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11-05-2008, 18:33
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Zackaroth National News! Todays Story: Overpopulation on the horzion

Recent studies have shown Zackaroth's population may soon be spiraling out of control. Most experts agree it is not a matter of if its a matter of when. Already living space is hard to find in most of the nations majior cities, and while efforts are going on to expand them, many say its not fast enough.

Some experts say to build more cities, Zackaroth certainly has the money and manpower to do so. Other says it will a useless attempt, since by the time the cities are completed, population will have nearly doubled in size. Another problem is the arid desert which leaves very few spots to build a safe city.

More extreme experts are asking for a child limit and mandortary abortions on those who go above the limit. This has been met with fierce oppostion calling it immoral, wrong, and violating human rights. They also say that other bigger nations have not enacted such practices and seem to very content. Experts point out that most of those nations have many colonies in which to spread there population out.

Whatever the course of action deemed nesscary, experts agree on thing, The High Leader must make a choice now before its to late.