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ATTN Chernobyl-Pripyat: Unrest in Urstania

17-09-2008, 12:48
Red Hall was the name of the Parliament Building for the Socialist Republic of Urstania which was apart of Chernobyl-Pripyat.

The streets of Stimesk the capital of the republic were quite busy. It was usually a busy city and the most populous city in Urstania with over 1.6 million citizens.

The streets seemed crammed with trabants and old box type cars from the soviet era currently the Urstanian Communist party had a ban on western imported cars saying "We need to protect Urstanian factories and car Manufactoures at home"

On Red Hall sat one large Portrait of the leader of Chernobyl-Pripyat which reminded all Urstanian Citizens that they were apart of Chernobyl-Pripyat

The Urstanian Communist Party which met in Red Hall to discuss local issues and set internal republic laws were really an offbranch from the main communist party and central government in Chernobyl-Pripyat

During the years that Urstania had been apart of Chernobyl-Pripyat the population demographs began to change and currently 18% of the population (around 3.1 Million people) are from Chernobyl-Pripyat while the other 82% (14.4 Million) spoke Urstanian and were ethnic Urstanian

17th SEPTEMBER 2008

A group of 5 Urstanian's made there down University Boulavard towards Union Square so they could stand directly at the base of Red Hall

They were wearing large coats and within 10 minutes they were standing in Union Square before Red Hall. The portrait of the leader of Chernobyl-Pripyat looked over the square

The 5 Urstanian's walked on the steps. Some police men were patrolling the square and eyed the large group with suspicion but didnt act on it. It was groups of 10 or more that needed breaking up

But as the minutes passed 3 more people entered Union Square. The original 5 people removed thier coats to reveal plain white T-shirts with a national flag of Urstania and in vivid had the words written

"Urstanian Party of Liberation and Independence"

and on the back had written

"Urstania cant hope to be free until we are Free of Chernobyl-Pripyat!"

The three other civilians removed thier coats immediatly after reaching the steps of Red Hall

A police man noticed 8 citizens immediatly and with fright ran over to the group, whisteling and calling over other Policeman in the area

"Hey you all! Do you have a permit for this!" said the shocked cop

"We have a right to be here, we dont need justification for freedom of assembly" said the central figure in the group who was a bald mane with a moustache

"No, no you need a permit to demonstrate. I am going to have to ask you all to put back on your coats and disperse immediatly" the other police man surrounded the group. One cop even picked up a coat off the ground and tried to hand it to one of the demonstrators

"We have a right to be here, didnt you hear me?" said the central man

"Look If you dont disperse we will have to forcefully disband this illegal demonstration. You need a permit to gather in groups this large in public and demonstrate! dont you know your breaking the law!?" said the policeman

"We will not move from these steps. We need to let the party know what the people think" said the man defiantly

"Thats it!" the Policeman then called up on his radio

"Re-enforcements to Union Square immediatly, we have a code number 1, I repeat a code number 1"

"What do you think you are doing!?" said the demonstrator

"You are under arrest all of you for disturbing the peace and inciting civil disorder" said the policeman. at that the cop's began advancing and trying to supress the demonstrators until after a small jostle all 8 were arrested and were made to sit on the steps and wait for vans to take them away

Some passerby's were quite curious as to what is going on.

Some citizens remained nuetral and continued to walk on but some even stopped. A women walking her young daughted walked up to the cops

"What is going on here?" she said

"Ma'am please this does not concern you, please continue on"

"They are fascists!" yelled a demonstrator sitting on the steps

"Who are these people?" asked the women

"Ma'am they are criminals now can you continue with your business and leave now!" said the policeman

The women stood over to view the demonstrators

"Your for a free Urstania? Well I support you wholeheartedly" she said

"Thats it ma'am you are underarrest for refusing police orders!" The Police immediatly broke the mothers grip from her child and clamped her hands together behind her back and was pushed onto the steps with the demonstrators. The child who was no more then 4 began sobbing and crying.

The mother was quite put out and angry and began abusing the police

Some citizens saw this and ran over

"You seperated that mother from her child!? What did she do!?" said a short man wearing glasses

"Sir, please! these people were creating a disturbance and are waiting for police to take them away"

"What did they do exactly? this isnt right!" said the man

"Sir just continue about your business, this doesnt concern you, Vasily when are the re-enforcements here!?"

