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The Tanaaran Intelligencer - Planets & Colonies

16-05-2008, 08:09

Good Morning every one! This is the Tanaaran Intelligencer’s Morning Edition and the weather in most parts of the nation is our normal glorious Primavera offerings!. Just an hour ago the Ministry of State announced the posting of the second annual colony list. Those who applied can now go to to check the lists. Individual confirmations are going out as we speak. And I want to introduce to you my replacement. She’ll be co- hosting with me for the next six months. My family’s application has been approved and in six months we’ll be resettling on Danube.” Looking genuinely excited the morning newsman sat back and waved his views attention to the younger woman sitting next to him.

“Every one, this is Emily Laisfalle Nguyen, and y’ all should remember having seen her here before back a few years ago when she was an intern here at the Intelligencer. Since then she’s gotten her Masters, and finished four years of National Service. It’s good to have you back Emily and I can’t think of any one better to take over my seat.”

Emily smiled back at her cohost, her chocolate brown oriental eyes and features accented by dark blonde hair. “It’s going to be a pleasure and a loss working with your for only a short time Joshua. I know I’m going to learn so much from you. So much about our new off world holdings have appeared in the news of late but what can you tell us about them from a personal aspect?”

Tanaara steps fully into the galactic stage. Three years ago Tanaara, in conjunction with their Fatal Terrain region mates, Tarlachia and Argonia, sent an exploration fleet to study the region of space round V838 Monocerotis, some 20,000 Light Years from Earth. During their explorations they discovered, catalogued and claimed several systems that contain numerous terrestrial planets that will need little to no terraforming to be habitable. Some of these systems were ceded to the other nations that took part in the expedition for their assistance and one system placed in the guardianship of Cats Keep as it has a world that holds a working StarGate. There are still systems with in the area -a rough sphere some fifty LY in diameter that have not been claimed.

Errisfane - Arran
Pente - Santiago, Sierra, Arkadia , Zhang’dao* & Seramis* (* Zhang’dao & Seramis are habitable moons of a Gas Giant named Havarish )
Verdant - Danube and Veldt,
Cynbarr – Llabrys & Ari’Al* ( *Ari’Al is a habitable moon )
Aaru - Bastet , Sharia *, Laraune * ( Both Sharia and Laraune are habitable moons of the gas giant Thrace )

Aquaria – Atlan & Pacifica (which has been granted to the Argonians)
Tor – has 2 habitable planets, 1 habitable moon – all currently unnamed
New Eire - Tara & Marial
Innishkil - 1 planet, one moon currently unnamed.
Tír na nÓg - Avariel

Tellian- Mudpuddle
Aquaria – Pacifica & Atlan (which is claimed by the Tarlachians)

OOC: This is primarily a news thread, but interested parties are welcome to apply to develop unclaimed systems explored and doccumented by the expedition. No uber fleets of doom please. Tanaara was very PMT moving hard back to FT three years ago game time. Tanaara has all the tech her 'mother' nation, Tanara, has.
The Militarized Zone
18-05-2008, 20:44
The Militarized Zone is pleased to announce that they have won the $600 Billion annual contract to provide the system defense for Cats Keep's holdings

Lady Shalamar and General Ian Hardcastle met yesterday and signed the finalized paperwork. Both mentioned how well and quickly the talks had gone. TMZ had over the last two years been preparing by acquiring equipment from the Tanaran Empire and sending nearly five hundred officers and other personnel though a condensed course of study at the Phoenix Empires highly respected Naval Academy on Midgard. They will also be contracting for as multi year liaison with the Anubian Emipre’s Mercenaries Guild.

TMZ's purchases include six SDF's, as well as numerous starcraft of various types. The system will be inplace and operational with in but a few months.
North Calaveras
18-05-2008, 20:47
Well take Tor for 400 billion
18-05-2008, 21:59
Dear Sir,

You would need to contact her Imperial Majesty, Empress Aeris Greenwood - Hexx of Tarlachia and inquire as to their intents towards the Tor system. I am of the understanding that they are intending it for colonization.

The listed systems have been claimed and each nation must be approached sperately.

