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A Cursed Surname... (MT,Open)

06-09-2008, 23:22
Nearly a week ago there had been an assasination attempt on his life and left President Nathan Tiberus Fields. He Sat at his desk worrying about his sole son, Dakota Georgi Fields II who was at a public school, A PUBLIC SCHOOL! Nathan Hated the fact his son would refuse to complete his education unless he went to a public school. The door his office opened up and he saw an unsually well dressed man walk in. "Hello Mr. President, Your Assistant didn't mind me walking in because she is how you say? Incapacitated... Your Family is a mockery to mine. Your Ancestor, Nikolai Fields I decided to allow the tyrannical Republic to continue it's ways and make my family's name infamous, for you see my name is Forul Shilar." Nathan's eyes shot wide open at the surname Shilar as it is the same as one General Garry Shilar, The man who started the first civil war of the First Republic.

Before President Fields could do anything, Forul Shilar pulled a .45 from his suit and killed the President with a headshot.

Hours Later Dakota Georgi Fields II was taken to a hidden government facility until the asassin could be found. The Vice President, Karla Fields sent a message out to other nations for help.

Encryption Level: 1 [Maximum]

I send this message with urgency as I fear my life, my nephew's life, and the stability of the Republic itself is in danger. Four Hours ago My Brother, Nathan Tiberus Fields was assasinated by persons unknown. I beg any nation that obtains this message to please help with the investigation and capture of this asassin as I fear he/she/them are after more than just Razorl, so as I stated before please help us.

Karla Fields, Vice President of Razorl
07-09-2008, 01:04
Bump for intrest
Aperture Science
07-09-2008, 01:22

We have received your request for assistance and would be pleased to provide assistance in this matter. While our criminal investigatory assets are minimal, we are currently engaged in testing of a number of units specializing in the detainment and capture of criminals.
Should you wish to retain the services of these units, we will consider it a demonstrative exercise and not charge a fee. Our chief hope in this particular exercise is that other nations will take note of these units and employ them in the future. Naturally, given the circumstances, you can be assured that the units will perform optimally.

Thank you, and have a nice day.
DiploBot Mk IX,
Aperture Science Diplomacy Division
07-09-2008, 01:27
Encryption Level: 1 [Maximum]

As Acting President of the moment, I shall agree to allow you to engage your units in the nation of Razorl to apprehend the asassin who did this.


Acting President Karla Fields
Aperture Science
07-09-2008, 01:36

Affirmative. The units will be shipped on a first-priority basis.
Please prepare for their arrival. Once the assassin has been located, inform the unit director and the apprehension will be made. Should you wish to obtain information from the subject in question, an Aperture Science Information Extraction Technician Unit may be dispatched as well. Although experimental, we believe that progress from the Human Suffering Division has allowed us significant advances in the field of information retrieval from most humans.

Thank you, and have a nice day,

DiploBot Mk IX,
Aperture Science Diplomacy Division
07-09-2008, 01:48
By the Time the message was received, all hell had broken loose in the capital. Several Districts were in complete rubble from warfare and riots and you could faintly hear firefights in the distance. It seems the Shilar family over time had waited centuries and built up enough followers and arsenal that could rival that of General Shilar's Rebel Army. Casulties on all sides and civillians were at an all time high at the point the unit arrived in Razorl.

Forul Shilar and a group of soldiers had infiltrated the underground Government Facility and began fighting through to Dakota Georgi Fields II. Dakota could hear the Gun fire Faintly. Most of the Government Forces had retreated back into the other cities or within the Facility. surely the guards could hold off shilar? Perhaps not as the power in the facility was waning. Sabatoge.
07-09-2008, 01:54
To: Acting President Karla Fields
From: Office of the Minister for Foreign Relations, Salzland


Please accept our condolences on the recent loss of your President. We sincerely hope that the assassin and any additional conspirators are apprehended with all due haste, and are prepared to initiate any actions that will aid in reaching that goal.

