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10-08-2008, 17:14
OOC: Going to try my hand at this RP stuff

Mosina Vintovka M44 (Mosin Nagant M44)
Release: 1944
Type: Rifle
Action: Bolt Action
Effective Range: 500m
Maximum Range: 1000m
Muzzle Velocity: 2625f/s
Feed System: 5rd internal fixed magazine loaded by stripper clips.
Cartridge Size: 7.62x54mmR M1891
Accesories: Spike Bayonet
Weight: 9 IB
Length: 39.9'
Barrel Length: 20.2'
Sight Type: Adjustable Read Ladder, adjustable from 100-1000m
Included: Duel compartment oiler, nylon sling, pleather satchal able to hold 6 5rd stripper clips, 6 stripper clips, cleaning kit consisting of
x1: Cleaning Jag
x1: Cleaning rod handle
x1: Muzzle crown cap
x1: Universal screwdriver/firing pin gage
Construction: Iron reciever, woodan stock
Starting Prices:
Unserviceable or parts rifles: $30 USD
Pitted or Heavily used: $50 USD
Average Condition: $60 USD
Excellent/ Unissued condition: $70 USD
As the world moved to carbine versions of their then standard rifles of the day, so to did the Soviet Union in their attempt to keep with the world trend of utilising smaller carbine rifles that are more manueverable in tight areas such as trenches and jungles. The result, was the carbine version of the then standard Mosina Vintovka 1891/30, the M44. The M44, like many other carbines such as the Nazi German Karabiner 98k and the British Empire's Lee Enfield "Jungle Carbine", was a cheaper, smaller, and lighter alternative than the ever lengthy and heavy 1891/30 rifle. Unfortunatly, due to it's cuts in barrel length, the M44 suffered accuracy and range cuts when compared to other standard long rifles of the day.

Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva, Obrazets 1940 goda (Tokarev SVT-40)
Release: 1940
Type: Rifle
Action: Gas operated, tilting bolt, semi-automatic
Effective Range: 550yrds
Maximum Range: 1100yrds
Muzzle Velocity: 2756 f/s
Feed System: 10rd detachable box magazine
Cartridge Size: 7.62x54mmR M1891
Accesories: Blade bayonet, PU-2 x2 magnafication scope (Standard 3 prong reticule)
Weight: 8.5Ib. (Less Magazine)
Length: 48In.
Barrel Length: 24In.
Sight Type: Rear Read Ladder adjustable from 100m-1000m, front hooded post
Included: Duel compartment oiler, Knife bayonet, Nylon sling, PU-2 Scope with quick release,4 Magazines per rifle, cloth cleaning pouch consisting of
x1 Cleaning Jag
x1 Cleaning Rod Handle
x1 Muzzle cap
x1 Gas cylinder cleaning brush
x1 Universal Screwdriver/firing pin gage
Construction: Steel reciever, woodan stock.
Starting Prices:
Unserviceable/parts rifles: 400 USD
Pitted or heavily used: 500 USD
Average Quality: 600 USD
Perfect/ Unissued: 800 USD
As interest grew within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics for a semi-automatic rifle to replace the ever aging Mosina Vintovka 1891/30 of bolt action design, several designs of self loading rifle were tested. First came the AVS36, which all in all proved to be a failure, and a new trial was held. This time, Fedor Tokarev's SVT-40 was chosen. During initial battlefield trials, the SVT-40 earned a bad reputation amongst infantryman for it's complicated design and the tendancy for it's magazines to fall out. However, this issue was less with the rifle and more with the ineffective training of the soldiers operating the weapon. The Tokarev SVT-40, in properly trained hands, can be seen as an overall effective semi-automatic rifle with excellent stopping power provided by the 7.62x54mmR cartridge used in the Mosina Vintovka M1891/30 rifle. The SVT-40 was also in some cases, equipped with the PU-2 Snipers scope and used as a sniper rifle, allthough in the end, due to it's inferior accuracy and ballistic qualities, this variant was dropped from production in favor of the Mosina Vintovka 1891/30.
The weapon by today's standards, is underranged, long and heavy when compared to other full sized semi-automatic rifles being used today. However, it's overall price per rifle may appeal to developing nations in need of an entry level semi-automatic infantry/sniper rifle.
Pistolet-Pulemyot Shpagina M1941 (PPSh-41)
Release: 1941
Type: Sub-Machine Gun
Action: Open bolt blowback, fully-automatic only.
Effective Range: 200M
Maximum Range: 500M
Muzzle Velocity: 488m/s
Rate of Fire: 900 Rounds per Minute
Feed System: 71rd detachable drum magazine or 35rd detachable box magazine
Cartridge Size: 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Accesories: Crude muzzle compensator, slotted cooling shroud.
Weight: 8IB (Less Magazine)
Length: 843mm
Barrel Length: 269mm
Sight Type: Rear Read ladder, front hooded post.
Included: Duel compartment oiler, Nylon sling, cloth pouch containing cleaning kit, 2 drum magazines per weapon.
Construction: Steel reciever, woodan stock
Starting Prices:
Unserviceable/parts weapons: $300 USD
Heavily Used or pitted: $600 USD
Average Condition: $700 USD
Unissued/Perfect condition: $900 USD
One of the most effective sub-machine guns developed by any nation during the World War II Era, the PPSh-41 was a low maintainance, high performance weapon revered by the Workers and Peasents Red Army for it's inherently low recoil, large ammunition drum magazine and nearly unmatched firepower at close range due to the usage of the 7.62x25mm Tokarev pistol ammunition and it's at the time high fire rate. The weapon by today's standards however, is seen lacking in innovative accessories such as laser aiming modules and unmagnafied optical scopes. However, it's high cyclic rate seems to more than make up for this, providing infantry soldiers with a fast firing close support weapon capable of competing, performance wise, to more modern weapons of the day.

Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova [RPK]
Release: 1961
Type: Light-Machine Gun
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt, select fire
Effective Range: 500m
Maximum Range: 1000m
Muzzle Velocity: 2444f/s
Rate of Fire: 600 Rounds per Minute
Feed System: 40rd detachable box magazine or 75rd detachable drum (both compatable with AK-47)
Cartridge Size: 7.62x39mm M43
Accesories: Bi-pod, fin cooled barrel.
Weight: 10.6 IB
Length: 40.9In.
Barrel Length: 23.2 In.
Sight Type: Rear Tangent Ladder, 100-1000m adjustment, front semi-hooded post.
Included: 4 40rd box magazines, 2 75rd drum magazines, Single compartment oil bottle, single pouch magazine belt for drum magazine, 4 pouch belt for 40rd box magazines, cleaning cylinder stored in butt-stock consisting of;
x1 Cleaning Jag
x1 Gas cylinder cleaning brush
x1 Muzzle cap
x1 Punch pin/cleaning rod handle
Construction: Stamped steel reciever, woodan stock
Starting Prices:
Unserviceable/parts rifles: $500 USD
Heavily used/poor condition: $700 USD
Average Condition: $800USD
Unissued/Perfect Condition: $1000USD
In an attempt to create an entire family of weapons centered around the more modern M43 cartridge, Mikhail Kalashnikov designed a light machine gun version of his legendary Avtomat Kalashnikova goda 1947 which in the end, was adopted and named the RPK. The idea behind the RPK was to design a weapon with parts and ammunition interchangability with the AK-47 standard infantry service rifle and commonality for it's operating and aiming mechanisms to reduce the time to train troops already used to the AK-47 and to improve effeciency for soldiers to be able to use both weapons in case of an emergency.
The RPK, like the AK-47, utilises the same gas operated, rotating bolt method of operation which affords the RPK unmatched reliability in any condition. The RPK's simple operating system also allows the user to strip the weapon without the use of tools into it's major componants. However, the high tolerances of the weapon are detrimental to it's fire rate and accuracy, affording the weapon an only average range and below average fire rate by today's standards. Still, it's legendary reliability make it the light machine gun of choice for many nations whos military budget is under strain or otherwise lacking the infrastructure to purchase more high performance, expensive weapons.

Ammuniton for these weapons are sold seperatly and prices are the following
300rd tins of 7.62x54mmR M1891, Full Metal Jacket, brass cartridges
Reliability: 90%
Price: $70.00 USD

300rd tins of 7.62x25mm Tokarev, full metal jacket, brass cartridges
Reliability: 70%
Price: $50.00 USD

300rd tins of 7.62x39mm M43, full metal jacket, steel cartridges with non corrosive primer
Reliability: 100%
Price: 80 USD

Licences of manufacture beyond the stockpile sale of the above weapons or ammunition are to be discussed with the Unified Soviet Republics of Communist WorkersParty via private telegram.
These weapons are sold "as is" with no warranty regaurding defects in workmanship regaurding cosmetics, operating systems, magazines or their ammunition.
Illegal replication or production of above weapons may be punished by sanctions against the purchasing nation, or termination of sale.