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Power Struggle, Purges and Protests in Karuchea

15-08-2008, 09:16
Premier Purged From Party and State Positions

Premier Pak Han-chul was, effective as of 23:00 yesterday, relieved of all posts in the State and the Party of the Karuchean Revolution. He has been taken into custody for Counter-Revolutionary aims. The victory of our Party and Revolution, even now when the Great Leader, Marshall Karim Ahmad is ill, is a testament to the firm foundation upon which our Revolution rest.

I myself have taken the mantle of Premier in an attempt to bring order to the country and guide us through these dark times. The Right-Wing course which Premier Pak attempted to guide us through will be averted and the Party of the Karuchean Revolution will re-orient itself towards protecting and ensuring the victory of World Communism.

With Revolutionary Celebrations,
Premier Omar Bakdash.

Ever since the victory of the Revolution almost 20 years ago, the Party of the Karuchean Revolution had been united only by the presence of Karim Ahmad, but underneath, there was little unity. Several factions had emerged, the primary faction until this point had been the Nationalists, including Amani Sinde and Nurianna, they had always seen Socialism as an affirmation of National Culture. The other faction were the Radicals, existing at lower levels and amongst University students, they saw Communism as something which had to dispell superstition and Bourgeois nationalism and Communism as being an international tendency and not limited to Karuchea. With Karim Ahmad ill, Bakdash, a hero of the Myakkan Campaign had succeeded and the Radicals were now in power.

Within 3 hours of the Premiership of Bakdash, 2 major laws were passed.

Emergency Law #1:
The Party of the Karuchean Revolution deems it neccesary to smash the vestiges of Capitalist culture and society which remain in Karuchea, as a result, national monuments and historical monuments will be examined on a case-by-case basis for destruction.

Emergency Law #2:
The Party of the Karuchean Revolution deems it neccesary to smash the vestiges of Capitalist values and superstition which maintain a lock on Karuchea and the Revolutionary Party, therefore at this point Karuchea declares its atheist course. All Muslims, Confucian and Buddhist men and women shall be immediately examined for expulsion from the Party.

The two edicts made very clear the fact that a new order was running the Revolution.

Nearly immediately, a large crowd of religious men and women, as well as other demonstrators gathered in the Square of the Revolution to protest the new policies.
15-08-2008, 09:21
OOC: Does this affect the Revolutionary Celebrations thread?
15-08-2008, 09:22
As news trickled in, Chairman of the National Assembly, Amani Sinde sat at his desk. Very worried, he realized what the new edicts meant, as a Muslim and Confucian, he was very much subject to purge and perhaps execution. Vice-Chairman Nurianna Barre was in as much jeapordy, she went immediately to Amani's office. "Comrade, we need to do something, now!" she said. "What can we do, he has taken state power?" he responded. She realized he was correct, they didn't have a hand to play, rather, Bakdash had dealt himself the entire deck.

However, they both realized they had room to maneuver, after all Karuchea was itself a very Nationalistic country and its Socialism was radically different from most "Communist" countries. In Karuchea, national culture was encouraged as was religion and national pride. Karuchean values were encouraged and all foreign or liberal values from the concepts of abortion to homosexuality were considered "decadent values of the international bourgeoisie". The fight wouldn't be so simple, and though Bakdash would easily crush demonstrations with the military, the war wouldn't end there, it would only begin.

OOC: Yes, it affects all Karuchean actions. Because the "Radical" section of the Party has taken power, Karuchea will pursue a more Internationally militant course in promoting Communism. It also affects things because the Myakkan delegation will meet with both Omar Bakdash and Lisa Tae-sun, the new Leaders of Karuchea, and Millone will also likely even meet the "Moderate" section of the Party in the form of Nurianna and Amani.