Please, do not hesitate to call upon us should you require any aid in the upcoming days.


J. Marcus Davis
Minister for Foreign Relations
07-09-2008, 02:03
due to the situation The vice president was in the message that went through was weak
Capita.....Presiden......Son....Dange.....Help Requested
07-09-2008, 02:10
International request for aid often landed upon the desk of the Foreign Office. This one, however was different and caught the eye of the aide who had drawn 'Aid Duty' today. Food was common, as was military intervention. Even monitary aid seemed to be ever present. International begging at its most rudimentary, but this one wanted none of those. This country wanted minds, and not in the 'dissect it to see how it works' sense. It seemed that someone had taken it into their own hands to bypass the natural course of events and kill their rule.

Unfortunately, they had succeeded in their aim and, it was suspected, sought to remove the entire Presidential bloodline. After fifteen minutes explaining the situation to his supervisor, he was told to sit tight whilst the message was passed through the chain and a decision was made. Sixty-three minutes later he got the thumbs up to send a response. Neither man thought about how much the situation could've changed since the first message was sent.

To: Karla Fields
From: Laceenian Foreign Office
Encryption: Zulu One Delta (Maximum)

It is with great sadness we hear of your nations loss. Firstly, let us extend our condolences to you. Secondly, let us extend our help. With your permission, we will be able to provide several of the finest minds in the field of criminology.

If this is acceptable, please inform us and we can get the party assembled promptly.
07-09-2008, 02:12
(OOC: People keep forgeting Karla's Second Message!!!!!!)
Aperture Science
07-09-2008, 02:15
When the subdirector program in charge of the Aperture Science expedition didn't receive a reply, it sent back to Aperture Science for instructions. Back in the corporate headquarters, the reason for the lack of a reply was quite obvious. Recon satellites had picked up the smoke some time ago.
Its orders were quickly modified, a fairly simple matter, in this case a simple mission statement/priority switch, and the subdirected, accessing the latest known map of Razorl, located the best port based on current location and proximity to the target city.
It reached a decision rather quickly.
The ship accelerated.

A few hours later, it pulled into port. It dispatched a message to the port authority, requesting permission to dock and unload.
07-09-2008, 02:24
Port Controll Sent a response

- This Is Port Controll, What are you here for? -
Aperture Science
07-09-2008, 02:29
This is Aperture Science Transport Ship 22, responding to a request for assistance in relation to the current situation.
If verification is requested we will provide documentation.

The ship pulled up just outside of Razorl waters.
07-09-2008, 02:35
"And after 'Help Requested,' the message decays into static," concluded Ian Williams, the Salzland Minister for Defense. He was presenting a briefing on the current instability in Razorl to the President and a select team of Cabinet officials, assembled on very short notice. It was bad enough for a nation to lose its leader, but when the successor was cut off mid-broadcast, then it was time for the Salzland government to give the issue its full attention.

"What do we have in the region?" asked President William Phillips, sitting back in his chair. The Republic was starting to stretch itself thin, with close to two million troops already fighting in Myakka, and another conflict blossoming in Roef. A third full-scale war would push Salzland to the very limit of its capabilities to sustain its armed forces.

"Not much, sir. A few squadrons of fighters, a Carrier Battle Group, and a Mechanized Infantry division. Most of our airlift capacity is tied up in Myakka, and our Navy is scattered all over the globe. It'll take time to get anything beyond the Air Force involved," Williams replied.

"It'll have to do. Find a port, and get our Marines ashore. I'll dictate a reply to send to Acting President Fields. Make sure to use frequency hopping, to try and get word through any jamming that's blocking communications."

To: Acting President Fields
From: Office of the President of Salzland
Encryption Level: High


Please be advised that elements of the Salzland Defense Forces are deploying to your nation, in order to restore stability. At this time one Carrier Battle Group, centered on the SDFS Intrepid, is within range and preparing to provide support to the 12th Marine Division, which I have ordered to the city of Lisanim. Additional air support is moving into the region as we speak, and we have received permission from our regional allies to conduct support operations from their airfields, should they be necessary.

