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The New Way to Travel (peaceful FT RP: ATTN Galaxy)

The Steppe Empire
06-08-2008, 18:34
No one thought the Hyperborians could do it, making a new type of FTL Travel for their Ships, but now it was the start of a new era of FTL Travel for The Hyperborian Race.

The Use of Slipstream Travel.

For many Years, The Hyperborians had used Hyperdrives for FTL Travel, but it had it's Problems, like all FTL had. even The New Slipstream will have it's troubles. With the step into Slipstream, one problem can always be found out and how to deal with it would be good.

The Hyperborians were working on Slipstream for years, trying to use it for Military use. Now the Tests were done..........It worked.

The Hyperborians now had Slipstream drives.