There are thirteen other systems with ‘Class M’ ( ) planets with in this explored region - which lies roughly ‘slightly behind and to the left of ’ V838 Mon.

Five of these are being claimed for the Phoenix Empire of Tanara in return for their assistance in the expedition, which leaves eight systems available.
Nuevo Nihongo
19-05-2008, 00:52
The Ruling Triad sends an offer of 950 Billion USD for the rights to two systems. Please consider this an offer on behalf of The Unity. Anarc will be along later to verify.

I also have it on good word that we can toss in one of our monoliths, but I understand you are already discussing the dispostion of a few. One could be dedicated to Cats Keep - the Universe's best system defence...evolutionize your world... and any hostiles that come calling.

( I saw your pics - we'll take the one with all the Raptors. Big game hunting at it's finest. Well, those or Cape Buffallo in a snit...)
19-05-2008, 23:32
The Unity approves this purchase. But no monolith. OS is in conference with Tanara already. And Cats Keep doesn't need one, they're scarey enough already.

Thus says,
Anarc - Unity Spokes Jackal

PS: and "Yes Raptors make good hunting. We'll take the Eden Project gone terribly wrong off of your hands"
Nova Nippon
03-06-2008, 03:31
Shudders at the thought of a po'ed Cape Buffalo - whomever said that herbivores aren't dangerous has never been been big game hunting.
We would like to set up an embassy on which ever of your off Terran holdings is most appropriate.
03-06-2008, 03:59
Atlan planet- Aquaria system, Monoceros galaxy
Euchal planet,Tor system, Monoceros galaxy
Torak planet, Tor system, Monoceros galaxy
Toralil moon, Tor system, Monoceros galaxy
Tara planet, New Eire system, Monoceros galaxy
Marial planet, New Eire system, Monoceros galaxy
Karhia planet, Vlali moon, Innishkil system, Monoceros galaxy
Avariel planet, Tir-na-nog system, Monoceros galaxy

This is an update on the naming of the planets and moons previously unnamed already, and under Tarlachian rule.

There will be no negotiations for purchase of any of these possessions.
03-06-2008, 04:10
We'd be very happy to exchange embassies with you Nova Nippon. Just let us know how many security and and staff you want for your embassy. On these off world embassies the rules will be a lot more relaxed, and full diplomatic immunity will apply as is standard for diplomats, embassy personel and what not.

03-06-2008, 04:23
Belkaros would like to negotiate for ownership of Innishkil if at all possible.
03-06-2008, 04:34
Belkaros: Request denied. Next time, read the whole thread. Might save you the embarrassment of a public denial.
03-06-2008, 05:25
Actually to put it more diplomatically...( as I think Aeris was not meaning to be so abrupt )

Thank you Belkaros, for your interest, in the Innishkil system, but at this time your philosophical out look - as evidenced by your linked alliances in your signature - are at odds with those of Tarlachia, Tanaara, and indeed the Fatal Terrain region as a whole. Perhaps if situations change in the future something might be worked out.
Cats Keep
07-06-2008, 12:11
Any nation that wishes to send scientists and researchers to study the StarGate on Lifall, please contact Lady Shalamar of the Five Towers of Cats keep. There are limited openings available.
05-11-2008, 21:48
Given to the nation of Assington for their participation in the exploration of V838 region. None of these systems or planets have been named at this time

System 781

two habitable planets & habitable moon; six uninhabitable planets

System 1054

1 habitable planet; ten uninhabitable planets

System 439

One habitable, one requiring terraforming & one habitable moon; Eleven uninhabitable
11-11-2008, 03:49
Given the destruction of the nation of Imitora and the devastation it has unleashed upon the region of Fatal Terrain, I Robert Ryan Fortier Hexx, do cede the system of Aaru to the nations of The Militarized Zone and Argonia. The planet Bastet ,and the habitable moon Sharia are given to TMZ and the habitable moon Laraune to Argonia.

Both Sharia and Laraune orbit the gas giant Thrace. There are seven other planets.

Glaze and Hadroon are the innermost planets and both are tidally locked and airless.

