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Population of Errikland Passes 5 Billion

05-08-2008, 17:44
ENN Special Report:
Population Landmark: Population of Errikland Passes 5 Billion

The Imperial Demographic Office was pleased to announce today that the total population of the fatherland passed the major milestone of 5 billion, with the birth of the Errikan child Thompson Roberts at 12:02 am. His overjoyed parents, Thomas and Virginia Roberts, a military family, are to be receiving honors from various groups, notably scholarships for their young son.

“This truly is an honor,” said Thomas Roberts, who was interviewed earlier today.

The parents are not the only ones who are celebrating—indeed, as the IDO had predicted this milestone, official celebrations have been organized across the Empire.

Though young Thompson’s birth is celebrated, he is actually neither the five billionth citizen nor the five billionth Errikan. Over five billion citizens have lived without passing the five billion mark for population, as many have passed away; and besides, as non-citizens with certain legal status are included in the five billion, we are some four hundred fifty million citizens short of the five billion mark currently living. As for ethnic Errikans, we are similarly some six hundred fifty million short within the Empire, though ethnic Errikans in other nations more than make up the difference.

ENN Special Report:
Demographic Breakdown of 5 Billion

We will all be enjoying the festivities today, celebrating the great demographic achievement of the fatherland—its crossing of the population milestone of five billion.

Who are these five billion?

Well, for starters, 93 percent of them, or some 4.65 billion, are full Errikan citizens, who, when of age, can vote and, for men, are required to go through military training and be available for service. That leaves 7 percent, or some 350 million, who are non-citizens of other special legal status; these are mostly special colonials, the peoples who were allies at the time of conquest or have gotten special status through other means. Though they do not have the same voting rights or military obligations as citizens, they can typically vote for local or colonial legislatures and decide the colonial representatives to the national government, and commonly have to face service in one of the various colonial militias—though the extent of these rights and obligations vary between colonies. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, they will have a much easier time becoming citizens should they seek to.

As for ethnic background, a full 89 percent of the five billion, or 4.45 billion, are ethnic Errikans, decedents of Errik’s tribe which settled in the fatherland in the early middle ages. That leaves some 550 million citizens or people of other special legal status who belong to other groups. Tarki peoples of continental Mucro, be they immigrants from over the centuries or the minority of the peoples conquered in the Imperial Wars of Continental Expansion who did not either die or leave, have long been the largest group, though this status has been threatened by the extra-continental colonials.

And for the breakdown of the population by age? We have a handy population pyramid which illustrates this quite nicely ( This chart clearly shows the effects of the Errikan Civil War, some thirty five years ago, and the ensuing population boom.

So, as you go out to join the festivities today, feel comfortable that you know a bit about what it is that you are celebrating.

Official celebrations did in fact result across the Empire, with parades, statements by public figures, and general merriment, as well as most unofficial ones, including other factors such as alcohol and firing weapons off into the air (unfortunately, these aspects sometimes spilled over into the official celebrations), as pent up patriotism was released by the Errikan people.

As the festivities of the day progressed, the state released a message: the Errikan Imperial Service, previously set at the level of 100 million, would be expanding to 125 million. This particular announcement, which quickly circulated throughout all news and the internet, was celebrated more throughout Errikland than anything else for the day, as the set size of the military services had become a contentious issue, particularly amongst young men who, upon receiving the compulsory military training, were not able to do any service. Lately many had joined foreign services or even migrated to new and foreign lands; but that was no longer to be an issue, at least they thought, as this new expansion would place millions more in the service.

OOC: Yeah, just a general pop milestone thread. Feel free to post reactions, celebrations, congratulations, condemnations, mobilizations, surrenders, whatever, so long as it is relevant and not pornographic.
05-08-2008, 17:53
Private thoughts of the Bashee Kassam of Demographics and Immigration

Oy Vey! We're at 10.75 billion, yet you don't see us issuing press statements... I wonder where those tofu dougnuts went? They really aren't as bad i thought they'd be.
06-08-2008, 02:51
The Kiravian Empire congratulates our allies in the Errikan Empire on this important population milestone. We hope that this will lead to continued expansion and prosperity in and of Errikland and her colonies.