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Socialism without freedom(MT, Closed. ATTN: Doomingsland)

Soviet Spain
14-05-2008, 20:05
4th of April of 2039

Tarragona has changed in many ways during the last decades, and not for better. The classic Roman archaeological sites have been mostly destroyed, and the few specks that remain can no longer make of it a world heritage site. Wishing to manipulate history and even the past itself for their own ends, for it thus would guarantee absolute control over the future of everyone, it is no wonder how little care La República has about the evidences and vestiges of real history. Much was scrapped and sold, ironically, to international collectors, supposedly to "fund the revolutionary effort", although in fact merely a small step into increasing the gap between the haves of the Party and the have-nots out of it. Now the quaint, bucolic climate that continued to be sensed through Tarragona even after the new drive of urbanization in 2011, no longer exists, for even birds and trees were hardly found anywhere close to what have become a nightmarish sight. Thousands of former houses were demolished, landmarks toppled, everything that inspired happiness and comfort was gone. In exchange, barbed wires, cameras surveying everything, towering walls, decadent brown industrial buildings lined close to countless of wide agricultural fields and a massive harbor further to the southeast, with no life on the way towards it. And the most disturbing of all sights perhaps were the countless of cages on the open, which did not kept animals, cages which kept human beings with broken minds: slaves the Partido Comunista de España used to send across the borders and overseas as a desperate attempt to avoid their final fate of economic collapse and fall. Those men and women behind the cage seemed to behave like automatons, obeying without questions all orders given to them, and although they seemed to not be malnourished, and most of them had none of the expected marks of whipping and violence, what happened was even more deplorable, something which has helped with their international isolationism as well. For most of those condemned souls were conditioned since birth to be slaves, with freedom being taken away from them a long time ago. Now they were little more than pets, trained like dogs to obey in exchange of not being left to starve. The exceptions were those who had the misfortune of not being simply executed, "unpersons" whose existence was forcefully forgotten through the manipulative powers of the Party, now condemned to have the little bits of freedom they had before reduced to nothing, and being readied as well for an entire lifetime of slavery. Most of them had visible marks of violence, and some seemed that they could just collapse and die at any moment from their skeletal appearance, the dehumanization was something that couldn't be described by words, an abomination against the sanctity of human mind and the apex of the contradictions between what the Party claims to be and what it really is, quickly dismissed by their acquired skills of believing in contradictory facts, and of stating them, for doublethink and doublespeak were as common as were the haciendas of forced labor and gas chambers across a Spain wrought by such somber and hopeless future.

Tarragona was now a prison city, a place to lose hope in mankind where thousands of lost souls were everyday sent into cargo ships, crammed and brought to all those who had interest into such trade of human beings that the Party was acquainted with, and also a breeding ground for the most ruthless, brutal, inhuman and corrupt members of the government, for few could resist to the temptation of abusing from the fact thousands or more would obey blindly to their orders. The fact the city now was informally known as the "burdel del Partido" wasn't lacking of foundations. Most of the keepers were male, and weren't allowed to bring the wives the Party has given to them there, while at the same time countless of females under their control, conditioned since they were born to obey and comply to everything was anything but an invitation to deny the pleasures of flesh. That was particularly problematic, as most preferred the less than willing unpersons than the conditioned slaves, for purely sadistic reasons because it was much closer to rape to meet those poor women who got beyond the level of tolerance they had to them in all foamed rooms specifically built to avoid them to commit suicide, than playing with the will-less female puppets. To further the abuse, all those cells were continually watched, and it was not uncommon for a few opportunists to sell the rape videos to obscure websites in the Internet. Nonetheless, the fact the majority of unpersons held in Tarragona were males meant that, other than those with different sexual options, the female unpersons were exclusivity of the highest ranked Party members in such living hell.

Isabella couldn't remember anymore the last time she saw the light of the sun, or a brief moment of joy. The moldy room, completely dark, was probably part of what was before the revolution an insane asylum, and the strong smell assaulted her nostrils constantly, specially as she was heavily allergic to mold. From two infrared cameras positioned into the walls, far away from her to avoid her from using them to end such miserable existence, officer Juarez watched, delighted her writhing and agony. Constantly straightjacked, she could no longer remember the last time she had a bath either, and it was not uncommon for her to cry and wishfully think about dying. Such horrible fate, only because she asked too many questions to a high ranking Party member who lost his patience with her, it was indeed a very silly reason, arguably, for the questions were not about the integrity of the Party, of their goals and alike, but about a certain decision the member in question was going to take, although now, if she could, she would kill the Party, for this was how she was rewarded for her utmost loyalty after all. Such happenings made any debate virtually impossible across the government, centralizing all the power among the most powerful, while opportunists claimed those who had the courage or stupidity to raise questions were traitors, in their bids for power.

