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The Detrius Academy (Character RP/Military Training)

Void Templar
09-09-2008, 22:42
A letter arrived on every sovereign nation's leader's desk (at least the ones the Void gave a damn about). A black velvet envelope, with the crimson wax stamp of the Detrius Academy (they did so love their traditions). Inside, there was a crisp white piece of paper, which bore a handwritten message in blue ink.
To all nations of the World, I am General Erayn, overseer of the Detrius Academy in Void Templar, producer of some of the finest soldiers in it's hemisphere. Under the request of Lady Tara, I have an offer to make. The Academy will open it's doors to one student from every nation that wishes to send one. They will be trained like a soldier of the Black Hand, in everything from hand-to-hand combat and rifle technique to diplomacy and how to wash boots. Be forewarned, the Academy has a 'no special treatment' policy. Any new Ensign, regardless of their stature in your nations, in a private in the Academy. this offer is not for the weak of will, but for those who make it through, they will be trained with the best. If you wish to send someone, please fill out the enclosed form.
Another piece of paper, this one printed in Arial, was in there as well. Bearing the printed emblem of the Academy this time, it read:
Political Affilliation:
Aries Erayn sat at his mahogany desk in the brightly lit room, watching the light glint of the crystal pendulum that hung from his ceiling, and sighed. Foreigners could be so difficult.