We urge you to hold on, for help is coming.


William Phillips
President of Salzland

ORBAT: Naval Detachment

Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carriers: 1 (SDFS Intrepid)
Carrier Air Wing: 1 (See Wikipedia for composition (
Modernized Iowa Class Nuclear-Powered Battleship: 3
Ticonderoga-Class Cruisers: 4
Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyers: 6
Oliver Hazard Perry-Class Frigates: 10
USS Virginia-Class SSN: 4
Supply-Class T-AOE Combat Logistics vessels: 3

Air Detachment:

1 F-22 Air Superiority Wings (72 fighters/wing)
1 F-15E Ground Attack Wings (72 fighters/wing)
1 A-10 Thunderbolt II Ground Attack Wing (72 aircraft/wing)
1 Squadron of B-2 Spirits (16 bombers/squadron)
1 Squadron of KC-135 Tankers (12 aircraft/squadron)

30 AH-64D Apache Gunships
65 OH-58D Kiowa Scout helicopters
50 UH-60 Blackhawks

Various C-130 and C-17 transport aircraft

Ground Detachment:

Mech. Infantry Division:
-160 M1A2 Tanks
-200 M2A3 Bradley APCs
-30 M-109 Paladin Self-Propelled guns
-10 M-270 MLRS
(4,000) Armored + Maintenance personnel
(6,000) Combat Infantry
07-09-2008, 02:36
(OOC: People keep forgeting Karla's Second Message!!!!!!)

(OoC: Of course we do, I've only got the one aide checking these things, and he's on a teabreak ;) That and it's half past two in the morning here. I'll get a proper post in tomorrow when I'm less, y'know, zombied.)
07-09-2008, 02:48
Dakota heard Gunfire Increase and become even louder...

He Ran behind the desk in the room he was in when he hacked into his Aunt's Email Account. After a long read he began to compose a message of his own

Encryption Level: 2 [Level 1 Decryption Software Required]

From: Dakota Georgi Fields II
To: The President of Salzland

Unfourtnantly, my aunt has been killed in the government facility I am being kept in. Seeing im his son i annouce myself leader of the remains of the republic. The Government Facility has been infiltrated by Rebel forces planning on capturing me and murdering me. I have little time left so I go on to accept these plans and wish you rush whatever forces you have as I know that your country is spread thin. How do i know such? I hack international Satilites to view foriegn channels but enough of that.
Signed... Forget it just help me out QUICKLY!!!!

Dakota Began to Hide where few actually expect someone to hide because of it's obviousness. He decided to hide under the desk but first remove the vent frame from the vents to off put the attackers.


- You are here to help no? We urge you to dock and head for the capital as the president's sole surviving heir is in need, Port Control out-
07-09-2008, 03:47
OOC: I'm going to bed in a few minutes (early start tomorrow), so this is going to be quick.


"Charlie Five, this is Charlie Actual. We are wheels down, over."

"Copy that Actual. Pick us up in ten, over."

With that, six soldiers of the Salzland Defense Force Marine Special Forces jumped out of their UH-60 Blackhawk, assuming a standard formation. Their mission: To extract any surviving members of the Razorl government, including the former President's son.

Each man readied his silenced F-1100 assault rifle (OOC: 7.62x51 mm 30-round bullpup rifle with underslung grenade launcher), mentally running through the checklist for their mission. Infiltrate the Razorl government bunker, find any surviving VIPs and get them to safety. They had a ten minute window before local rebel forces noticed the incursion, and brought down the wrath of God. Once there was some semblance of a government secured, then the Salzland Defense Forces rapidly arriving in-theater could conduct a proper campaign to restore stability to the nation. In the mean time, the clock was ticking.


