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the history of Ameriganastan

06-08-2008, 01:43
OOC:i got bored,so I'm gonna try this whole nation history thing.feel free to critique if you please

Chapter one:the nomads arrive.
being bordered by a desert on 2 sides,its no surprise that the nation was founded by a tribe of desert nomads.tired of roaming the scorching desert,they traveled for months,trying to find a more hospitable habitat.after crossing the border of the south desert,they found it.a nice sized slab of land,with a beautiful forest.sending messages to other tribes on the promising land,several hundred tribes arrived,setting up a moderate sized town on the outskirts of the forest.things went well for the first few years,until the different tribes started fighting over the land.seeing the problem,a simple man from the smallest tribe came forward with a solution.that they shouldn't be fighting as tribes.they should be united as one people.his name was Amerigano Stanvich.with his people united under him,he led them in a period of peace and growth.but sadly,he would not live to see his ultimate dream of his own nation.he passed away mere months before they were declared an official his memory,his people named there new nation,Ameriganastan.but things would not be so peaceful for long.there was a vacuum of power.and many people were looking to fill it.
06-08-2008, 01:59
Chapter 2:the fight for rule

with Stanvich gone,and no one set to take his place,Ameriganastan went through their first few decades,with several people trying to establish a solid rule of the land.trying to run a growing nation,with a confused government,pretty much led to a controlled anarchy,which was evident when an angry citizen strolled up and stabbed the current ruler,and strolled off,without being caught.though they had managed to turn themselves into a respectable nation by their 100th birthday,they still lacked a good leader.a problem which finally seemed to resolve itself with the arrival of a man named Samuel Lowery.
06-08-2008, 02:18
Chapter three:Lowery's arrival

Samuel Lowery was a small time politician,who always had his eyes on something much bigger.though he got very little attention from the ruling government,he had a small but strong following of citizens.almost as a joke,he submitted his name for the election of the new ruler of the nation.promising to fix the many problems his native nation was having,his following began to slowly grow.during the campaign he made it his mission to assist the common man.he personally helped pave new roads,build homes for the less fortunate,and even assisted in the hunt for an escaped the time it was time to vote,he had the election sealed his first year in office,the economy boomed,bringing a second period of abundance to the nation.seeing how wise he was,the people put forth a new place Samuel and the future Lowery's as permanent rulers of Ameriganastan.the government approved,the people approved,even a few convicted felons approved.and so,Samuel Lowery became,Lord Samuel Lowery,first grand leader of Ameriganastan.however,this would prove to Samuels own well as the fall of freedom for ameriganastan itself.
06-08-2008, 02:36
Chapter Four:Cody's rise

in his many years as Grand Leader,Samuel had produced 3 sons.Zachary,Benjamin,and Adam,who had also bore sons of there own,Nathan,Cody,and Ryan.with his age catching up to him,Samuel knew his life and his rule,would soon be over.he had to pick an heir.and this is when his middle grandson,Cody,saw his chance.he had always been a cold,and harsh individual.he had once stabbed an irate citizen,who tried to take a swing at his grandfather.though this was for his own gain.he needed Samuel Samuel approached his deathbed,strange events began to unfold at the royal palace.his cousins,Ryan and Nathan,were both killed in a suspicious car accident.his uncle Adam,was arrested for suspicion of terrorism,and later killed inside a prison by an angry prisoner.his other uncle Benjamin's plane went down over the ocean on route back to ameriganastan.with no other heirs left,Zachary was appointed as Grand Leader.mere months into his reign,he was found stabbed to death at his home.with no one left,the power of Grand Leader fell upon 17 year old Cody.exactly as he had planned it.
06-08-2008, 02:52
Chapter Five:10 years of torment.

finally in the position he had waited for,Lowery turned the nation upside down.he ordered all female members of the royal family to be secretly exiled.he couldn't have any little rugrat trying to do to him,what he had done to his family.turning to the citizens,he banned pretty much all political freedoms.the most famous being a government Approved execution of a radio D.J. on air,for speaking out against his rule.he installed secret cameras in almost all corners of the city,watching for any suspicious activity.he built a giant wall around the main city,keeping his citizens from escaping.he flooded the airwaves with propaganda,bending the citizens to his way of thinking.with the people under his thumb,he turned to the government.he had all of the old members,supporters of his grandfather,publicly executed,for suspicion of terrorism.with them gone,he put his own legion of lackeys and supporters in their place.he had soldiers walking the streets at all hours of the day,to quash any attempt of defiance.he had taken control of the nation,turning into his perfect vision of order and power.and it had only taken him 10 years.