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Mithinmapoleis (factbook)

16-09-2008, 23:52
Short Name: Mithinma
State Religion: None (officially); Greek Pantheon (de facto)
Government: Democracy/Petrarchy
City Colours: Blue, Green & White

Official Language: Aeloic Greek

Population: 210,000
Currency: Drakma
Trade Goods: Agricultural products, mainly olive oil & timber
Location: Lebos Island


In approximately 800 BC, 5 Greek explorers and their close families went sailing for new land. They ended up shipwrecked on the island of Lesbos when a violent storm knocked their boat onto the shore. Having no means of leaving the island, the families decided to start a new life. One of them decided to build a citadel in order to defend the island from possible attack. Another decided to build a Gymnasium for if they had a Citadel, they needed a Gymnasium. A third decided that a general open place which could serve for a marketplace or for gatherings of the inhabitants was needed. The other 2 decided to farm some of the land and the five families ate their produce.

Eventually, they reconstructed their boat and sailed back to Greece with words of the island. Slave owners decided that they could free their slaves and send them in order to populate the island. This was very generous however also beneficial in order to control the slave population. Freed slaves were given one of the names of the five families. This way the entire island population would have some form of kinship. The five family heads became Petrarchs of the island in order to execute executive power. The Petrarchs and 95 elected citizens would execute legislative power. 10 elected people would execute Judicial power. Generals and Admirals would be elected from the ranks of the unpaid enlisted forces.


There are few slaves in Mithinma, for most settlers were actually freed slaves who were granted Mithinmapolitan citizenship upon landing. There are a few however, prisoners from trade-raids on lands separate from Lesbos by sea but within the Poleis's sphere of influence. A common occurence, trading with Phoenicians, surplus produce for other items, and raiding Barbarians, taking whatever and killing belligerent persons.

Most Mithinmapolitans are either merchants, farmers & loggers, politicians or part of the unpaid military service which also keeps the peace basically doubling as a police force. Elections for General Assembly are every 5 years and elections for National Court are every 15 years. General & Admiral elections are every 10 years. Petrarchs each represent one of the five families and they serve life terms. When one dies a new one is elected from the ranks of the family by the family.


The Mithinmapolitan military is not formally separated. Generals and Admirals work together in order to make operations work due to the fact that Mithinmapoleis is primarily an island. There are three types of boats operated by the 'Navy', those with one level of rowers and large holds to land 100 or so hoplites called Chargers, those also with one level of rowers and ram bows to charge enemy ships called Destroyers and those with three levels of rowers and 20 Peltasts to engage targets on shore with javelins, or land and attack enemies with javelins and swords called Raiders.

The military is comprised of 10,000 men. There are 10 Chargers and 10 Destroyers and 25 Raiders employed. Therefore, there are 1,000 Hoplites and 500 Peltasts. The remaining are logistics.
The World Soviet Party
17-09-2008, 00:37
Factbook approved.

Population: 210,000
17-09-2008, 02:30
added military.
17-09-2008, 02:45
OOC: Oughtn't they be called "lesbians"?
17-09-2008, 13:15
very funny. [/sarcasm]

Well, Mt. Olympus is in Lesbos. Oughtn't they by called Olympians then? huh?
18-09-2008, 01:53
very funny. [/sarcasm]

Well, Mt. Olympus is in Lesbos. Oughtn't they by called Olympians then? huh?

Come again?