slipping in. He used the ventilation shaft to enter the elevator shaft and then climbed down to the elevator and left out of that. The desk woman stoped Kamar

"That was quick, did you find what you needed?" she asked

"It was a false lead. Dont worry my report on this will be sent to the central government I'm sure some more leads will come from this"

22-09-2008, 12:46
Kamar entered a small number on his wrist communicator then he heard someone on the other end

"Hello Max speaking"

"Hello, chief of the Masarah police force, I can not say who this is only that you will now be directed by me, I have information that would lose you your job possably land you in jail. I have know of frequent bank visits for which I have a record of money you have injected into your bank account. Its much more then your salary owns. I also have your contact record. I think a few of these contacts could contain quite detrimental information. If you dont want any of this to get out you must do somthing for me. Deposit your embezzeled money into this bank account which I am sending you now. You must also frame the following people with fake crimes. I will send you the list now. Most importantly you are not to report this to anyone and you will now follow all of my orders until I relieve you of your duties to me, Goodbye"

Max was in complete shock.

Within 3 days 30 people were arrested for a number of different crimes

Possesion of illegal substances was the most common
theft and embezzlement of state funds and blackmail

3 days after they all 30 of them were released but they were now under the control of Max who was controlled by Kamar.

The 30 began taking photographs of prominent political activists. They also began spying on thier work mates and family to see the general mood of the people towards certain issues. They also began digging dirt on other people.

Within 3 weeks Kamars network of spies contained over 2,500 informants all gathering information on a number of areas. stealing blueprints for government buildings and also kidnapping and murdering people who dissented from their arrangement in the network. To recruit more spies the dead bodies of the dissident spies were used to frame the soon to be new recruits for murder. The murder charges would only be dropped if they joined.

The Chief of police, Max also released sensitive confidential information such as criminal records and locales containing gangs and other criminal organizations.

Soon within those weeks the Bank Account where Max has been depositiong money for Kamar contained thousands of money which he used to bribe criminal organizations to supply him with arms and to join with the spy network

When the deadline was reached at the end of the 2 months almost every planetary government official was influenced by Kamar in some way. Any step out of line that would ruin Malathis' plans and they would be forced to resign as career ruining information was released or they were paid off. Any journalists commenting on what was happening dissapeared.


2 months of harsh and horrific training had passed for the newly implanted.

Prisoners were conscripted from the jails to be used in target practice or were used as punching bags and test subjects for the recruits trying out thier new implants and super human stregnth and powers that came with them.

By the end of the two months they began to idolize Malathis.

They saw her as wise, the way of the future and the best person who could lead the Iriat Republic to glory. From the initial 100 recruits. 10 had died from the conditions of the training. They were covered up by saying they were obstacle course accidents of drug overdoses.

The senate were keen to get thier new guards all over the Iriat Republic to keep the peace and make everything efficient. The first recruits were to be stationed at the Senate building to protect the senate when they graduated
25-09-2008, 07:32
Malathis looked down across the expansive Eranos capital city.

One of the recruits ran in, in a panic disturbing the calm silence.
Malathis turned around in fright

"What! is it! coming in here barging in like that!" growled Malathis

"The Senate are sending troops to the Academy to shut us down. We have to prepare for a fight!"

"No" she said Calming facing outside to the balcony again


"My spies in the senate warned me of this! Get everyone on the ship in the roof, were going to Masarah... Go!" she yelled

She then flipped up a communicator

"Kamar!" she ordered through through the communicator on her wrist

Kamar spoke in his wrist communicator back on Masarah

"What is it Malathis?"

"Its the senate, they know about what is going on in the academy, I'll be stripped of my positions and probably sent to jail. Get off the Dark Star and launch it to some remote destination. The Senate cant know about what is happening in Masarah. Me and my recruits will meet you at the planet soon to start up a secret academy. I'm sure your influence on the planet will stop the authorities from snooping and will give us the proper finances to start up the new academy"

"It will be done Malathis"

Kamar ordered 5 crew members to launch the ship out of Iriat space until further notice. He left the ship. with 25 other crew members taking the implant machine in Malathis' room.

Kamar and the 25 crew members watched the Dark Star leave thier sight as it raised above the city.

meanwhile back at the Eranos academy the recruits were all aboard the space ship on the rooftop.

Malathis walked down to the grand entrance Hall

"My lady! we have to go now, the troops will be here any minute now" said one of the recruits

"Prepare the ship, I wont be long"

The recruit left to the top floor while Malathis stood confidently. The massive doors swung open and a column of soldiers marched in and lined up before Malathis and aimed thier guns at her

A tall man walked to the front wearing a blue uniform and had a number of medals on his chest

"General Nestar, do you have any reason why your troops are aiming thier guns at me?" asked Malathis calmly

"You've been labled a threat to the constitution! We know, using our network of spies that you planed to use the academy and its recruits against the senate for your own means! Which is why you have been charged with treason and we have been given the order to arrest you. But if you die, it doesnt matter. The senate just want you gone now!" replied General Nestar

Malathis jumped high in the air and pulled out some small black disks. She threw them and they attached themselves to some soldiers and caused them to explode.

