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Latest census reveals Phoenix Milita population has broken 10 billion.

The Phoenix Milita
12-05-2008, 10:01
According to the most recent census which was completed yesterday, There are 10,038,120,217 citizens currently living in The Phoenix Milita. While previous benchmarks in population have been met with either celebration or apprehension, the reaction by the public to hitting 10 billion is decidedly more low key than it has been in the past. Due to the recent construction of large, pre-engineered cities by Phoenix Dynamix, over 87% of Phoenix Militia citizens now live in urban environment(up 11% from the 8 million mark and a whopping 39% since the foundation of The Phoenix Militia) and the overcrowding problems that have been a nightmare for the govt have now mainly subsided. Despite no widespread interest in the milestone, Field Marshall Maximus Seville has ordered that the upcoming May 17th celebration of the Armed Forces also commemorate the 10 billion mark.