"Here" the man reached to pull up the mother, the child was still sobbing

"Thats it, your under arrest!" the policeman beat the mans arm with his batton

9 other citizens rushed over

"What do you cops think you are doing! your suppose to protect the people!" some yelled

Even cars were pulling up to see the comotion

Eventually Police cars began entering Union Square and blocked off the road exits and entrances and blocked off Union Boulavard Bridge which was a major inconvenience causing traffic pile ups hundreds of meters long

The citizens who werent under arrest were in a panic and ran to the exits of the streets but were refused exit by the cops who had blocked the streets with thier cars.

The original police were now shoved and pushed to the ground and citizens began releasing teh handcuffs on the demonstrators on the steps. over 130 citizens were trapped in Union Square

Teargas canisters began to fly over the square which led to columns rising above the square and created a hazy mist. the citizens were now even more panicked and a few minutes later Riot vehicles began to ride up to the police car blockade.

Citizens on the otherside of the blockade were standing looking at events unfold on the square.

........................................Meanwhile at a Townhouse in Stimesk.............................

President of the Urstanian Socialist Republic was at his house. His name was Chovsky Metesk and he was 58 years old

An aide came rushing in

"Comrade. There is unrest on Union Square. The police have been called out but the situation could escalate"

"So Red Hall has been breached!?" said Chovsky in panic

"No, no. the unrest is on the square. An Illegal organization tried to protest but its gotten out of hand"

"So what area's are experienceing unrest. Are there strikes!?" said Chovsky

"No, its just on the square. The police have acted fast to quell it as soon as possable"

"Well... Ok. When the matter is sorted get Ivan Carac to meet me at Red Hall to discuss what has happened and we can see what we can do with a solution. Until its sorted I'm not leaving my home"

....................................... In a country Villa near Copak in the east of Urstania.............................

"General Secretary Carac! There is unrest in Stimesk!" said an aide hurriedly

"Well how bad is it?"

"Its confined to Union Square. President of Urstania Comrade Metesk wants you to meet with him in Red Hall when its died down"

"So much for a vacation! Prep my helicopter we should reach Stimesk within 2 hours"

...................................BACK IN STIMESK..........................................

The citizens on the square were now being loaded into the back on some trucks. The original instigators were taken in other vehicles.

Teargas was beginning to clear over the square. A sympathy strike was now in progress in an eastern Stimesk factory and some brave University Students just one block away from Union Square were sitting infront of the university steps demanding greater freedom of speech and expression and an independent Urstania

Police were now active all over the city routing out opposition. Large vans with mega phones on the roofs were blaring out messages to the people that they should head inside and remain indoors until an address by the President and General Secretary of Urstania.

Ivan and Chovsky were looking down on the square from Red Hall. there was an unconsious body lying at the steps which was being taken away

"How did this happen!?" said Chovsky he was still quite in shock

"Only 130 people were on the square. I just think our aides exagerated the truth out of fear or something" said Ivan

"Still this is unacceptable. I'll address the people. In the mean time you contact the central government and see what Chernobyl-Pripyat can do to help us" said Chovsky

"Let the Urstanian news run with the government approved version of events and then switch live so I can address them" continued on Chovsky

Within 20 minutes the TV and camera crews were all set up to show Live to Urstanian Tellivisions

Instrumental music opens up the news program which usually doesnt come on for another hours so it was disrupting regual scheduled TV

A women was sitting at a desk

"Violence erupted today in Stimesk as anti government demonstrators turned against the police and incited a riot. The police force acted quickly to restore order but the Riot's have spread all over the city. Police are currently standing off at the University and the industrial district on Stimesk, These images are from earlier today"

It shows helicopter footage looking down on University Boulavard of hundreds of students cramming the boulavard with riot police enclosing them in. Then footage showed the choas that erupted on Union Square. It then turns back to the news presenter

"We switch live now to Red Hall where President of the Sociaist Republic of Urstania will Chovsky Metesk will address the people"

Camera's show a Chovsky sitting at the presidential desk in his office

"Dear Comrades. We are currently dealing with unrest in Stimesk and we want to ask for calm. Casualties and instability are all that will come of this and this is something we dont want. Please remain calm. No steps will be taken to install Martial Law but the police have been put on High Alert. We ask that you all remain calm and remain indoors. As for citizens outside of Stimesk we want to assure you we have the situation under control and that you should not be tempted to fall into the ranks of the rioters in destabalizing the nation. Thank you"