The door opened as Juarez, like a monster, appeared with a huge beard which seemed to be made of countless of snakes like a twisted male variant of a Medusa, a rounded, burly face and the top of his head bald, and a fat belly visibly shaping his suit. The man looked at the miserable figure into the corner of the tiny room, with eyes which seemed to be windows to the gates of hell, and said in a voice which thundered like the guttural screams of a demonic source:

"Unperson fifty-nine million, five hundred thousand-two-four, three hundred twenty six! You are now to redeem for your crimes against the Party in foreign indentured servitude, but before you leave, you will give me a last farewell gift, and now, whether you want or not! It's up to you how it goes."

The woman simply nodded, having almost all of her will already broken, aware of the brutal treatment she would receive should she attempt to resist. At least, that would be the last time she would see that disgusting individual, although that was nothing of a comfort, as now she was to be sent to anywhere across the world, and maybe, to a place where she would be treated even more horribly than there. Despite offering no resistance due to fear and broken will, she would later be carried off the compound, on chains and still with the straightjacket, because they feared she would kill herself at the first opportunity, with visible bruises all over her face, bathed by yet more tears as the cargo ship, like a sea monster, was waiting for her as its servants brought her body as a sacrifice.

She was one of many thousands being forcefully led into one of the cargo ships. Those born in such way, were strangely despite everything, demonstrating signs of happiness, such was the manner they were manipulated by the system to be slaves. Isabella wondered if it would be better to be born such way rather than forced to, but in a certain way, it was comforting to know that while they obeyed from conditioned, all that led her to obey was not the fact she believed in it like a brainwashed puppet, but only because of fear. There was still a small piece of willpower into her, suppressed but alive into the depths of her consciousness. Those others however, were little more than zombies, automatons. Some of them had some impressive academic records, indeed, for perhaps that was the only place where fully graduated slaves, capable of doing managerial and engineering tasks, were also sold to the world, and perhaps those were the most fortunate. It was difficult to understand, how such people were so submissive and still apparently joyful despite everything. What sorts of brutal assaults to their minds were done to make them behave in such manner, was what she thought. Soon they threw her inside a container, with dozens of others, chaining her far from walls to avoid her from attempting suicide and it closed like the mouth of a beast, as darkness came again to her eyes, one of which was bruised and could barely open. Isabella wished she have been born to the west, in La Confederación, where, now she finally realized, that such place would not be a lawless land of capitalists exploiting everyone with no government to at least pretend to deter them, but a successful result of the revolution. Thinking about a land she never stepped on, pondering on all its features, she managed to temporarily disconnect her thoughts from the present and from the miserable reality she was into. Not aware at all of her destination, like all those with her, the surprise would be very shocking later on. Tarragona, the Iberian capital of slave trade, was to become quite active this time. All done, of course, in the name of socialism, and of the proletariat.


10 days ago

Presidente Cavallo was well aware of the situation of his nation regarding technology. Although numberful, their forces were incredibly outdated, and there was a disturbing increase of the loss of trust into their own capability of defending themselves, which led to a slight increase into the monthly number of purges among the Communist Party. They needed urgently to upgrade their systems, and it was a known fact they never had much financial resources for procurement. On the other hand, Cavallo had a different idea. They had a considerable quantity of priceless "human resources", and perhaps trading them directly would be more adequate to purchase some of the latest military and civilian technologies across the globe. They knew the most potential market for that as well, ironically. The Imperium Doomanum, which in theory was at the entire opposite ideological spectrum of the People's Republic of Spain, in practice, taking aside religious and economic issues, both countries would have much more in common than expected.

The proposal was simple, and Cavallo himself wrote it. Using a written letter rather than electronic means into a change from usual, without risking it to leak to the wrong hands, the message was sent to emperor Maximus, asking for a very interesting proposal of open trade, although unusual in certain ways for it was a barter rather than a monetary commercial negotiation. A few disagreed, which of course, meant more human resources to add to the available pool of trade. A new source for the infamous Havenic slave trade was about to emerge. However, he was well aware that anything that he would purchase through procurement would take at least a whole year to become fully operational.


To Imperator Maximus and authorities of Imperium Doomanum

The People's Republic of Spain is seeking to actively expand its primarily trade: human resources. On the other hand, we are very interested into some of your technologies, particularly the TF-71 Kagetaka fighter. Thus I have personally sent you this proposal, hoping that we can leave ideological differences aside to work together into a fruitful commercial relationship. We can offer as much as a million of indentured servants per year, of average age of 19 to 20 years old, 56% male and 44% female on average, and excellent health conditions. Most of them being conditioned from birth to be extremely loyal and efficient, and some even having the needed skills for offering assistance to engineers or managers, should it be of your nation interest to employ servants in such auxiliary roles asides from menial labor. In exchange, we would like to negotiate for an initial trade of 30 of your TF-71 fighters, coupled with technical support to upgrade our fixed radar systems and to implement proper maintenance facilities for the TF-71, among other resources you may have at your disposal to offer. We hope this offer interest you.

With regards
Carlos Cavallo
Presidente de la República Popular Española