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The Principality of Leichstur (Intro/Open)

Roma V
10-08-2008, 06:20
OOC: Yes, I am Roma V. However, my puppet nation is Leichstur and do to complex problems I am unable to post with that account and so will be doing so with Roma V.
The Principality of Leichstur

It is the 1940's and Hitler has launched an all out invasion on surrounding territories in Europe. Having claimed most of central Europe at this point, he is now concocting his campaign against Britain.

His invasion still in the works, he summons a young SS officer by the name of Martin Leichstur to receive an important and top secret mission. Hitler needs a base off the coast of the isles to help launch forces simultaneously into Britain and modern-day Scotland.

With a crew of 125 men Martin sails into towards the coast of Scotland. However, a storm blows them off course after evading Royal Navy ships. The come across a small grouping of islands that surround the front of one larger island towards the North-West off of Scottland's coast.

The islands are largely inhabited by fairly uncivilized tribes of Norsemen and some inhabitants of Irish and Scottish descent. There's no electricity or water supply systems on any of the islands.

Martin and some 62 crewmen make camp and form a temporary settlement while the remainder sail back to inform Hitler of their discovery.

They reach Germany and receive the necessary engineers, supplies, and troops to form a small garrison. Various civilians are also brought along to help colonize the islands.

The ship returns and delivers its load before heading back to Germany due to problems on the front. The settlement maintains some radio contact with Germany for a few months before they stop receiving responses.

Abandoned by their Führer, an aging Martin becomes their new source of hope and admiration. Martin proclaims the islands as "The Kingdom of Leichstur", proclaiming himself King.

For the next years of his life his people spread out across the islands and begin to back civilization to the islands. The original inhabitants are made into slaves and used to build "Leichstur Castle", Martin's home and the central point of command for all communications throughout the islands.

Some years later, radio waves generating from the island are picked up by a British fishing vessel. British troops are deployed into the islands to investigate to discover a post-WWI era of technology based population of mostly German people throughout the Islands.

Martin, having passed away some years ago, was succeeded by his son Edward Leichstur. Only a young man though, Edward does not feel the sense of nationalism or loyalty to the Natzi regime as his father did. He welcomes the British troops and offers them shelter and food.

However, upon some investigation the British find out that the colonies were founded during Hitler's rule. Frightened by the possibility of such a society so close to theirs they invade the islands and overthrow Edward.

The population and society advance and expand under British rule over the years however, with news of India overthrowing British rule the civilians rally and cast the British soldiers out of the islands.

Edward, having died in exile of pneumonia, was unable to be restored to power. However, a British captain who aided the civilians in the rebellion is elected as their new leader and, to appease the population and pay homage to the founder of the nation, it is renamed The Principality of Leichstur.

When the British return to once again invade a treaty is proposed between the two nations. Seeking to impress their longtime allies, the United States, they agree and leave the islands to themselves.

The new ruler, James Barrowfield, marries into the bloodline of Leichstur's descendants through his surviving and only daughter. Years later they birth Martin Leichstur II in honor of his father.

Now, in modern years, Martin Leichstur II has turned the islands into a very nationalist and economically powerful nation. He is married to Margaret Schultze and the two have a young daughter, Isabella Leichstur. The couple has been married for three years and their daughter is only a year old.

Martin Leichstur II, only being 32, rules his country with a very leftist point of view. While troubling to their British neighbors, their treaty prevents them from intervention.

General Info

-A large amount of The Principality of Leichstur's population is of German descent however some are of a English and German mix or purely English.

-It's main industry is agriculture due to the ripe farmland produced due to large amounts of rain akin to those in Ireland and Scotland.

-Due to high respect and freedom given to corporations it receives and produces some of the world's most recent technological advancements.

-Leichstur castle now acts as a national monument and the burial place for past rulers of The Principality of Leichstur. The official residence of Martin Leichstur II is the Imperial Homestead which was first established by the governor of Britain during their occupation of the islands and later named the official residence of all Liechstur rulers. Martin II also has a summer residence in the countryside known as the Royal Mansion.

-The national motto is "Peace Through Power. Power Through Control", a motto designed by Martin II to reflect his leftist ideology.

-The capital city of Liechstur is Gennderburg, which, incidently, was the sight of Martin I's base camp.


The Principality of Leichstur pours thousands into Defense spending mostly to acquire some of the world's most powerful weapons. Military service is compulsory for all citizens who are not employed when they come of age (19) for three years. Not only has this benefited the economy but it ensures most citizens will have served and been trained previously and will not need full training if conscripted.

The four main branches of it's military are the Homeland Defense Force (HDF), the Leichstur Ariel Warfare Force (LAWF), the Leichstur Armada (LA), and the Leichstur Ground Combat Force (LGCF).


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Soviet Aissur
10-08-2008, 06:51
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The Aletes
10-08-2008, 08:39
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17-10-2008, 21:34
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