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ESR Indo-Pyekan Konfrontasi OOC Thread

12-05-2008, 06:46
In Peace and Co-operation With Our Neighbours (IC Thread) (

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The Pyekan-Kuogu attempts to annex the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in response to alleged Indian support for terrorist groups and sponsorship of privateers threatening Pyekan security and Malacca Strait trade.


The essentially defenceless Nicobar Islands were seized relatively easily in a surprise assault. Attacks on the Andaman Islands ran into trouble around Port Blair, the capital, where locals, security forces, and the city's substantial Coast Guard detachment put up stiffer than expected resistance and did not, as anticipated by Yangon, surrender when faced with superior Imperial force. Heavy forest on the approaches to the capital have provided the defenders with a chance to stem the Pyekan advance.

Pan Jaya's nine 8" rifles and numerous smaller guns began to provide fire-support to a fresh Pyekan assault on Port Blair as Pyekan National Army troops emplaced light guns across Flat Bay and Navy Bay to shell the town from other directions.

Indian submarines have been dispatched against the Pyekan cruiser, but as one of three centre-piece units in the Imperial Navy it is being given extreme protection by four frigates, six corvettes, and numerous small patrol craft, and is receiving aerial maritime patrol support from the Pyekan mainland. Pyekan corvettes have thrown caution to the wind and used active sonar a number of times in efforts to confirm the general presence of threats, sufficient to make Pan Jaya displace and halt its close bombardment of Port Blair, but not before dropping thousands of pounds of high explosives on the small airstrip that the Indians hoped to use against the Pyekan fleet.

Indian carrier-based Tejas, Mirage-2000, and Jaguar have been deployed against the Pyekan but have yet to make a critical impact as soldiers scatter through the forested islands, bearing AA machineguns and MANPADS, the Port Blair airstrip suffers heavy shelling, and limited number and size of Indian carriers limits volume and concentration of strikes across a more than eight thousand square kilometre island chain spread over half of the vast Bay of Bengal.

From Banda Aceh, Pyekan fighters fly high rotation sorties over the Nicobar Islands, making a newly-launched Indian counter-offensive there dangerous to say the least. A small Pyekan airstrip on Coco Island was bombed with success by the Indians, putting it out of action, but the Andamans are still as little as two hundred odd miles from the Pyekan mainland, putting them within range of many shore-based Pyekan aircraft.

The Imperial Pyekan Navy's ANI Taskforce
General Na Lahu commanding.
-1x heavy cruiser Pan Jaya
-1x light carrier Panaku
-2x submarines
-6x frigates
-14x corvettes
~70x small patrol craft including some with sonar
-12x landing craft
-Numerous coastal/brown-water vessels

I've run out of time, but plan to add much more to this to make things more clear before we continue.
21-05-2008, 08:05
I'm hoping that this has only slowed down due to a lot of ESR's players reportedly being busy with exams and such.

We've potentially got a pretty interesting skirmish, here, and it is probably already interfering seriously with international trade, such as through the Malacca Strait.

For anyone involved, I'm currently working-up a history of the Pyekan military aviation industry, to give an idea of what sort of fighters are operating over the ANIs, and it can be found on the third page of my factbook.