To Chernobyl-Pripyat

Concerning recent events in Stimesk the capital of the Socialist Republic of Urstania

An Illegal organization tried to stage a demonstration that was not sanctioned by the government. It was crushed but it drew in some civiians who fought for them. we quelled it all. Riot Police are still standing off with the University students who are staging thier own demonstration. Strikes in the Industrial district has been quelled. We would like to ask for some advice. As the main driving force the central governent has more powers and controls the National Armed Forces. It is advised by the General Seceretary of the Urstanian Communist Party and I, President of the Socialist Republic that the armed forces be moved into Stimesk and the central government will support us to impose Martial Law. Any advice on handle the situation would be appreciated
17-09-2008, 23:47
18th SEPTEMBER 2008

There was a massive police presence around Stimesk to ensure there was no follow up on yesterdays events.

The Riotpolice were still surrounding the University and by now 1200 citizens mainly university students were sitting on the front steps chanting

"Free Urstania! Free Urstania!"

Meanwhile in Red Hall Chovsky and Ivan were still there

"So what do we do about this?" asked Chovsky

"Well we will find out who the ringleaders are in the University demonstration and ban them from the University and dont give them a refund. the rest will be fined"

An aide walked into the presidential office

"Comrades. The 130 prisoners we arrested on the square plus the 30 from the strikes still need to be released. Their family members have surrounding the prison demanding thier release"

"What is with these people!? Since when have Urstanian's ever been so disobedient!?" said Chovsky

"Send busses to collect them and drop them off at seperate points around Stimesk. As for the original 8 members who were arrested seperatly try them with inciting disorder or something and have them locked up, we have to make an example of them" said Ivan


Within 20 minutes busses were arriving at the prison. the family members of those imprisoned tried to swamp them so Policeman came out of the busses and tried to beat them back and shove them back

then when the busses began to leave the prison filled with the prisoners the family members swamped the busses with even more determination

"Let them go! Let them go!" after a 10 minute standoff where mothers refused to get out of the path of the busses the busses released the people. There was a teary eyed reunion and then loud speakers declared they return to thier homes or all face arrest

....................... Mean While at the University is Stimesk......................
"The Order has been given to close in on the students" yelled out a senior riot policeman

They then began marching foward thrusting thier battons foward chanting

"Disband or be hurt! Disband or be hurt! Disband or be hurt!"

Within 5 minutes the students closest to the riotpolice began feeling the sting of battons thumping thier arms and legs, there was a mass panic with students scattering in all direction. they really had no where to go but inside the university as the Riot Police has the university surrounded.

around 80 students managed to break out and were now on the outside of the riot policemans barrier shouting abuse at them. A very organized and braze student then stood at the top of the steps and yelled

"Rush the riotpolice and break out! on 3! 2! 1!" at once at least 200 students thrusted foward which broke the grip of the riotpolice. massive violence ensued

Students on the outside smashed in windows and began thorwing whatever they could at the riotpolice.

Within 10 minutes Firetrucks arrived on the scene and began using the water cannon on the students shoving across the street. It was quite effective.

Soon after the students were being escorted awoy on trucks. the ring leaders would be found, interrogated by the Security Services and then tried though they would not be given serious penalties mostly a fine and a ban from the university. some might face a possabl;e jail sentence

.................................. In Red Hall .............................................

"So the student demonstration has been disbanded?" asked Chovsky to an aide that just walked in

"Yes, the University has been temporarily closed down while it is occupied by the police"

"What are the casualties so far across the last 2 days?" asked Ivan

"We have 34 people sent to hospital with 13 in intensive care and 4 deaths"

"Damn it. How is the news going to report this?" said Chovsky

"We will follow on from yesterday saying that hoodlums infiltrated study circles in the university with the intent of a mass riot plan for the main purpose to looting. Already the media has been ordered to take pictures of the nearby smashed in shop windows"

"Ok fine, run with that story"

.......................................OPENING OF THE NEWS.................................

The Same women is seen as the screen opens sitting at the news desk
"In the second day of violence, hoodlums and teenagers from the poorer districts took advantage of yesterdays mayhem in infiltrating study groups in the University to further thier own means. In todays round of violence the hoodlums smashed shop windows with the intent of steeling items and claiming them as thier own while injuring our patriotic policeman who work hard every day to keep Urstania safe. The Violence over the last two days has claimed 4 people with 13 in Intensive care..."
18-09-2008, 00:29
Central MVD Office, Pripyat

Inside the communication room, the MVD had received the message, forwarded from the main Government offices. The current Commander, Lt. Maj. Borov, who already had his hands full with other things, assigned the incident to someone else. He entered Stg. Kitsenko's office, and placed a folder on his desk.