To: Dakota Georgi Fields II
From: ADM Robert Evans, CMDR Razorl Relief Task Force


As Commander of Salzland forces arriving in-theater, it is my duty to notify you that a team of Special Forces are moving to your position, in order to secure the extraction of yourself and any surviving VIPs. As time is short, I will close by asking you to be ready to depart quickly, upon hearing the code-phrase "Watchman," which will be used by SDF units to identify themselves.

Good luck, and I look forward to meeting you in person shortly.

Admiral Robert Evans
Commander, Razorl Relief Task Force
07-09-2008, 04:00
Dakota Looked towards the door, It was opening and as it did Dakota Pulled The PT 145 his father gave him from his pants and readied to fire. The Rebel Ran at him and quickly fell to the floor after being shot in the head.

As more rebels ran in the room, Dakota Dispatched them and took their weapons to use against the others. Time was ticking and the SF needed to get there quickly. Unfourtunantly they had to get through the capital which was is chaos. Get to the Tower and Activate the elevetor. Then By Foot get down 12 Levels of office and military rooms to get to his room at the very bottom...
Aperture Science
07-09-2008, 04:46
Affirmative docking control. Please prepare for emergency debarking procedures.

With that, the ship cut communications, executed a 90 degree turn and hit flank speed, aiming for a handy beach. It had accessed the local nautical maps and located the perfect site for this particular maneuver. Regardless of the fact that it had never worked before.

It hit the beach at a steady fifteen knots, ploughed through the tideline, and impacted shortly thereafter on some subterranean bit of rock with an impact which would probably flatten any nearby buildings. The ships hull, with its fairly shallow draft when compared to most other cargo vessels, allowed it to make good progress, and, besides the somewhat unexpected rock, the journey had gone as planned.
Its front cargo hatch popped open.
Six sleek, white, and very shiny, vehicles popped out. Each looked rather like a combination of a go kart, a humvee, and a high-end kitchen appliance. They gave the impression that this was what a sports car designer would build if asked by the local military to make something fashionable for the soldiers to ride around in.
They zoomed off towards the capital, running over anything smaller than they were and ramming anything that couldn't be run over off the road.
07-09-2008, 04:51
Chaos in the Capital continued....

Razorlian Core Defense Soldiers littered the Districts still under Government Control, Most Civillians were placed in centers to be watched until the riots were over. In rioted Districts Buildings and collapsed and slouched into the main roads. Entering the Main plaza you would see a statue of Tiber Fields completely destroyed and a cloth banner of Nikolai Fields I ripped. The Fighting was reduced to Currently Rioting districts and the sewers. Everything else was a horrid and scary peace.
07-09-2008, 15:25
The flash grenade detonated with a muted bang, as a fire team from the Salzland Special Forces swept the entrance to the Razorl bunker. They found no enemies, which was both a good and bad thing. Good, because the entrance would be the easiest position in the entire facility to defend. Bad because it meant that, unless by some miracle the loyalists were able to successfully defend the bunker, that enemy troops would be strung out through the entire building, searching for surviving government members.

A quick set of hand signals sent both three-man fire teams down separate wings of the branching hallway, one tasked with reaching Dakota Fields II, who had been located in the lowest level of the bunker thanks to IP tracing from the messages sent by his computer while the other would proceed to the roof to secure it for extraction via helicopter, as well as extracting any VIPs located along the way.

It had taken them 6 minutes to make it this far, so time was rapidly becoming an issue. The SF troops could only hope that Fields was near, and that he remembered the code phrase, 'Watchman.'
07-09-2008, 16:09
As the Special Forces made their way down to the final level, it had become apparant that the rebels had either killed everyone and taken dakota or They had killed everyone and are still looking for the President's son. The Forces could hear a Thwacking sound similar to that of a baseball bat hitting a person. When the would arrive they would see the president's son, Dakota Fields II beating a dead rebel with an AK-47. Dakota collapsed from exhaustion and lay there. Dakota suffered from the dreaded Disease known only as Diabetes. Diabetes was very rare in razorl and the only known people who had it had ancestors that suffered from the GREY DEATH virus that affected the nations of Belschaft, Razorl, and Bourgenstein from rebels. It is said Varim Fields had contracted the Grey Death Virus and shortly after had a son. Dakota became wozy and the fact he was drenched in blood made him sick to his stomach.
Red Tide2
07-09-2008, 16:39
IC: Official Statement from TSRT Government
"The Totalitarian State has noted the collapse of social order in the capitol of Razorl and the descent of the nation into anarchy. This situation is unacceptable to the TSRT, and as such, the Armed Forces of the State shall be mobilized to put in place a strong, centralized government so that order may be restored in the nation of Razorl."
End Statement