The entire hall was engulfed in gunfire and smoke. Malathis jumped and did a backflip up to the second floor above the entrance staircase.

General Nestar pursued her up the steps firing his blaster which she doged easily.

She then went running down the hallway up to an elevator. She pulled out a blaster and fired behind her while still running foward which shot General Nestar in the arm

She ran into the elevator and punched the "Rooftop" button. Soldiers were now coming into view. Malathis aimed her blaster and began firing taking some soldiers out with her aim. She then reached the rooftop

"Get this thing airborn!" she demanded as she ran towards a small elevator under the ship which would raise to lift her up onto the ship.

The ship began to raise. Malathis ran down some corridors and jumped into a small cockpit to control some guns under the ship. She then began spraying the roof with gunfire as troops were just starting to emege from the academy.

Within seconds the ship had left the Eranos orbit. It was now set to travel to Masarah

General Nestar paced around the ruined entrance hall of the Academy, he was holding his wounded arm closly. A women in her 50's, a man in his 30's and an old man in his 60's walked in

"General Nestar, Malathis escaped" said the old man

"The implants pack more of a punch then I thought" General Nestar said

"We will hunt her down and eliminate her. She is too dangerous to be kept alive. We know she has a network of spies within the senate 1 of them we know the identity of. We will keep him around for now in the hope some leads will come up as to her whereabouts" said the younger man

"Her ship the Dark Star was spotted leaving Masarah and is heading for the outskirts of Iriat territory. Its possably fleeing. We suspect she might return to her ship in exile" said the elder women, she then continued on

"As a prize for your courage in the storming of this academy it will be awarded to you, to teach the new recruits"

"Thank you senators" said General Nestar smiling

25-09-2008, 07:38
.................................1 day later...................................................

A large dome building was situated in the middle of the forests nearby to Restis. It use to be a storage factory but using Kamar's influence on the planet the planetary government emptied it and now Malathis and her recruits now occupy the building.

She was on the top floor of the new academy with Kamar
"Its only a minor set back.... In anycase it will probably make the overthrow of hte senate easier" said Malathis

"But Malathis, your recruits were to be stationed in the Senate Hall. They could of wiped them out in the first move"

"But thats no fun now is it, young boy"

"We should define ourselves more. We need to recruit on a massive scale. We need to establish our place in Iriat space and when we control all of Iriat space we can establish ourselves in the Galaxy!" said Kamar with a look of triumph in his face

"We shall be called The Forces of New Iriat! or FNI and within a year I promise the senate will be ours!" Malathis turned and walked out of the room.

Within 2 weeks the Senates intelligence network was in a mess. Malathis and Kamar planted false leads and information as much as they could that Iriat spies were now exploring near by solar systems outside of Iriat space. The Planetary government of Masarah was now entirly under the control of the FNI though the senate had no idea.
25-09-2008, 09:32
Senator Aleya was in her late 50's, she had grey hair and had quite a thin build. She loved fashion and owned a number of expensive and classy gowns and she collected a lot of jewelery. The Last time she cut her hair was when she was 20 so it is ebing held up in an elaborate hair do with expensive head gear with rare jewels encrusted in the headgear.

She was the second longest serving senate member after Senator Memus who was the 68 yearold man who went to the Implant Academy earlier on.

Aleya was sitting in the "Air Cafe" a large floating, palatial ship which circled around the capital city on Eranos.

"Its a shame Malathis betrayed us in such a way. She was one of our best agents"

"Dont think about it too much Aleya, she's a fugitive and she will be caught, she is up against the resources of the entire Iriat Republic" said Senator Memus

"She has the implanted recruits, General Nestar lost quite a number of men to take the academy from her"

"Aleya, it will be fine. In the meantime we should probably rally the Senate to propose more laws that will help us find her"

"Your proposing laws to restrict civil liberties arnt you?" interupted Aleya

"Its about finding a traitor not about civil liberties. We must be effective in eliminating her to get rid of any threats. Spies in the senate, who knows where else she has agents or even how long she has been planning this"

"I supose you are right then" said Aleya sipping her tea.

......................Later that night in the Senate Chamber....................................

Aleya stood up before the circle of 19 other senators

"We have a threat to the constitution lose in the Iriat Republic. We need to capture this threat. I am talking about the band of Implanted recruits who escaped from our raid on the academy and could be anywhere in the Iriat Republic. They intend to overthrow us. This is why I propose we temporarily suspend all Planetary rights and concentrate powers in the central government. If this law is passed the planets will temporarily lose all rights for autonomous rule while we track down this serious threat"

Every senator represented a planet and it was thier jobs to put across thier planets agenda in the senate and serve thier planet. Losing thier rights to properly govern themselves was not desirable and an intense debate raged for 4 hours. 8 senators were for suspending autonomous rule while 8 were for centralizing power in the central government on Eranos. the other 4 were sitting on the fence on the issue.

Afterwards the senators took a break and the leaders of both factions tried thier best to convince the nuetral four senators to vote on thier side.

When the Senate regrouped Aleya's propasition was passed 11-9.

The 9 senators that lost the vote then snubbed the winners and walked out of the senate hall after the votes were counted.