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Zinairian Military Surplus for Sale

25-05-2008, 00:33
Zinairian Military Surplus Sale

The Zinairian military has almost always had a troublesome surplus of military equipment, but recently, the entire Zinairian tank fleet was retired and replaced by the Nakíl. Therefore, the government has taken this opportunity to begin the formalized sale of their military surplus to non-threatening nations. To broker the deals, we, Zinairian General Suppliers, have been selected for our trustworthiness, customer service and mathematical prowess.

Guidelines and Rules

1. We will do the math for you, or you can do it yourself for a 2% discount (that you should factor into your calculations).
2. When we're out, we're out. This is surplus and we will not be receiving any more shipments. However, depending on our needs or what new products we purchase, new items or more of an old one may come up for sale.
3. Prior to confirmation, we will insure that your nation is not a threat to ours.
4. You must be able to pay for what you order within ten NS years (ten RL days). Your defense budget can be calculated at NSTracker (
5. A full list of Zinairian military assets can be found here ( Please contact us if you are interested in a special order.


- Small Arms
- Ground Systems
- Aircraft
- Naval Vessels
25-05-2008, 00:34
Small Arms


HK Mk.23 (SOCOM) (
Price: $1,800
Quantity: 520,000

FN Five-Seven (
Price: $700
Quantity: 500,000


Benelli M3 Super 90 (
Price: $720
Quantity: 310,000

Assault Rifles

FN F2000 (
Price: $1,250
Quantity: 770,000

HK 416 (
Price: $700
Quantity: 1,000,000

HK G36 (
Price: $700
Quantity: 220,000

Sniper Rifles

HK PSG-1 (
Price: $7,400
Quantity: 500,000

Barrett M82 (
Price: $5,500
Quantity: 204,500

Submachine Guns

Price: $550
Quantity: 475,000

Machine Guns

HK MG 43 (
Price: $3,200
Quantity: 200,000

HK 23 (
Price: $2,850
Quantity: 250,000

Rocket/Grenade Launchers

Mk.47 Striker (
Price: $10,500
Quantity: 263,000

Price: $9,750
Quantity: 240,000
25-05-2008, 00:34
Ground Systems

Main Battle Tanks

M1A2 Abrams (
Price: $4.2 million
Quantity: 17,998

Challenger 2 (
Price: $4.2 million
Quantity: SOLD OUT

Leopard 2 (
Price: $4.2 million
Quantity: SOLD OUT


Vextra (
Price: $1.5 million
Quantity: 1,500

Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle (
Price: $1.9 million
Quantity: SOLD OUT
25-05-2008, 00:35

Ground Attack

A-10 Thunderbolt (
Price: $7.35 million
Quantity: SOLD OUT


Su-30M (
Price: $26.25 million
Quantity: SOLD OUT


C-5 Galaxy (
Price: $135 million
Quantity: SOLD OUT

C-130 Hercules (
Price: $50 million
Quantity: 5


Global Hawk (
Price: $60 million
Quantity: 424
25-05-2008, 00:36
Naval Vessels


Gerald R. Ford Class (
Price: $6.1 billion
Quantity: 13

Amphibious Assault

Wasp Class (
Price: $1.2 billion
Quantity: 18

San Antonio Class (
Price: $460 million
Quantity: 2


Zumwalt Class (
Price: $900 million
Quantity: 25


Ohio Class (
Price: $1.2 billion
Quantity: 8

Virginia Class (
Price: $1.2 billion
Quantity: 50


Littoral Combat Ship (
Price: $175 million
Quantity: SOLD OUT

Mine Warfare

Avenger Class (
Price: $55 million
Quantity: 42
25-05-2008, 00:37
We're open for business!
25-05-2008, 05:00
25-05-2008, 05:12
To Zinairian General Suppliers,

The Director wishes to purchase the following items, in the following quantities,

2,000 Challenger 2 MBTs at $4,200,000 a piece for a total of $8,400,000,000.
5,500 Barrett M82s at $210,000 a piece for a total of $1,155,000,000.

Bringing the Directors order to a total of $9,555,000,000, plus a two percent discount of $191,100,000 for the Director doing the Director's own math. Bring the Directors final total to $9,363,900,000, for which the Director has enclosed a check. The Director thanks you.

From the Desk of,
The Director
The Exalted Intellectual Fiefdom of Kelnoriem
25-05-2008, 05:17
From the Department of the navy of the kingdom of Imbrinium

To Zinairian military

The royal Imbrinium navy would like to purchase all 6 of the San Antonio Class and all 54 of the Littoral Combat Ship for the sum of 13,130,000,000 USD. Please let us know if this is feasible. Thank and please let us know.