The truth too Red Tides proclamation was far more sinister. In truth, Red Tide had little interest in helping to restore order in Razorl... it was more interested in the nations resources and infrastructure.

Airbase-1, TSRT Mainland... 5 hours prior too Salzland Commando arrival in Razorl

The SB-X was Red Tides first, fully operational stealth bomber. Under the watchful eyes of several Intelligence-Commissars and members of the Red Tidean State Rocket Guard, a 'EPW-X1' Earth Penetrating Weapon(also known as a 'Nuclear Bunker Buster') was loaded on too the bomber. Another SB-X was nearby too act as the 'escort' for the mission.

A Earth Penetrating Weapons(EPWs) worked one of two ways. In some models, the weapon would detonate close too the surface and send shockwaves through the ground to collapse the enemies bunker. This however required a very high yield and had serious doubts on efficiency. The other method of destroying a bunker through an EPW was too have the nuclear device delivered all the way into the bunker via a standard hardened penetrator. This would ensure the destruction of the bunker and have a very low-yield. the radioactive fallout would also be localized due too the depth of the bomb detonation.

The EPW the Red Tideans were planning on using had a yield of 5 kilotons(5,000 tons of TNT) and was designed to penetrate all the way into a targetted bunker.

5 hours and 2 minutes later, 13 minutes from target

The two Red Tidean stealth bombers had penetrated Razorl airspace, flying at a medium altitude quite aways below the speed of sound. The bombers target was the very bunker Dakota Georgia Fields II was in. The Salzlandians were on a timelimit and did not even know it.

OOC: Razorl: I hope this is all okay, if you don't want me too nuke it, I'll simply change the EPW to a large conventional bunker buster. I just thought this would add some tension too the story.
07-09-2008, 16:45
(OOC: Okay First Red Tide2 i hope you remember Nikolai Fields No? Remember the leader who sent forces to Esparada? Ya Dakota is the last Fields and I will not accept losing him and im not doing a "Well there is an Illegitimate heir and all that" Now Tension to the story is fine and all but the death of a diabetic child? thats just cruel dude, anyways you can go ahead with trying to take over Razorl but it wont get far and if it does youll just get ignored. Im trying to do a tactic that strengthens a nation from conflict not allow a Dictatorship to run on in and take over. Good Day red tide and Dont forget i shall use me GODMODDING MAC CANNON NAVY TO PWN U UNTO OBLIVION! lol jk)


Dakota didn't have much time left...
Red Tide2
07-09-2008, 16:53
:looks at Razorl:
:glances at the 'open' in the name of the thread:
:shakes head:

Calm down! If you really want him too survive that badly, then we'll just have Salzland get him out of the area in the nick of time. Then we'll have Salzland reinstate Fields II and my nation will backdown. Sound good?
07-09-2008, 16:58
(OOC: Dude i know im just being angry today because i feel bad, my eyes hurt, i think my blood suger is at dangerously low levels, and i have this reaalllly bad itch on my neck that wont go away. Im sorry and you can use the nuke and all that i just hope Salzland gets there in time >.<)

IC: Dakota Looked around as sight began to fade away...
07-09-2008, 17:18
Captain Paul Winters carefully glanced around the corner, before signalling his team forward. They had finally reached the lower level of the bunker, and were searching for their missing VIP. Judging by the number of bodies on the ground, shot to pieces by someone who seemed to be in the grips of a seizure, Winters was sure he had his man.

