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Government Change in Kenavt (MT, OPEN)

27-05-2008, 00:53
A Review of the Recent Government Change
Premier Kenavt no more

Poiuytrewq- In a surprise move last month, Deputy Premier Duke Andrew da Vincho called for a Vote of No Confidence in Premier Kenavt's leadership in front of the Senate.

This had emerged over a couple of months of Kenavt's spending toward oppressive corporations and companies, lowering the average Kenavtan's standard of life. Duke da Vincho, highly popular among the Kenavtan people, decided to use that to declare the Vote of No Confidence-supposedly to raise his political career to the highest level. However, Kenavt has a history of politicians trying to do such things.

After three days of debating in the Senate, the vote went through 64-36. New elections were to be held two weeks later, in the details according to the bill.

After a landslide election versus Minister of Finance Vance Harvard (65,893,125-43,451,976) when it was announced Duke da Vincho was running, the Duke is currently holding the reins of Kenavt.

In a recent press conference, the Duke stated that, "My policy won't be much different than Mr. Kenavt's. I merely disagree with him on the economic points of his spending lavish amounts of money in order to attract big corporations and ruin many Kenavtan lives. The Kenavt nuclear program for clean energy and protection against aggressors will continue on schedule. It is estimated to finish within five years. We are hoping that the huge reserve of uranium found nearby Poiuytrewq will be useful in that regard."

Kenavt, after this political soap opera episode was over, left the country of his own chosing. Nobody knows where he is, and he is not expected to be seen again.
31-05-2008, 20:57
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