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The Collapse of the Empire (and the return to MT)

The Vuhifellian States
15-05-2008, 21:56
[OOC: Alternate storyline. For my FT nation, this thread has no relevance.)

Across the mighty Vuhifellian Empire, civil unrest was permitted to ferment. Under the expansionist regime of "Emperor" Senna Senna, Vuhifell's military had conquered 1/2 of the known world. Completely subjugating the continent of Anea, and a vast majority of Aurelia, Leasath, and Antarctica. However, she had pressed herself too far.

The anti-Vuhifellian terrorism that had been going on for more than a century in the colony of Brunak had finally escalated into the long-awaited Brunakian Revolution.

Guerrilla warfare, the vast jungles of Brunak, the will of the rebels, and the unpopularity of the war soon netted Brunak its independence, after more than a century and a half of Vuhifellian domination. The war threw the Foxtechan Party, an extreme right-wing corporatist group, into the majority government in the Federal Congress. And as the Vuhifellian continent once again submerged itself into the world of corruption, graft, and vice, her overseas territories demanded more autonomy.

In the years to follow, three more Vuhifellian colonies would declare independence, all three of which led to full scale wars.

In the colony of Jova, the jungles and popular will once again defeated the Vuhifellian war machine, and Jova was granted its independence following the signing of a formal peace treaty in New Hivez.

In the territory of Emmeria, rebels sought to restore the Old Republic, which had existed before Vuhifellian troops had destroyed the capital of Gracemeria. Vuhifellian soldiers, having been exceptionally trained in arctic warfare, brutally put down the rebellion. Their will broken, Vuhifell had then begun a mass campaign of ethnic cleansing in the Anean continent, as well as imposing ever more unpopular corporatist reforms upon the Vuhifellian continent.

In the province of Sotoa, less than a mere 1000 kilometers from the Vuhifellian mainland, rebels took control of the capital and executed the provincial governor. This led to a mass bombing campaign of the province by the Vuhifellian Air Force. Ten days later, the rebels surrendered. Broken, Sotoa was downgraded from Provincial Status to Colonial status. The little liberty she was granted to her by being a province of the Federation, was taken away.

In the years afterwards, there was a shaky stability. The various independent nations of the world began forming alliance after alliance, eventually culminating in the Independent State Alliance (ISA). Its two founding members were the Republics of Brunak and Jova.

Ten years after the founding of the ISA, fifty-five out of fifty-six nations of the world were members. The notable exception being the Vuhifellian Empire, which neither sought membership, or was blatantly turned down.

War broke out. The united nations of the world turned their combined firepower against the dying Vuhifellian Empire, gaining quick victories in isolated provinces and territories because of global popular discontent with the Vuhifellian regime. Seven years of bloody war followed, during which, the vast portion of the world was reduced to rubble and ash. Althought nuclear weapons were not used, the various states of the world could not, even combined, match the overwhelming firepower and strength of the Vuhifellian military.

However, the war was not without results.

Out of funds, and facing mounting pressure at home to stop the war, the Vuhifellian Empire was on the brink of collapse. The Arctic Army Force was defeated just outside of Gracemeria, and the entire continent of Anea declared its independence, forming the Anean Federal Republic.

The war lasted eleven years. In that time, the ISA had managed to secure enough popular world support to slowly dismantle the Vuhifellian Empire province by province. Her Leasathian and Aurelian provinces were soon stripped from her, and by the twelf year of the war, only the Vuhiifellian continent was securely in the regime's hands. A formal peace treaty was signed on April 15, 2009, ending the War that had claimed over five-hundred-million lives, and had seen the rise of over 130 independent nations from the ashes of the Vuhifellian Empire...

Of these nations, the Kingdom of Acrosia stood out as one of the richest post-War nations. This is where her story begins

(Shall be RP'ing mainly as the Kingdom of Acrosia from now on, but Vuhifell is still a good storyline)