"Watchman," he called out, as the figure slowly rolled over to face him, still shaking. His mouth opened and closed several times, before he was finally able to squeeze a reply out.

"It-t-t-t took-k-k you long e-e-enough," the man said, before finally passing out.

"This is Charlie Five to Charlie Actual, we have the package. We're pulling back to the roof for extraction, over," Winter spoke into his radio, as a teammate picked up the unconcious Fields. "Have a medic on stand-by, Fields needs to be stabilized until we get him out to the Intrepid."

"Copy that Five, we'll be wheels down in thirty seconds. Actual out," came the reply, as the SF troops jogged to the elevator they used to reach the lowest level. They had jammed the doors open, so that they were guaranteed a quick exfiltration, which was a decision Winters was glad to make. The elevator shot them to the roof in less than a minute, giving the team a mere two minutes left until their self-imposed window expired.

"Let's get out of here!" Winter yelled, running to the helicopter. The second fire team was already on board, as his men loaded Fields and hopped on themselves. The Blackhawk lifted off, before the nose pitched down sharply, allowing the pilot to reach maximum velocity in as short a time as possible. The Razorl air defense grid was lighting off early, for some unknown reason, and the pilot decided that the VIP bunker for government officials was not somewhere he wanted to be. Still, as the team medic tended to Fields, the pilot would still be able to put three miles between them and the bunker before the ten minute window expired. More than enough distance to escape detection, considering he was flying at tree-top altitude.

OOC: Sorry about how long the reply took... first I wanted to take the time to read up on hypothetical stealth countermeasures (low-frequency radars, etc.), then the speed of the Blackhawk (to make sure it could actually get out of range before the nuke went off). Took me awhile to do what I thought was a decent job.
07-09-2008, 17:31
The Nuke had Reached the bunker and the Helicopter had just barely escaped the Radius. Dakota Looked back and hallucinated that he was Nikolai and just witness the bombing at lisanim on nation news in bourgenstien
Red Tide2
07-09-2008, 17:39
30,000 feet over the bunker... 30 seconds after Salzlandians extract Dakota

"Bomb away..."

The Earth Penetrating Weapon fell 30,000 feet, went into the ground, penetrated all the way down too the center of the bunker, and detonated.

There was no flash of light, no mushroom cloud, no airborne shockwave, the explosion was too weak and too deep for that. Instead, a tremendous rumble filled the air and for about a mile around the bunker, the ground heaved and shook. The surface immediatly above the point of detonation seemed to bulge out as the shockwaves rammed into it... then caved back in, leaving a good-sized crater where there was once a bunker.

The two SB-X bombers turned for home, their mission complete. Red Tide thought it killed Dakota.

Red Tide was wrong.
Aperture Science
07-09-2008, 18:22
Guess this is what I get for sleeping >_>)

The Aperture Science vehicles had got to the bunker just in time to see the helicopter lifting off. Inquiries as to just what the hell was going on had been met with a minimal response. Apparently nobody else knew what was going on either.
With the electronic equivalent of a sigh. If it had been capable of experiencing frustration, it would have been frustrated. It wasn't, so it didn't. It gave it a good try, though.
Not knowing who had just airlifted their target out of the city, the subdirector AI flipped through its list of mission variables, found 'somebody else got to the target before you', then the 'target is being moved to a new location via helicopter' in the sub-lists.
This took about half a second.
The little convoy reformed and hurtled off down the road most closely following the path the helicopter had taken. Once in the countryside they quickly left the road, taking a course which, despite seriously mauling a number of cattle, got them back onto the helicopters assumed flight path.
07-09-2008, 18:32
Soldiers were engaged in battles all over the Razorl Forests and Countryside.

Rebels had taken Tisinill and Boli which meant they could receive Shipments and Reinforcements from other allied nations if needed.

