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Charlotteland (OOC and IC)

Charlotte Ryberg
17-05-2008, 20:27
The government of Charlotte Ryberg hereby establishes a consolidated topic thread for all affairs relating to Charlotte Ryberg and Funen.

Currently, it is announced that the number of representatives for the World Assembly is to be increased to five as a new draft for neutrality is being discussed. We are currently looking for a rep with Autism such that awareness on such condition will be increased

We are pleased to announce that the terrorist threat across the country is the lowest since the Simtropia Republican Army (SRA) related events of the 70s and 80s.

The economy is powerful, civil rights are better than ever before and political rights are up.

We also announce that from June 1st 2008 drinking alcohol on the U-Bahn will be banned, following the three decade-long success of the blanket smoking ban introduced in response to the Konstanzer Stra├če fire of 1968.

All parties invited here for peaceful diplomacy only.