Admiral Leila Russo
Minister of the navy
25-05-2008, 05:21
We would like to buy the Challenger and Leopard 2 tanks. Also the A10's

4.2 mill *2,000=8.4 bill -2% =$8,232,000,000 *2 = $16,464,000,000
+ (7.35 mill *7 = 51,450,000 -2%= $50,421,000)

Total bill (if transaction approved)


(should be right)
25-05-2008, 05:32
To: The Exalted Intellectual Fiefdom of Kelnoriem

Thank you for your purchase. There has been another offer on the Challenger 2 tanks, but we feel that a first come, first serve philosophy is the only fair one in this situation. Your order has been confirmed and should arrive within three months.
To: The Kingdom of Imbrinium

Thank you for your order. These ships will be sailed to you promptly. Expect delivery within three months.
To: The Dominion of Sarrowquand

Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, another order for the Challenger 2 tanks was placed earlier. However, as a member of the New Caribbean, we will offer you a 10% discount should you wish to purchase Abrams tanks instead. Your other items will be shipped and should arrive within three months.
25-05-2008, 06:42
To Zinairian General Suppliers,

The President of The Republic Corivia wishes to purchase 2 M1A2 Abrams Tanks at $8,400,000.

Please find enclosed a cheque for the above amount.

From the desk of Minister of Defence of Corivia,
Larry Hamilton
25-05-2008, 06:48
To: The Republic Corivia

Thank you for your order. Unfortunately, your nation does not have a defense budget. However, we have noticed that it does have a substantial welfare budget. Therefore, we will bill these tanks as "SUVs for underprivileged families." We hope to do more business with you in the future. However, should we have further dealings, we ask you do not send a check as many Zinairian banks are hesitant to cash ones for millions of dollars. We would like to suggest that you wire the money instead.
25-05-2008, 11:53
25-05-2008, 12:37
Done and done
25-05-2008, 14:25
Tranmission from Monte Verde, Jimanistan

we would like to purchase all 200 Su-30M's for the rebuilding of the Jimani National Airforce. We may have to borrow money from the Education department...
- Gen. Brian Mancuso, High Commander of Jimani forces
30-05-2008, 22:15
Right now as you know very well anything that still shoots the way that you point it is good enough for the Hisperians army. We are now buying all your stock of the advanced amphibious assault vehicle for 1.9 million each. the total comes to 2,565,000,000 USD without the discount and 2,513,700,000 USD with the Discount. Below is the receipt for the order.
====Highly Classified====
To: Zinairian General Suppliers
Item: Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
Cost: 1,900,000 USD
Quantity: 1,350
Subtotal: 2,565,000,000 USD
Discount(s): 2% (51,300,000 USD)
Total: 2,513,700,000
Thank you.
Head of Department of Logistics
2. Government RD, Hisperians D.G
30-05-2008, 22:25
To: The Socialist Republic of Jimanistan

We apologize for the delay in processing your order. Due to a computer glitch, we were not aware that it had been placed. The total, $5.25 billion, will be billed to your eduction budget as "classroom educational aids." Thank you for your business and once again, we apologize for the delay. Expect the shipment within three months– just in time for the new school year.
30-05-2008, 22:27
To: The United States of Hisperians

Thank you for your order. As an ally of the Zinairian government, we will do our best to expedite your order. It should arrive within two months.
31-05-2008, 03:33
Telegram to Republic of Zinaire
Zinairian General Suppliers
Sales Department
I am pleased to announce that the Marines were so satisfied with the last order, the Army, Navy and Air force wanted to buy some more of your surplus. The cost breakdown is below.
===Begin Transmission===
===Highly Classified===
TO: Zinairian General Suppliers
Item: HK Mk.23 (SOCOM)
Cost: 1,800 USD
Quantity: 1,000,000
Subtotal: 1,800,000,000 USD
Item: Virginia Class
Cost: 1.2 Billion USD
Quantity: 4
Subtotal: 4,800,000,000 USD
==Air Force==
Item: C-5 Galalxy
Cost: 135,000,000
Quantity: 5
Subtotal: 675,000,000
Army: 1,800,000,000
Air Force: 675,000,000
Subtotal: 7,275,000,000
Discount 2%:-145,500,000
Total:7,129,500,000 USD
===End Transmission===
Jack Johnson
Head of Department of Logistics
2. Government RD, Hisperians D.G
01-06-2008, 08:02
To: The United States of Hisperians

Thank you for your order. Delivery will begin immediately and they should arrive, within two months.
01-06-2008, 11:43
Message from the Simmons-Fitzerald Arms Company

We wish to negotiate a price to purchase your entire stock of small arms and grenade launchers, for marketing on the retail level within Allanea.

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01-06-2008, 11:46
To: The Simmons-Fitzerald Arms Company

Although we appreciate the offer, there will be no such deal. The government of Zinaire and we, Zinairian General Suppliers, do not wish to be party to supplying civilians with grenade launchers and other weapons which are dangerous in all hands, especially those which are untrained or otherwise wrong.
01-06-2008, 13:22
After a few minutes of staring at the letter from the Zinairians in perfect disbelief, the Import Division of the Simmons-Fitzerald Arms Company returned to the more urgent business of finding a different supplier.