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Outremere Defence Begins Manufacture of New Armour Scheme; "Harquebusier"

Dyelli Beybi
11-08-2008, 12:10
Outremere Defence has announced the production of a new cheap armour for mass production and rapid outfitting of large numbers of fresh troops.

This announcement has met with mixed responses from Dyellian sources. With the current split between Parliament and the Prime Minister, the production of military grade armour has been seen as a potential sign of impending conflict between the two administrations. The Armour is currently being produced in Provinces loyal to both the Prime Minister and Parliament.

The New Armour is known as the 'Harquebusier' Model and is open to International Orders, although already a combined order of 6 million Units has been placed by the 4 Prefectures of Outremere.

The Harquebusier package includes a titanium composite helmet in the 'Lobster Pott' design, also angled titanium composite breast and back plates.

While the helmet and chest armour offer superior stopping power to classic Kevlar armour, they come with certain drawbacks. Firstly the armour is considerably heavier than classic Kevlar, strongly impedes the wearer's ability to bend the upper torso, on top of which it does not protect from blunt trauma resulting from bullet impact. This final issue has been counteracted by the inclusion of a thigh length compressed 'Ballistic Fabric K'TM vest and skull protection cap. These items are able to withstand low velocity small arms fire on their own, but have the primary purpose of protecting against blunt trauma.

A complete armour package is valued at US$620