2 Black CH-53 Helicopters went in formation behind the Salzland Blackhawk.
" Identify Yourself Foriegn Aircraft or be shot down" Spoke a Pilot from one of the Razorlian Helis
07-09-2008, 18:46
OOC: Just for the record, it's Salzlander. I know, it's been written 50 different ways, and I never got off my lazy butt to write a Factbook and correct it. Some day, I promise.


Capitol News Network Broadcast

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Darren Bennings reporting from the deck of the Aircraft Carrier SDFS Intrepid, 150 miles off the coast of Razorl. As you can see behind me, a pair of F/A-18 SuperHornets are preparing to take off in support of a massive show of air power, following an apparent nuclear event in the Razorl Capital City. Reports emerging from the city are sketchy, at best. At this time we only know that Salzland Central Intelligence satellites have detected traces of Uranium and other radioactive elements drifting over the city."

"Following the detonation, President Phillips announced the deployment of 5 additional divisions of Salzland Defense Force Marines to Razorl, in addition to teams of radiation clean-up specialists and civillian aid workers. Following the cessation of hostilities in Roef, two additional carrier battle groups, centered on the SDFS Vanquisher and SDFS Vindicator, along with several fighter wings from the Air Force are also arriving in the region. When asked for comment, a member of the Ministry of Defense speaking on condition of anonymity had only this to say:"

'We made a committment to the Razorl people to bring stability to their nation, and we're going to do it.'

"Once again, this is Darren Bennings, reporting from the deck of the SDFS Intrepid for Capitol News."


"So we know who did this?" Asked President William Phillips, addressing his Cabinet. The topic of their discussion was the nuclear detonation in Razorl. Word that the explosion had centered on a Razorl command and control bunker hadn't reached the media yet, so the public was unaware that this 'nuclear event' was actually intentional. And that it had apparently been undertaken by a foreign power.

"We aren't 100% sure, Mr. President," replied Minister for Defense Ian Williams, "But we suspect the involvement of The Totalitarian State of Red Tide." As he made that announcement, several of the officials around the table cursed.

"How do we know this?" the President asked, wanting to make very sure that there was some proof to back up the accusation that had just been leveled.

"Right before the explosion, two of our Ticonderoga cruisers protecting the Intrepid picked up radar returns from one or more unknown aircraft directly over the city. Based on the fact that they only appeared for a handful of seconds, along with their speed, the size of the radar contacts, and their course, we have no choice but to assume that they are some form of new stealth bomber. We only picked them up while they had their bomb bays open. And based on their ingress route to the target, and egress route leaving the city, the only nation on that heading which has the budget to put together such a plane, load two of them with nuclear weapons, launch them and have them arrive in Razorl airspace, it has to be Red Tide, if this is in any way connected to the civil disobediance. If this was a random strike, it could have been anyone, and we'll never know. But my money is on Red Tide."

"If you're correct, Ian, then what are my options? Even if I threw the entire Salzland Defense Force into the region, Red Tide would have us outnumbered by more than ten to one," President Phillips spoke, a frown on his face.

"The only realistic options we have are to either tell the world, and hope that a nation large enough to go toe to toe with Red Tide steps up to stop them, after Red Tide annihilates us, or to sit on this information and make sure word of the attack doesn't go out. In that case, we have to hope that having failed in their attempt to fully decapitate the government of Razorl, they'll stand down."

"Then that's what we have to do, keep this information buried," President Phillips decided. "Because if Red Tide decides that it wants Razorl, there's nothing we can do to stop them. We'd be no more than a speed bump to them. Let's just get Razorl rebuilt as fast as we can and hope that they're able to stand on their own feet, before it's too late."
07-09-2008, 18:57
Soldiers were engaged in battles all over the Razorl Forests and Countryside.

Rebels had taken Tisinill and Boli which meant they could receive Shipments and Reinforcements from other allied nations if needed.

