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Embassy Exchange

Wales and the March
15-05-2008, 19:18
y Lywodraeth
Ei Fawredd
Llywelyn IV
Trwy Ras Duw, Tywysog Eryri, Brenin yng Gwynedd,
Marshal Cyntaf y Mers,
Ymerawdwr y Gymry
Amddiffinnydd y Ffydd

The Government of the Empire of Wales and the March, in the spirit of international co-operation and friendship, has freed space in the new capital Caerfrenin for the construction of Embassies of foreign nations. All nations are encouraged to begin dialogue with Wales and the March. Embassies will be located on Heol Owain Glyndŵr (numbers 29-137, odd numbers only) and Heol Ceredigion (numbers 2-56, even numbers only). Both of these streets lead off the main square of the city, Independence Plaza, on the northern edge of which lies the Imperial Palace of Wales, containing the State Rooms, Congress, the Chancellor's Office, the Supreme Court and the private apartments of the Emperor.

Please apply with the following details:

Nation's full name:
Form of Government:
Head of State:
Head of Government (if different from above):
Ambassador's Name:
Number of Diplomatic Staff:
Diplomatic Vehicles:
Number of Security staff (maximum 15):

As the Empire of Wales and the March is a pacifist country, limited security forces will be allowed. Security of the Embassies will be the responsibility of the White Guard, the elite force that oversees the security of the capital.
West Zirconia
24-07-2008, 00:42
In response to your opening an embassy in West Zirconia, we hereby reciprocate:

Nation's full name: The Grand Duchy of West Zirconia
Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: His Royal Highness the Grand Duke
Head of Government (if different from above): Prime Minister Mark Simmonds
Ambassador's Name: Gwylim Thomas
Number of Diplomatic Staff: 10
Diplomatic Vehicles: Three Morris Marinas
Number of Security staff (maximum 15): 6