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Into The Lion's Den OOC Thread

Lord Sumguy
03-09-2008, 11:26
this is the OOC thread.

I will have an IC post up immediately after Vetaka does, as right now most of the major members of my govt. are transfering into his nation's custody.

also, it appears that the number of AP courses (I am a senior in high school) I am taking is going to leave me little free time during the school year, especially considering that this is my last chance to get my grades up, and my posting rate will be quite limited as a result.
03-09-2008, 14:23
Regardless of how you came to aquire the territory of Britzkium, if you are launching attacks against Courbournia from there I would A) Discover that your forces were being based there, thereby negating the territories neutrality and B) by obligated to respond with retailitory attacks such as I have taken. Perhaps I read into your post and assumed that you HAD launched the attacks from there, if that is the case then I`m guilty of jumping the gun. If not and you have actually attacked from there then my response is in accordance with the timeline and an appropriate response to a legitimate threat. Either way we can tweak the timeline to make this work.
New Greston
04-09-2008, 01:37
OOC: I did not attack from there, I moved troops stationed there to attack. Britzkium had nothing to do with the attack other than serving as a good port.
04-09-2008, 15:40
Sorry, re-read post myself. Still indicates to being Picc`s, am I correct? If that is the case, Picc is LION with you therefore it would be a territory held by enemy forces. An enemy territory right next to mine that can be used (and according to above comment, is being used. Your use of the port can be interpreted as hostile intent.) as a launching pad to harrass two of my territories. An Attack against it is justified in a state of war.