2 Black CH-53 Helicopters went in formation behind the Salzland Blackhawk.
" Identify Yourself Foriegn Aircraft or be shot down" Spoke a Pilot from one of the Razorlian Helis

'Identify yourself, foreign aircraft, or be shot down,' came the call over the radio, as Captain Walter Higgins brought the nose of his UH-60 up just far enough to clear a particularly tall tree.

"We've got a pair of helicopters on our tail," called out the Crew Chief, taking up his station on the Port-side GAU-19 .50 caliber mini-gun. "Looks like a pair of Sea Stallions."

"We can out-run them," Higgins muttered to himself. Not to mention the fact that the Stallions were incapable of mounting forward-firing weapons systems. The only way they'd be in danger would be if the helicopters could get in front of them or to the sides which, given the superior speed of the Blackhawk, was unlikely. "But let's play along for now. We're almost to the coast," Higgins announced to the crew and his SF passangers, "And once we're feet-wet, the Navy and Air Force will handle these clowns."

"Attention unknown Sea Stallions, this is a Salzland Defense Force UH-60 Blackhawk, flying a diplomatic mission, over. We ask that you stand to and allow us to extract uninhibited, over."
07-09-2008, 19:02
Dakota had Drifted off into sleep....

In The Dream World

Dakota Look at his surroundings, Broken desert, Dark Sky, Fire in the distance, Soldiers Dead, and Blood is what he saw. He Turned to his left where he saw a man who looked in his 70's with a traditional Razorlian Tiberum Beard (Tiberum Beard was made famous by Tiber Fields, The First Prime Minster of The First Republic of Razorl.) "Who...Who are you?" Spoke Dakota with a scared tone. "I... Well You and I are Related, I think you know who i am" Spoke the man. "Ti..Tiber...Tiber Fields?" Spoke Dakota with disbelief. I must be Dreaming he thought and he was but Tiber Speaking to him was all too Real. "It is time to take your place young one. Amongst your fore fathers it is time for you to deal with what my grandson and your grandfather had to deal with themselves. Civil War has come my child and it is time to take command of your forces. Redirect them to Boli, You cannot allow the poor shilar to obtain supplies from Sympathiers. Take your Place Dakota Georgi Fields The Second." Spoke Tiber as the world began to fade. As it did Dakota could notice several people standing next to Tiber, Among them were Nikolai, Dakota Fields I, Varim Fields, His aunt, and His Father.

And with that, He Woke up and Screamed "We have to get forces to Boli!"

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" This is 345- Razorl Red Eye, Your Escorting President Dakota Fields II which means we have orders to escort you back to your ships" Spoke the Other Pilot.

The Other Pilot Responded to the Aperture Science Razorl Regional Task Force 1

" Yes, We need you to pick up supplies at Lisanim and Deliver them to the City of Kumot" Spoke the Pilot
Aperture Science
07-09-2008, 19:07
Well, somebody got in and did my job for me, so I guess I'll just retire. Lacking any serious motivation to do anything else here, and in the face of what looks to be a full scale war, the AS leadership will have been quite successfully scared off of this job.
So yeah, just assume they get back on their ship, get it into the water and leave.)
07-09-2008, 19:09
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07-09-2008, 21:17
"This is 345- Razorl Red Eye, you're escorting President Dakota Fields II which means we have orders to escort you back to your ships"

"Glad to hear that Red Eye, we were worried we'd have to shoot you down," Captain Higgins joked. At that point he heard a God-awful racket erupt in the crew compartment.

"We have to get forces to Boli!" someone yelled, probably Fields, Higgins guessed. He felt bad for the poor kid, having to go through God only knew how many difficulties before being rescued. If the Special Forces had been only a few minutes late in getting him to the helicopter, the kid might've died from shock. Higgins wasn't sure what, or even where Boli was, but as soon as the Blackhawk reached friendly territory, he'd forward this piece of information up the chain of command. Someone would be glad to hear it, he was sure.
07-09-2008, 21:36
Dakota Continued to Scream that they had to get to boli and his ancestor told him so and he kept rambling....
22-09-2008, 21:55