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OOC: PT/MT interest in RP...

14-05-2008, 09:00
So not necessarily starting this right away unless theres a TON of interest, but somethin to consider doing in the next 1-2 months... this idea stems from a technology I was playing with several months back in my FT version of ViZion where we have a "weapon" that can, with unknown side effects to the target (in this case, the planet), basically "transplants" (tired, so atm the actual word escapes me, sorry) it from one part of the universe to another.

Now, in this RP in some terran planet somewhere in the universe, we are a modern-tech level world that just happens to be the first test subjects of this technology, unknown to us until that fateful day when satellites pick up the images of this massive "unknown object".

When they "fire" this weapon, it would, in less than an instant, scorch then freeze a perfectly circular area of about 280,000 miles (slightly larger than Texas) on a planet similarly sized to that of our Earth.

The idea is nothing more that an idea that just popped into my mind. But we could RP the civilizations or, if preferred, actual people on this planet that instantly appeared in a far-off solar system. And with all electricity lost and all hardware fried, we'd be tossed back a few centries or more in technology.

Anyway, interest? Thoughts on advancing this idea and getting a more solid idea of what would be happening? Input?

Like I said, I'm a little tired, so sorry if this isn't perfectly clear. Just popped into my mind about 10 minutes ago. heh