Bastet lies slightly further out in the stellar eco zone than Earth does, but is class M planet with no terraforming needed.

Paxx, the fourth planet out is a Mars analog, being of a roughly similar size, mass, atmosphere and location.

Thrace is the innermost of three gas giants and is very close to being a failed ignition sequence brown star. Sharia and Laraune are earth sized moons and neither are tidally locked and both are class M. Thrace has very minimal ringing.

Theros and Thog are the last two planets and both have significant rings, and countless small, mostly irregularly shaped moons. None have atmospheres.

The Aaru has an unusually wide Oort cloud with significant strategic metals and minerals having been noted during the survey of the system.

The Tanaaran government is also dispatching a full squadron to the system to act as a system defense and patrol until such time as TMZ and Argonia can provide their own space fleets.
17-11-2008, 01:14
Due to the damages to our homeland, and indeed our entire region, a significant portion of those holding full Citizenship are being relocated to these colonies off planet.

Errisfane system, the planet Arran - population 1 billion

The Pente system, with the planets and habitable moons of Santiago, Sierra, Arkadia , Zhang’dao & Seramis - Zhang’dao & Seramis are habitable moons of a Gas Giant named Havar - two billion Tanaarans and two billion Cats Keepians.

The Verdant system with the planets of Danube and Veldt holds just over one and a half billion Tanaarans, and equal numbers of billion Cats Keepians.

The Aaru system - Bastet is now home to five hundred million Tanaaran Citizensa and the same number of TMZer's. Sharia & Laraune - Both Sharia and Laraune are habitable moons of the gas giant Thrace - Sharia is now home to two billion TMZer's, and Laraune to some five million Argonians.

Cynbarr – Llabrys & Ari’Al* ( *Ari’Al is a habitable moon ) - only small military installations at this time

Additionally, after long discussions between The Militarized Zone and Tanaara, with the all but complete physical destruction of the TMZ islands ( they being volcanic in nature and haveing suffered direly during the destruction, the two nations will be merging their populations.

Tanaaara's population, due to the Exit Strategy program and other resources, had a survival rate of nearly one hundred percent, how ever TMZ lost close to half a million population. The remaining population will be relocated to either the Tanaran Militarized Zone in the collapsed nation of Central Worlds or off planet to (as noted above) Bastet or to the moon Sharia.

All our worlds will be linked with Tanaara though a series of Gates, copied from the one found on Za'hah in the Indigo system, which was ceeeded to Cats Keep at the time of discovery during the V838 Mons expedition.
Wandering Argonians
17-11-2008, 14:01
OOC: It's nice to know I have some holdings in space now. I'll have to get on a 'futurization' project, if you will...
17-11-2008, 18:46
OOC: On for a hot minute - just remember how Rob feels about the current government. Don't let the corruption riddled entityend up off on Laraune or Rob will put it all under Whiptails ownership so fast Kerrich's head'll explode...though you know given that he is a moral-less, murderous bastard, that might not be a bad idea....Looks thoughtfull.
Wandering Argonians
18-11-2008, 01:30
I was actually planning to have the refugees (Space Argonians) eventually splinter off and form their own government, a much more agreeable one, and the Earth-based government eventually try to take them back over. Sort of like the Terran colonies in Starcraft as it were.

Kerrich, if you'll recall, recently recieved a demotion back to major and is currently hunting pirates on the far edge of the map. Colonel Keltin will be following his brethren into space, as soon as they establish their own system of government, under the pretext of commanding a section of the Argonian Empire's (Space Argonians, again) Navy.
18-11-2008, 01:57
Now why does that give me an auditory hallucination of Aaarrrggonniiiaaansss in Space? Long day...

Thats fine - with the old government trying to take over the new one you can have another civil war...

Blinks tiredly. Ya know I really really ought to slaughter Imitora for all of this, we can lay the blame wholely at his door ya know. Destroying his nation so...blatantly. Why couldn't he just have released a nice nasty little virus. But nooo, he had to try and take the entire region down with him.

Bah, Imitorans always were far too much into over kill. And leave a nasty for us to deal with as well. Yes, WA, you're welcome to help us take on 'The Man'.