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Blitzkrieg! Revenge of the Antlion [ATTN Ryou]

South Lizasauria
16-09-2008, 07:21
for the mood (

Early the next morning following the attacks.

South Lizasauria sent out a sizable naval force to protect aircraft three aircraft carriers. South Lizasauria's people were outraged, the Empress made a mistake for their enemy outnumbers them two to one. The ships left dock as civilians watched from a distance singing patriotic tunes and waving the South Lizasaurian flag. Soldiers lined up and saluted the ships as they left dock.

30 Super cruisers(basically normal cruisers with auto loading cannons)
65 Missile frigates
3 Class 1A Aircraft carriers.
30 destroyers
35 submarines
20 frigates complete with 2000 marines prepped for landing

500 bombers
140 fighter bombers
20 stealth fighers
South Lizasauria
16-09-2008, 23:40
On top of that multiple frigates that were ran via remote control and pre-programmed computer were en route to areas known to be filled with pirate activity. Little did they know that the ships were either rigged with bombs and traps or they had a highly contagious biologically engineered virus being pumped through the ventilation system.


Info on the virus:

It shows no symptoms whatsoever until two weeks after contraction. The virus was designed to be contagious yet deadly at the same time, the only way this could work is if the death was slow that way the victim won't die before infecting many others. The virus would die out quickly outside of a host to prevent the oceans from becoming infected, salt water would also dissipate the outer shell that way the likelihood of marine life falling ill decreases rapidly. Symptoms after two weeks include the formations of green spots on the flesh which eventually become infected with mold like substances, loss of mass, insanity and a desire to bite others (kinda like rabies), irrationality, and extreme hunger.

Method of infection:
Airborne: yes (only lasts for ten minutes before the virus dies outside the host)
Waterborne: yes (provided it doesn't have sodium chloride in it)
Insects: yes (possible but unlikely, the small size of any insect with any chance of catching the virus will die fast)
Animals/rodents: yes (the virus was designed for animals and people)
South Lizasauria
17-09-2008, 04:40
The weird quasar black hole thingy from the Zanski Mhoudia thread changed the past and prevented the war from happening.
The Lone Alliance
17-09-2008, 06:03
In the process, The Grand Ryou islands ceased to exist in the known universe! (According to me that is)

And since "I" said so it goes.
The Beatus
17-09-2008, 06:18
Many in the Beatus felt quite strange, although they did not know why. They had a strange feeling that something was missing, though no one could quite put their finger on what it was. The Ryou islands cease to exist in the same dimension as the Beatus. It was doomed to be forever out of phase, so that while the people of the Ryou islands could still see the Beatus, and it's immense wealth and prosperity, the Beatusians could not, and the people of the Ryou islands could not interact with anything in the Beatusians dimension. Forever more, they would be part of the ghosts many believed they saw across the Beatus, a few molecules momentarily transcending the gap between the dimensions.