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Strange Emanations Detected [ATTN: World]

16-08-2008, 01:17
Space…it had a good name.

It was full of…nothing but planets and moons; absolutely nothing else.

That was save for the satellites that orbited Earth. Among these satellites was an Ursavian spy satellite. It was sleek and black save for the basically rectangular collection of hexagonal solar plates jutting out of either side about halfway between the tail and the high-powered ‘camera’ which sent back millions of digits to a second satellite disguised as a normal commercial broadcasting system, which then sent the data to a modified Ticonderoga class destroyer/cruise in an Ursavian port, which then sent the data to the USCC (Ursavian Space Command Center) where the data was read and evaluated as what was important, dangerous, or just a country vainly messing around.

The satellite; commonly named ‘Cancer’ after the star constellation of the same name; slowly came in to orbit over The Phoenix Militia. After the recent building of the two, massive pyramids Ursava was curious.

The lens slowly zoomed in on to the second pyramid constructed in the polar region. The satellite had no passengers, no live feed (though it was only a matter of minutes for delivery depending on where it was in relation to Ursava), and no self-conscious A.I.

The same went for the disguised, receiving satellite that received it.

Nobody aboard the modified Ticonderoga destroyer/cruiser, save for the captain, were allowed to look at any of the now partially translated readings for security purposes.

It took until it reached a slightly overweight, twenty-four year old young adult in the main USCC facility for the discovery to be officially found two and a half minutes after ‘Cancer’ had discovered it.

He leaned forward, towards his computer screen with curiosity.

“Hey, Kalman; come take a look at these readings.” The young man said, calling to his friend.

“What is it Zajzon?” The man asked, approaching the younger man.

“Take a look at this.” Zajzon said, leaning back and pointing to his screen.

Kalman took a long look, leaning forward towards the screen to get a better look.

“Increase the thermal scanning power.” Kalman ordered.

Zajson ordered. Kalman typed quickly on his keyboard and both of them froze.

“Christ…alert the chain of command, they need to have a look at this.” Kalman ordered.

The younger Zajzon ran from the computer to a nearby dark red phone. Meanwhile Kalman began typing and reading the radiation and thermal signatures. It was all so strange that the only real way solar stations could be giving off all the signals ‘Cancer’ was detecting was either they were a ruse or there was something wrong with the satellite.

Zajzon just couldn’t believe it as Kalman made a call which worked it’s way up the command chain from the small two-man room through various military and governmental officials.
The Phoenix Milita
16-08-2008, 01:37
Deep in a mountain complex, somewhere in The Phoenix Milita
"How is the power up sequence of the pyramid stations progressing?" a tall man in an official looking black suit asked a young female technician who was seated in front of him.

"We have successfully increased to 93% of full capacity on station one, station two has reached 95% and station three is at 93% and rising fast. Combined system is approaching nearly 400% of normal levels. Estimate 5 minutes 20 seconds to full power" The technician replied.

"Understood, T-minus 8 minutes to test start." the program manager announced to the room of 30 or so technicians military officers and scientists.

Operation Vigilant Phoenix - a coordinated test of The Phoenix Milita's anti-ballistic missile defense shield system, anti-satellite systems, air defense network and orbital weapons platforms - was beginning.

They didn't know it yet, but this is exactly what the Ursavans were seeing the early signs of.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Caribbean
A military officer on a ballistic missile submarine tapped out a coded message on a secure connection:
"Launch has been completed as planned, satellite currently in orbit, arriving over the target area in 3 minutes 27 seconds"

All was going according to plan...
16-08-2008, 01:49
The call had risen up the chain of command through various officials and now Admiral Bodi Farkas leaned towards the screen as the signals increased at phenomonal levels. The signatures were becoming more clearly defined as the power obviously began to increase in level.

"What is it sir?" The two young men asked almost at the exact same time.

"How do we know it's not energy leaks soldier?" Admiral Farkas asked.

"Because sir..." One of the two men typed furiously for several seconds "...those readings match that of a missile center of some kind. It's a silo and it's the only one we've detected but it's there." The man said.

"I see..." Admiral Farkas said, rubbing his chin slowly.
The Phoenix Milita
16-08-2008, 02:01
"Picking up the target now." the radar operator reported

"Good, all stations stand by for launch order" the program manager said into a communications handset.

"Tracking target ...range 217km ...speed normal ..attitude normal all stations report target locked." the technician seated next to the program manager reported with a hint of repressed excitement

The program manager unsheathed a large red button on the control panel, turned a key and pushed it.

"Launch order received. " Another technician reported, as he was echoed by his counterparts at the other 2 locations

"Missiles away." A voice resounded through the speakers in the room.

With that 3 missiles were simultaneously launched from 3 different corners of TPM toward the satellite which was being controlled by an Air Force Aggressor squadron

...a few moments later

"Target is responding..." warned the radar operator
16-08-2008, 02:02
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16-08-2008, 22:32
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Ustio North
16-08-2008, 23:05
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