"Civil disorder in Urstania, it's not something you can't handle. Just try and keep the pyrotechnics to a minimum, got it? Dismissed."

As the Major left, Kitsenko muttered under his breath "But you were in MY office...

He was in charge of a Rapid Response Unit, primarily for these kinds of situations.

To: Urstania
From: SRCP Ministry of Internal Affairs

In response to this, we will deploy an OMON company to assist in restoring order. Should the situation worsen, additional forces will be deployed.
18-09-2008, 01:04
Chovsky recived the message

"Excellent.... For the time being we have quelled everything but you know how these thigs work sympathy strikes will start up just like that... well from history that always seems to be the case. Write a message back"

To Chernobyl-Pripyat

Thank you for the assistance, We really need tougher patrols on the streets to ensure order. The streets are calm currently but things can change in an instance. We will begin trying the ring leaders of the unrest most facing sentences of up to 25 years. Should the central govervnment want to intervene or try them with harsher punishments we are open to that idea


The Stimesk Peoples Hospital was swamped with concerned family members of the 34 people in hospital that even police were now stationed in the Hospital to keep the order. The Atmosphere was both tense and emotional.

Mothers where crying while husbands and the youth eyed the police and shot them quite evil stares some even shouting the odd word of abuse at them.

The police were ordered not to open their mouths or respond to such actions unless thier lives were threatened.

While family members were allowed to visit 20 of the people in the hospital the other14 were closed off and were allowed no visitors becuase of the partys they played in the unrest.

Police guarded thier doors and they had an extra two police inside thier hospital rooms.

The enraged parents were furious at this and got right into the faces of the guarding policemen

"My son is in there, bleeding from what you monsters did to him! Let me see my son!" said one mother

"Ma'am he is just going thorugh some routine questioning, you will see him when he is released from hospital"

"NO! That is not good enough!"

"I'm going to have to ask you to calm down..."

................................... Meanwhile in the central city of Prensk...................

Prensk was a city of only 1,040,000

Almost everybody in Urstania knew something was up in Stimesk

"What do you make of everything in Stimesk" asked Bogdan a middle aged factory worker to his wife

"I'd say the people are finally expressing what they think of the party" she said

"I found this slipped under the door this morning.... What do you make of it?" said Bogdan handing his wife a small notice

'To the loyal freedom loving Urstanian's. There is going to be a great human chain to be formed in the Prensk Square for freedom and liberty. Come and join hands with feelow Urstanian's in a peaceful demonstration'

"It's never going to get off the ground. The police will stomp it out. Dont even think of going"

"Look. Its a peaceful demonstration and government wont have anything against it so I'm going to show up on Prensk square. People are dying in Stimesk and we remain apathetic. the Party must know how the people feel so they can express the peoples thoughts better instead of remaining ignorant of the truth"
18-09-2008, 03:26
The column of vehicles left the city of Pripyat for Stimesk, which was a few hours drive from there. In total, there were 125 OMON units, being transported by BTR-80's and Ural-4320's, with an old BMP-1 modified to shoot teargas canisters at the front.

Many of the OMON officers were looking through Urstanian language books, not knowing if they spoke Russian or Ukrainian. Upon arriving inside the city, they would receive orders from the local police, unless the situation called for heavy reinforcements. With their current manpower, they could cordon a sector of the ity easily, but containing heavy unrest would pose a serious problem.


"Borov, what's going on here? wheres the response unit?"

"I sent them on a mission. Otherwise they'd still be here remaining a nuisance."

"I assume you had proper clearance?"

"Of course, the orders came right from the top. They also requested that additional forces be on call, if things get ugly."

"Well the closest forces would be the 42nd Motor Rifle Division, along with the Vostok Special Battalion. I'll make sure they're prepared to move."


To: Urstania
From: Sgt. Kitsenko, MVD

We will be arriving shortly, where shall we set up an operations center? Please inform your citizens that if a curfew is enacted by your officials, we have the right to detain anyone for a maximum of 48 hours with no charges. We also request access to your police communication lines, as this will allow us to respond quicker then usual.