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Calling all bounty hunters: Conspiracy in Sarrowquand

10-09-2008, 23:01
Following on from Ameriganastan's bounty hunter thread.

"Greetings. If you are seeing this video, then you have survived have been chosen for a very special job. I am Grey 92 a member of Sarrowquand's Grey Bureaucracy and I have a new job for you all; The Department Of Ocean Management has recently uncovered a plot that indicates that a rogue departmet of the bureaucracy will be attempting to smuggle a quantity of enriched uranium into the country. We have established that this rogue bureau has assets in the Bureau of Observation and is attempting to bring this material into Sarrowquand under the cover of a legitimate intelligence operation.

The uranium is going to enter Sarrowquand by one of three possible routes. It will either arrive on the Dominion freighter "Kindling", the Natzailey freighter "Wild Child" or a Dominion Submarine. We also know that the uranium will arrive via the port town of New Sanctuary in the north-west province of Uranium Flats and will be difficult to track once it leaves the port. Given the corruption involved in this case we are unwilling to trust our own law enforcement with the recovery of this material and are willing to pay 15,000,000 Iron Nuggets, or 10,000,000 USD plus expenses to the bounty hunter or coalition of bounty hunters that brings the material to our designated contact.

For those of you interested passage into Sarrowquad has been arranged via a DoSA flight from Ameriganastan to Sarrowquand City International Airport and from there two connecting flights will take you to a warden airport in the Rose Wood reservation 5 miles south of New Sanctuary where you can begin your job.

We hope that we can rely on your help in ending this dangerous threat."
.................................................................................................... .

OOC: I'll stop accepting once I get a certain number of people here's all you need to do.

physical description:
military service: (Optional)
brief bio:
11-09-2008, 14:33
A bump for todays players.
Ustio North
11-09-2008, 14:52
Codename Wolf
Ustio North

Wolf sat in the darkened room. He was watching a video on a small laptop. Along with a laptop, several other items sat on the table - A heavily customised M4, with a silencer, flashlight, scope and underslung shotgun. There was also a NVG kit and a Strayer Voigt Infinity 1911 .45 ( handgun.

The room was lit only by the backlight of the laptop and the cigar that Wolf smoked. A bounty hunter? Well, he'd never been called that before, not even when he'd worked for SparrowHawk ExOps. But, the times change, as do the names.

OOC: Short intro for ya.

Name: Unknown - Codename: Wolf
Age: Unknown - Possibly In Late 30's
Nationality: Ustian
Physical description: 6'0", 120lbs, black hair with streaks of white running from front to back, blue eyes.
Military service: 2 Years National Service (Ustian Army), 3 Years As Private Contractor (SparrowHawk ExOps)
Speciality: Stealth
Brief Bio: Wolf, real name unknown, is an Ex-SparrowHawk employee. Like all Ustians over 18, he has served 2 Years National Service with the military. He likes to stick to the shadows during an operation, but if the situation calls for a firefight he'll have no qualms with that. He hates people who go back on their word and especially despises people who don't pay him his fee.
Mt Id
12-09-2008, 04:03
Tod arrived from Ameriganistan with a case of minor jet lag, but it wasn't anything a half hour of rest couldn't fix. He set himself up on a nearby bench and took a cat nap, one hand resting on his handgun and his sniper rifle and other materials in a case beneath him.
12-09-2008, 04:27
OOC: I'll join soon.
German zerabithea
12-09-2008, 05:58
glent walked from the airport and looked around seeing other people walking about he then proceeded out of the building and looked for a place to call his main man.

Name: glent copersnat
Age: 24
Nationality: zerabithean
physical description: 6 foot 2, 154 pounds, white, green hair (usually wearing a long trench coat.)
military service: ret.visagoth commando, and personal body guard of the chancellor. (though he is usually only used during extra special events)
Specialty: quick kills
brief bio: born in the city of verakut (where the visagoth commando where founded) hear most boys are trained to join the commandos and he was the best. He is known for fast kills with a sniper gun it is said that during the second great space war he could kill 50 people in under 30 min. After the war he retired and now acts as the chancellor body guard and a bounty hunter.